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In the room, Sheila holds Finn down in the bed as he protests that he has to get out of there. “I have to see my wife!”
Sheila Finn B&B

In her office, Taylor speaks to another doctor by phone. She disconnects, looks at a photo of Steffy on her laptop, and is startled by a knock on the door. It’s Deacon, who says her assistant wasn’t at her desk.

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On the Forrester rooftop, Quinn confronts Donna about having naked pillow fights with her husband. She spots the honey and Donna admits it was a gift from Pam and Charlie. She muses that she was just telling Eric how understanding she’s been about all of this. Quinn narrows her eyes. “Understanding. About you stealing my husband?!” She accuses Donna of thinking this is all okay because she reunited with Carter. Donna denies it, but points out they all got what they wanted — Quinn should be celebrating! As Quinn fumes, Donna reminds her if she yells, someone will come running.
Donna Quinn square off roof B&B

Charlie appears on the rooftop and mutters, “Oh my God, alert the media! Are you two about to kiss and make-up?!” Quinn and Donna regard each other skeptically. Charlie is teasing and knows they want to pull each other’s teeth out. He’s there to keep the peace. Donna insists she doesn’t have a problem with anyone. Charlie tells Quinn that true love finally won out — Donna’s back with Eric and she’s with the hunky COO. “No harm, no foul.” Donna was just telling Quinn the same thing. Quinn thinks they both need to shut up.
Donna Quinn Charlie B&B

Carter appears on the roof, and Donna and Charlie leave him to talk sense into Quinn. She tells her lover that Donna actually thinks she’s done nothing wrong. Carter urges her to forget about them.
Quinn Donna Charlie Carter B&B

In Taylor’s office, Deacon gets her laughing with a joke and admits he came by because he hasn’t been able to stop thinking about her since yesterday. Taylor recaps that neither one of them is a loser because Ridge decided to move back in with Brooke. Deacon marvels at her making it all sound so sensible — he should have sought out therapy for his infatuation with Brooke years ago. Taylor muses that he wouldn’t be the first person who needed therapy because of Brooke, or as she calls it, “Logan logic.” Deacon chuckles, then tells her she might benefit from a little time on the couch herself. Taylor doesn’t deny it, but all she cares about right now is being there for Steffy and helping her move forward.
Deacon Taylor therapy B&B

In the room, Finn wants to go to the hospital, but Sheila hollers that the doctors gave up on him. She thrusts his death certificate in his face and levels, “You’re here because of me, Finn. Because of your mother.” Finn gawps at her in horror.
Sheila show Finn death certificate B&B

Finn studies the death certificate until Sheila snatches it back out of his hands saying it doesn’t even matter because he’s alive. Finn hollers that Steffy needs to know. “She needs to know now!” Sheila paces angrily and fumes, “Listen to me! You have your whole life ahead of you. Steffy is going to get to be with you for the rest of your life. I only have this moment because I’m probably going back to prison.” She wants Finn to let her savor this moment with her precious boy. “Let mommy make you well again, sweetheart.” Finn looks at her like she’s insane and takes to asking for Steffy again. “I need my wife, Sheila! My wife!!” Sheila pulls up a photo from their wedding on her phone and snaps, “There! There’s your wife!” Finn agonizes.
Finn death certificate bed B&B

On the rooftop, Carter teases Quinn that it looked like she and Donna were about to come to blows. Quinn rants, “How could Eric choose her?!” and goes on about her carrying around bottles of honey. Carter looks amused and assures her no one can compete with her. Quinn doesn’t know why she’s letting Donna get to her. She figures it’s because she always acts so innocent. “Oh, was that me rolling around in the hay with your husband?” Carter cracks up over her squeaky Donna impression and tells her she’s sexy when she’s mad. Quinn tells Carter he’s the perfect man for her and they kiss.

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In Taylor’s office, she tells Deacon she was on the phone with Steffy’s grief counsellor right before he came in, and she’s in a lot of pain. Deacon marvels at the senseless loss — Finn seemed like a great guy. Taylor’s heart is broken for her daughter. Deacon feels she’s lucky to have Taylor, who admits she misses her. Deacon thinks it’s a good thing Sheila can’t find her in Europe. Taylor agrees, but wants to find Sheila and make her pay for what she’s done.
Deacon therapy B&B

In the room, Sheila shows Finn a photo of Hayes, which causes him to tear up briefly before he begins demanding to see his family again. “Now!” Sheila protests they need to wait until he’s better. Finn struggles to sit up and yells, “Today!” Sheila warns through gritted teeth that if he doesn’t settle down, he’s never getting out of that bed. Finn rages, “I want to see Steffy and Hayes — today!!”

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On the rooftop, Quinn apologizes to Carter for not putting her best foot forward and recaps that breaking up with Eric was for the best. “Look who I get to spend the rest of my life with.” She decides Charlie was right that true love won out in the end, but warns Carter never to tell him so. Carter laughs, “Your secret is safe with me.” They kiss.
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In Taylor’s office, Deacon assures her he’ll never judge her for her hatred for Sheila. Taylor fumes, “How is she still out there?!” and can’t believe she’s just out there doing whatever she wants!

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In the room, Sheila and Finn struggle as he tries to get out of bed. “You need to listen to your mother!” she hollers. Finn intones, “You’re crazy.” Sheila asks, “What did you say?” Finn yells, “You’re crazy!” Sheila grits, “Oh no, you don’t get to behave like that young man. I’ve been nothing but nice to you.” Finn starts calling loudly for help. Sheila loads up a syringe, walks over and tells Finn he’s left her no choice. He protests as she inserts it into his IV. Finn gasps out Steffy’s name and mutters as he lapses into sedation…
Finn injected B&B

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