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In his bed, Finn struggles to try and get up and home to Steffy. Sheila returns to discover him pushing himself and asks what he’s doing? In his head, Finn tells himself that she can’t know he was trying to escape. Finn explains he was testing to see if he can move, but he can’t.

Finn Struggles to Move BB

Sheila suggests they lay down some ground rules. When he is alone, which she says won’t be often, he is not to move as it is not safe. She won’t risk his health and asks him to let her take care of him because she’s his mother. In his head, he calls her a sick and twisted monster. He asks if she got the meds, and she explains a friend is going to get them for her.

Sheila scolds Finn BB

There is a knock at the door, so Sheila steps out of the room to answer it. It’s Mike and she has a job for him. She needs him to get her son’s medicine, but he feels has already risked his career to help her escape. Finn listens and wonders who this Mike is.

Sheila pressures Mike BB

Sheila reminds Mike what happened the last time he crossed her, and they flashback to her sicking a dog on him years ago. Sheila demands Mike go get Finn’s medicine as she will not lose him again. He tells her to do it herself. Sheila notes the cops are looking for her, but they would never suspect him.

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Ridge brooke talk about Sheila BB

At the Forrester mansion, Ridge and Brooke kiss. She says she could get used to kissing him again, and it’s good to have him home. He says he has to be here to take care of her and protect her, but he also has to make sure Taylor is protected too. Brooke knows, and that’s why she adores him because he cares. Ridge thinks Sheila had Steffy and Taylor on her radar from the beginning, and she felt like she was part of that family. He knows Taylor is trusting, and he’s concerned that she’s too trusting. Brooke knows Taylor wanted to believe there was something redeemable about Sheila. Ridge decides to call the police and get an update on Sheila. Baker answers and Ridge asks if he’s caught Sheila yet, but he hasn’t.

Ridge brooke talk about Sheila BB

Baker stops by, and Ridge and Brooke explain how frustrating this situation is for them. He understands, and finding Sheila is his number one priority. Baker explains the lead guard Guthrie indicated it was an inside job. Brooke appears to recognize the name. Ridge asks if Baker is investigating that Sheila had inside help, and he assures him he is. Brooke struggles to remember how she knows the name Guthrie, and why it sounds so familiar.

Baker gives Ridge news BB

At Il Giardino, Deacon asks Taylor if Brooke and Ridge are each other’s destiny, then why is it so difficult for them to stay together. She says it’s more about them getting back together, and it’s called true love. Deacon thinks it’s more like insanity. Taylor asks Deacon how he feels now that Ridge and Brooke are back together. He thinks it seems like she cares, which Taylor asserts she does. He appreciates her concern. Taylor knows he wanted a future with Brooke, and that night didn’t happen just because she was drunk, and Ridge left her for defending him. Deacon admits it sucks hearing Ridge went back to Brooke, but it is what it is. Deacon admits it’s nice talking to her. Taylor admits he’s fun but still dangerous.

Taylor and Deacon talk BB

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Deacon thanks her again for listening to him. She points out he never told her how he feels about Ridge going back to Brooke. He says probably like her, like a loser. Taylor won’t let him say that. She makes him say, “We are not losers.” He tells her that being a loser has its advantages, such as nobody suspects a lot out of you. Taylor won’t let him put himself down and says Brooke and Ridge are together so big whoop and it is what it is. She points out they still have their lives to live, and they can do this. She says if this experience has taught her anything, and how they lost Finn, that life is short and to take nothing for granted.

Deacon feels like a loser BB

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Deacon felt he knew Sheila, and never thought she’d kill her own son or shoot Steffy. Taylor says Sheila pulled the wool over her eyes too and she thought she was changing. He thinks they were both wrong about her, something else they have in common. Taylor has to get going and says if he hears from Sheila to call the cops, and then call her. She wants Sheila back behind bars.

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