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At the mansion, Ridge again apologizes for scaring Brooke. She’s just glad it was him and reflects on hurting her ankle and the power going out… she was worried that Sheila would come to get her and is glad he is there — it’s just the two of them in the dark house. Ridge can think of worse places to be. Brooke admits Sheila made her doubt herself and is making her fear for her life. The worst part was seeing him in pain over her kissing Deacon. Ridge vows to always be there for Brooke and knows she would never have kissed Deacon if she was sober. He tends to her ankle and feels bad for not being there and asks, “What would you say if I told you I wanted to come home?” Those are the words Brooke’s been waiting to hear for a very long time. They kiss passionately then agree to take things one step at a time — to live in the moment. They kiss.

brooke talks to ridge at the mansion bb

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Thomas arrives at the cliff house with flowers for Taylor, who was just looking at photos of Steffy and Finn. She shows Thomas and wishes so much for Steffy that Finn was alive. After putting the flowers in water, Taylor talks about Ridge being there earlier and Thomas, too, is glad Steffy is away and safe. Thomas gets a call from security then reports that Jack is there. Thomas welcomes him in and Taylor says, “I’ve been thinking about you.” Jack’s been lying low but feels comforted being in Finn’s home.

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He can’t believe they haven’t found Sheila yet… “What that woman did to my son,” he seethes… Jack cries over how much he misses Finn. It’s hard to accept that Finn is gone. Taylor is sorry and knows that Li is grieving too. He admits Li cut him from her life since he confessed to the affair. He hasn’t talked to her and wants to visit his son’s resting place and asks where it is. Taylor explains how angry Li was and how she wouldn’t tell them. Jack needs to see Li — to hear her voice. “I’m sure Li is just drowning in grief,” Taylor replies.

jack talks to taylor and thomas bb

Later, after Jack leaves, Taylor and Thomas reflect on how devastated Jack was… Finn was his only child. “If only Finn hadn’t been taken from Steffy,” Taylor says. Thomas wraps his arms around his mom.

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In the room, Finn lets Sheila know he remembers — she shot him. Sheila apologizes, it was an accident, she never meant to hurt him and begs, “You’ve got to believe me.” She tries to explain and professes her love and vows, “I would never do anything to harm you.” Finn recalls that Sheila was going to shoot Steffy. Sheila makes excuses — if only Steffy hadn’t tried to keep her from him and Hayes. At the mention of his son’s name, Finn cries and asks where Steffy is — what did Sheila do? “Did you hurt her?” Finn asks. “You hurt my wife.” He wants to know if Steffy is okay and Sheila again says she and the kids are fine — they are away on vacation. Finn is confused.

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She doesn’t want to do or say anything to hinder his recovery but confesses that everyone thinks he’s dead. Sheila stops him from moving and again refuses to take him to the hospital. “Steffy,” Finn says. “I need my wife.” After Sheila explains how she saved his life, Finn mumbles about his mother, Li, and Sheila corrects, “I’m your mother!” She talks about how he flatlined and how she brought him back — his “mommy” brought him back. “Steffy…” Finn whispers. “Dammit!” Sheila snaps then tries to calm Finn, who wants to see Steffy now! She refuses him — he’ll have his whole life to spend with Steffy and Hayes but for now, he’s there with her — his mother. In his head, Finn says, “I’m stuck here with a crazy woman… but I’m alive… I have to find a way out of here, to get home to Steffy.” Finn thinks back to memories with his wife and tells himself, “Soon Steffy…” He vows to get home to her and Hayes… soon.

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