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In Paris, Steffy looks at photos of her and Finn with the kids. Suddenly, she looks up and appears disturbed.

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Back in the room in Los Angeles, Sheila starts chest compressions on Finn but it doesn’t work. He’s still not breathing. She grabs the paddles and tells Mike she’s going to shock him back to life. Mike begs her to call 911 and get Finn some real help! Sheila demands that Mike help her and orders him to get Finn’s shirt off. “Clear!” she calls out then shocks him. Mike warns she’s going to kill Finn — again! Sheila shocks him again then demands that Mike turn up the voltage. He refuses so Sheila takes matter into her own hands and begs Finn to meet her halfway. She continues shocking him, repeatedly, then breaks down in tears, begging him to fight. Suddenly, Finn’s heart starts beating. Sheila sobs… she did it. She brought him back.

sheila and mike try to save finn bb

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Ridge arrives at the cliff house and finds Taylor reading. He wanted to check on her, especially with Sheila running around. He’s furious that Baker still hasn’t found Sheila. He says Taylor made the right call – he’s so glad she convinced Steffy to go overseas. Taylor knew they couldn’t heal being in this house — she still feels Finn’s presence. That’s what Ridge loves about her, her intuition. They decide to call Steffy.

Steffy takes a video call from her parents. After some small talk, she admits she’s been sad. She can’t help but wonder what it would have been like if Finn had been in Paris with them. However, the change of scenery has helped the kids but she’s still trying to wrap her head around losing Finn. Taylor urges her to allow all of the emotions to come through, and Steffy admits she is — even some feelings that she doesn’t quite understand. She’ll never forget that Sheila took him from her. They assure Steffy that Sheila will be found. Steffy begs them to be careful and Ridge tells her to stay put. They’ll get her whatever she needs. “I need Finn,” Steffy says and reminds them that no one can bring him back.

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After they hang up, Ridge comforts Taylor, who can’t stop thinking about the pain that Steffy is in. They both agree that Steffy doesn’t deserve any of this and are just glad she’s not in L.A. Taylor can’t understand how Sheila could kill her own son then escape jail. And Finn… he was such a good man. He always gave Sheila the benefit of the doubt. Taylor is so glad she moved in with them — she got to see them happy together. Ridge hopes that one day Steffy will learn to heal.

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Back in Li’s room, Sheila and Mike celebrate Finn coming back. Sheila rants at Mike for not helping her then says Finn’s back because of her. She wishes Finn would open his eyes. Mike wonders what she’s going to do when Finn wakes up – how is she going to explain shooting him and his wife — not to mention killing his mother. “I’m his mother!” Sheila snaps. Mike talks about Li’s body and all of the possibilities of her being found. Finn starts mumbling again… After Sheila orders Mike out, she focuses her attention on Finn and assures her son that, “Mama’s right here.”

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Back in Paris, Steffy looks at a photo of Finn then thinks back on their wedding and Hayes’ birth. She recalls the special moments when they made love and how much she loves him.

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In Li’s room, Finn moves his hand and opens his eyes. Sheila is stunned, “Oh my God, you’re back.” Finn’s vision is blurry and he says, “Mom.” Shelia moves in close — she’s so happy he’s back and tells him not to talk. Thank God for his mother… “Me.” Her beautiful boy is alive.

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