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In the room, Finn’s vision is blurry and he calls out, “Mom.” Sheila assures him she’s there for him as he looks at her rubbing his hand. “Thank God you’re back,” she says and urges him to let her know where it hurts so she can help him. Finn looks around the room then back at Sheila. He realizes he’s not in the hospital. Sheila confirms she’s taking care of him but Finn says, “Steffy… where is Steffy?” Sheila scrambles and says that Steffy and the kids are fine — they are traveling — and he needs to focus on getting his strength back. She talks about almost losing him — a few times — and says she’s not going to lose him again. Finn tries to talk through her and wants to know what happened. He tries to sit up and can’t, he’s in too much pain… Sheila finally reveals that he’s in this condition because he was shot. “And I’m so very sorry,” she says. “You were shot.”

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She tells Finn how brave he has been, he came back and has so much to live for. Finn wants her to take him to the hospital but she can’t. She promises to take care of him and get him back to health— to the man he was before the accident. “The shooting… it was a terrible accident,” Sheila says, “You never should have been shot and I’m sorry.” Finn then remembers racing to the restaurant and Steffy telling him that everything that happened on New Year’s Eve was all set in motion by his mother. Finn glares at Sheila, who asks if he remembers that night and what happened. Finn remembers walking into the alley and seeing Steffy with Sheila pointing the gun at his wife. He tried to protect Steffy and Sheila shot him. “You,” he seethes. “You shot me.”

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Over at the cliff house, Ridge and Taylor talk about Steffy and the kids then they recall when Steffy was little and how she always had fun playing at Forrester. Taylor worries about Sheila getting to Steffy but Ridge vows not to let Sheila take anymore away from them. Taylor appreciates Ridge so much and for the added security. However, they both know Sheila won’t stay away forever. Taylor wonders where Sheila could be and begins spiraling with worry. Ridge takes ahold of Taylor, urges her to take a breath then reminds her that all Sheila wanted was to be a part of Finn’s life. Now that she killed her own son, Taylor wonders what she’ll do next. Ridge promises Steffy will be fine then gets a text. Taylor jumps and thinks it might have to do with Sheila but it’s work. Taylor can’t get over how Sheila played her for a fool. “I wish I wouldn’t have been on the rooftop that day,” Taylor admits. “The world would be a better place.”

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Hope arrives home to find Liam picking up at the cabin. They talk about Sheila and wonder why the authorities can’t find her. “Where could Sheila be?” Hope asks. She feels like she’ll be on high alert until Sheila is found. Liam calms her and reminds Hope of all they should be thankful for. Their kids are safe. He changes the subject to Eric and Donna and both agree they make sense together. Hope smiles and takes a breath, clearly feeling better. She then recalls Carter and Paris’ wedding and how Carter had been denying his true feelings. At least it was Quinn who crashed the wedding and not Sheila.

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Even though they have added security, Liam wonders if Brooke would feel better if they moved up to the main house. Hope finds the offer sweet but she already asked her mother — and she doesn’t want them too. Hope wonders when and if Ridge will ever commit to her mom fully. She’s trying not to judge Ridge but it’s hard, especially since Deacon has been banned from the property — and Ridge isn’t even living there. What does her mother have to do in order for him to come home?

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Brooke is sitting in the mansion, in the dark, and hears someone at the door. It’s Ridge. Brooke’s relieved since the power went out — and she stumbled and hurt her leg. They talk about Sheila still being out there and Ridge goes to get Brooke some ice.

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