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Brooke and Ridge bask in their happiness, with her declaring that everybody’s happy that he’s back where he belongs. (Something tells us Taylor, Steffy and Thomas aren’t ready to celebrate that occasion, but… ) Ridge says that his conversation with Taylor was necessary and that she understands why he needs to be there, protecting Brooke. She swears that she is not taking him for granted, adding that she knows he’s still worried about Taylor.

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The topic of conversation turns to Eric and Donna’s reunion. Brooke and Ridge briefly touch upon Quinn being out of Eric’s life. (Oddly, despite both having wanted this for ages, neither seems particularly excited about it having come to pass.) Before long, they’re back to discussing their own happiness and the fact that Taylor doesn’t have anyone. Brooke acknowledges it will be a tough period, but “who can handle change more than Taylor, right?” Saying that Taylor is strong and resilient, Ridge adds that Steffy’s mom is also vulnerable, and he fears someone might take advantage of her. Brooke, however, says that Taylor can clearly take care of herself, just as she did the whole time she was on the other side of the world.

Taylor questions Deacon about Sheila at Il Giardino, wondering if he’s heard from the psycho. He swears that if he’d heard a thing, he would have told her. Taylor wants to believe him, but isn’t sure she can, given that they were friends. “There’s been no phone calls, no cryptic messages, no lingering shadows?” But he says he’s had no hint of contact with Sheila. He confesses that he’s still haunted by what happened that night, prompting Taylor to thank him for having been there to call 9-1-1. He wishes he could have done more. “Thinking about what we should have done is never healthy,” she says, leading both of them to laugh.

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“It’s not a big secret that I’m not a fan of your ex, charmer that he is,” says Deacon, adding that he was glad to hear Ridge was there for Taylor when she needed him. Deacon promises not to bash Ridge, knowing she wants him back. Realizing that the news will impact him, too, Taylor shares that Ridge has moved back in with Brooke. “It must have sucked to hear that,” understates Deacon. He worries it’ll be harder for him to see Hope, especially since he’s been banned from the property. “Well played, Brooke!” quips Taylor as they continue to commiserate.

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Taylor offers to listen to Deacon, but he says opening up about his feelings isn’t really his thing. Each admits that they saw the whole Brooke/Ridge reunion thing coming. “It was a light at the end of the tunnel,” she jokes, “but it was a train.” Each says that the time they spent with their former respective significant others felt like old times, at least in their heads. “You know, she was going to give up,” says Deacon. “She was going to let him go.” This cracks Taylor up. Why? “Oh my God, Deacon, Brooke is never going to let him go! And Ridge is always going to go back to her. It’s just the way it is. Relationships are like emotional roller coasters. The view is so beautiful right before the plunge.” Deacon suggests it would be wonderful if you could just stay at the top and continue enjoying the view.

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Sheila tells Finn that he’s getting stronger. “I never meant to hurt you,” she insists, repeating the delusional “it was just an accident” line. Worse, she asks him to say that he believes her! Finn can only shout Steffy’s name, and Sheila tries explaining that something inside her snapped. “But it’s not going to happen again,” she assures him. Internally, Finn says that Sheila is evil and will never get near him or his family again. Wisely, he does not say this aloud. As Sheila continues talking about the whole thing being an accident and begging Finn to forgive her, Finn tells himself that he has to get away from her. Realizing he needs to play along, he says that he believes his mom. “You love me,” he says, trying not to cringe when she comes to his bedside to stroke his cheek while saying she loves him more than anything. 

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Finn again suggests that Sheila take him to the hospital, but she refuses. “They wanted to give up on you,” she points out, “but I never will!” When he tries asking questions, she says he needs to stop and just conserve his strength. “I’m a nurse… you’ve got to trust me!” In his head, Finn responds, “Trust you? Never!” while aloud, he claims that he wants to. “You saved my life,” he says. Finn points out that he needs medicine and, being a doctor, says he can tell her what to get. She didn’t leave him while he was unconscious, but now that he’s awake there’s no excuse. Perfectly playing Sheila, Finn says, “I need more medicine. Please, mom?” Kissing him on the forehead, Sheila promises not to be long and exits. And the second she’s out of the room, Finn struggles to sit up, vowing, “I’m coming for you, Steffy!”

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