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At the mansion, to kick off a summer party, Eric makes a toast to “today.” With Donna sitting on his lap, he, Donna, Liam, Hope, Paris and Zende talk to Brooke about Ridge’s big return home. Eric then announces that he has invited Donna to return to Forrester. Everyone is so happy to celebrate all of the love that’s coming together.

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Zende and Paris step aside. Once he makes sure Paris is okay, they rejoin the group as everyone gushes over Liam’s special chili. Nearby, Brooke and Hope privately talk about her situation. Hope knows how hard it was when Ridge moved out. And though they are taking baby steps, Brooke confirms that “Ridge is and will always be my destiny.”

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Again Zende and Paris talk privately about Eric and Donna and what happened between her and Carter. Zende knows in time she will be able to put herself out there again. Elsewhere, Donna professes her love to Eric and both can’t wait to start another chapter together.

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Ridge arrives at the cliff house and finds Taylor alone. Though she invites him to join her and Thomas for a feast later, Ridge has plans — Brooke is hosting a BBQ. “I moved back in with her,” he announces. “When did this happen?” Taylor asks. “Why?” Ridge talks about Brooke’s broken ankle, to which Taylor replies, “There’s a reason to give a marriage another go.” He knows this isn’t what Taylor wants to hear — and she clearly agrees — but he promises never to turn his back on her… Taylor, Steffy and Thomas are his family too.

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Holding back tears, Taylor rants about what Sheila has done to them then says what they had when he was there was real. Taylor drops a bowl of food and cries that she was trying to keep him safe. Brooke was going to hurt him again — she always does. After listing off Brooke’s long line of deception, Taylor reminds Ridge that “this road to destiny” has been filled with heartache. It’s going to be so hard for Taylor to watch him return to Brooke — she just wants him to be happy. Ridge loves her for always having his back and tries to hug Taylor. She stops him, says, “No,” then he leaves. Taylor breaks down in tears.

Ridge returns to the mansion to find Brooke alone. Everyone’s in the pool and Brooke thought maybe he’d want to talk. Ridge fills her in on what happened with Taylor. It wasn’t easy on him. Brooke knows it wasn’t easy for Taylor to hear but she’s a strong woman. She worries about Taylor too and says it would be awful if she fell into the wrong hands.

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Taylor enters Il Giardino and looks around. Deacon appears at the bar, stunned to see Taylor there after what happened with Steffy and Finn. Taylor admits it’s been very hard, given everything that has happened, and asks Deacon if he knows where Sheila could be.

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Over at the loft, Carter applies sunscreen on Quinn’s back with plans to lay out on the rooftop deck. He’s had dreams of doing this. Quinn can’t believe they are back together. After they kiss, Quinn reveals that she talked to Wyatt. It took a little bit but he’s happy for her — but not so much with Eric. Over talk of Eric’s affair with Donna, Quinn voices her revulsion over Donna luring Eric with “that disgusting” bottle of honey, then vows to focus on the super-hot man in front in her. Carter calls her “honey,” to which Quinn orders him never to call her that again, then they discuss how he almost married Paris. Quinn couldn’t imagine a future without Carter — and luckily she doesn’t have to. He suggests they head up to the rooftop and start grilling. However, Quinn has other plans and wants to build up an appetite. She lies on the bed and he joins her. After they make love, Quinn talks cheeseburgers but Carter comments on how they haven’t lost their touch — they are lovers, friends and confidants. Quinn has never been so happy and can’t wait to see where their love story takes them. They passionately kiss.

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Next on The Bold and the Beautiful, Taylor pushes Deacon for answers regarding to Sheila.

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