Sheila holds Finn back B&B
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In the room where Finn’s being held, he listens as, on the other side of the door, Sheila turns seductive in an effort to convince Mike to go get his medicine.

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At Forrester Creations, Eric sees no reason to get lawyers involved in their divorce and believes they can hammer it out on their own. Quinn agrees with him, but wants to be sure she’s being smart about this. She doesn’t want to believe he’d take advantage of her, but she also didn’t think he’d have an affair… and he did. Wyatt walks in awkwardly as she asks, “Really, Eric? You’re leaving me for Donna?” Wyatt interrupts to remind Quinn she wanted the divorce to be amicable. Eric says he never meant to hurt her, just as she never meant to hurt him when she fell in love with Carter. Quinn isn’t thrilled about having to say Donna at work every day. Wyatt coughs, “Amicable.” Eric assures Quinn he’ll be more than fair. They had a wonderful marriage and he’d hate for a divorce to tarnish that. He exits and Quinn protests to Wyatt, “Donna? Donna!”
Wyatt Quinn B&B

On the roof, Donna’s with Pam and Charlie, who hands the blonde a new pass to the building. She notices it says ‘Donna Forrester’. Charlie explains he’s saving himself the headache of making a new one when she and Eric “re-nuptialize”. Pam adds, “Which we’re hoping will happen real soon.” Donna’s moved.

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Pam recalls that she used to think Donna was all wrong for Eric — and she was when Stephanie was alive — but so much has changed. Pam avoids using Quinn’s name as she talks about how relieved she is that the marriage is over and Charlie adds that although she who shall not be named will still be parking her broom at Forrester, at least it won’t be as the boss’s wife.
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At Brooke’s place, Baker lets Ridge read Mike Guthrie’s statement as Brooke protests that there has to be some clue to tell them how she escaped. After reading it, they deduce that he takes no responsibility at all. Ridge protests to Baker, “We just want to know how she escaped!”
Ridge Baker B&B

In his room, Finn makes a noise to make his presence known as Mike is about to tell Sheila that he’s always loved her. Guthrie balks and exclaims, “He’s conscious! He’s been awake listening all this time?!” Sheila sends Mike out the door to the pharmacy as Finn croaks, “Mom.” She joins him and he asks, “Who was that? He said he helped you escape. Why were you there?” Sheila replies, “Because of what I did to you.” She reminds Finn she brought him back and though it may take awhile, he is going to have his life back. Finn says, “Steffy.” Sheila vows to reunite them and when that happens, she hopes he’ll see how much she loves him. She’d be okay with going back to prison as long as she knows he’s happy and healthy. Finn grows agitated. “I need to talk… I need to talk to Steffy and see my son. Now!”
Finn protests B&B

On the Forrester rooftop, Pam surprises Donna with a gift bag of new office supplies for her return — including her favorite, honey. Eric arrives and is pleased to see the best office team back together again. Charlie tells Eric he did good and Pam lets him know that she’s so happy he’s finally free of Quinn.

In the office, Quinn assures her son that she doesn’t want Eric back; she’s happy with Carter. They’re not putting labels on it, but just enjoying the ride. Wyatt doesn’t think she can possibly accept that Eric has chosen Donna. Quinn runs down that the Logan is vampy and vacuous… and carries a bottle of honey around. “That is who Eric left me for!” Wyatt thinks his mother came out the winner in all of this and warns her not to say or do anything that she will regret.
Wyatt warns Quinn B&B

At Brooke’s place, she and Ridge agonize over there being no leads when Baker thinks it was an inside job. Brooke worries about Sheila being out there somewhere. Ridge tries to reassure his wife and cuddles her.

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In the room, Finn protests to Sheila that he needs his wife. She fumes that what he needs to do is to listen to her. “Obey your mother!” Finn thinks to himself, “I need to get away from you.” Sheila wants Finn to trust her. He thinks, “You’re crazy. Crazy!”

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On the Forrester rooftop, Donna and Eric canoodle. She feels so good being welcomed back like this, and Eric tells her Pam and Charlie weren’t the only ones who missed her. Donna worries about running into Quinn, but Eric tells her not to worry too much about that. Donna’s way too happy to let anything worry her. They kiss and Quinn appears behind them, ducking back out of sight when she sees what’s going on. Eric leaves and Quinn steps out, “Well, well, well, well, well, look who it is — the woman who’s getting everything she wanted.” Donna asks how she is. Quinn’s pissed. Donna asks, “Have you tried meditation?” Quinn thinks the only thing that might help is confronting the woman who slept with her husband. Donna looks wary.

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In the room, Finn insists to Sheila that he needs to call Steffy. She freaks out. “No! You’re not well enough! You’re not listening to me.” Finn thinks it’s his choice, but his mother informs him he doesn’t get a say in this. He needs to get well first and then she’ll figure out how to bring Steffy back into this. “It’s what I want,” she insists. Sheila refuses to give him the phone. Finn can’t let Steffy go on thinking he’s dead — it’s cruel. Sheila thinks it’s cruel to let her get her hopes up if he doesn’t pull through. “I will bring her here… just not yet. I am not going to risk your health, not after everything I have done.” She angrily asks her son to show a little appreciation. “I’m the reason you’re alive!” Finn argues, “You’re the reason I’m shot!”

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Finn recalls that Sheila pulled a gun on his wife and wanted her dead… that’s why he’s there. Sheila tells him he has no idea how hard that was for her; seeing a bullet go into him. He asks, “Instead of Steffy?” Finn wants to know what happened after he passed out. Sheila casts her eyes downward and Finn barks, “Tell me!” He asks, “Did you hurt her?!” Sheila insists she’s fine. Finn rips out his oxygen tube and tries to get up as Sheila holds him back. Steffy thinks he’s dead and he wants an ambulance or a wheelchair — he has to get out of there. “I’m going to get to Steffy. I’m going to get out of here!” Sheila shakes her head, “No.” Finn fumes, “Now!”
Sheila holds Finn back B&B

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