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Freshly home from the wedding, Hope tells Liam that the wedding sort of imploded at the altar. She catches him up on what went down, and he admits he knew something must have happened. Why? He’d received a text from Bill saying, “Weddings with the Forresters are never boring.” On the bright side, Liam adds, at least Sheila didn’t show up! They discuss that Ridge has hired a slew of security guards to keep everyone safe.

Bold Beautiful Liam Hope sexytime

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Quinn is happily perched in Carter’s lap at Il Giardino as the two of them revel in their reunion. Suddenly, Carter realizes that gee, maybe he should go talk to the woman he just jilted. Quinn says she’ll be waiting for him when he gets back.

Grace tries offering Paris comfort, managing to slip in an “I told you so” or two. There’s a knock at the door and in walks Carter, saying he’s the last person the women want to see. Grace proves his theory right by crossing the room to slap Carter. “Yes, I lied, but I did want to make you happy,” admits Carter, saying he wanted to make Paris feel loved and adored. “There’s a man out there who truly deserves you,” he insists.

Bold Beautiful Grace comforts Paris

After he exits, having made the shortest “sorry I left you at the altar for another woman who is right this minute eating our wedding cake” speech ever,  Paris admits to her mom she feels foolish. Grace says her daughter needn’t feel foolish for having fallen in love, but adds that “putting your faith in another person that way” is foolish. (Although isn’t that also sorta kinda the definition of love?) “I wish Carter had been worthy of your love, but he wasn’t,” Grace says, insisting her daughter should never lose her ability to love and become cynical. “I agree,” says Zende, who was listening at the door.

Bold Beautiful Paris Grace Zende

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“You’re going to bounce back from this,” says Zende to Paris. When Grace suggests they all pack up and leave the restaurant, Zende asks permission to be the one to take Paris home. She says Zende doesn’t have to feel sorry for her, and he replies the one to feel sorry for is Carter. “He just gave up the best thing that could ever happen to him.” Happily, Paris accepts Zende’s offer of a ride home.

Carter, Quinn Eric facetime loft B&B

Carter returns to Quinn’s side, saying that while talking to Paris hadn’t been easy, being honest had been necessary. He then takes Quinn’s hand, suggesting they go home. Once there, she showers and the two of them realize they are “back where it all started.” She asks if he recalls the first time they said “I love you” to one another. He counters with the first time they kissed, and she raises the stakes with the first time they made love. As it happens, all three were, as he says, “Right here, in this loft.” Each admits this isn’t how they anticipated today ending. “I can’t believe I thought I could live without this,” says Quinn. “But the one thing I knew for sure from the moment that I let you into my heart is that I love you, Carter.” With that, they fall onto the bed in his loft and begin to make love.

Bold Beautiful Sheila Mike

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In the dark, windowless room housing Finn, Sheila begs her son to open his eyes. Just then, there’s a knock on the door. Sheila opens it and pulls Mike into the room, who immediately realizes “this can’t be good.” As usual, Sheila needs her longtime co-hort’s help. For those who may be tuning in for the first time, he offers an instant recap when she shows him what’s in the next room. “Is that Finn?” he asks, adding, “Your son, that you killed?”

Sheila fills Mike in on recent events, and he’s shocked. “They put you in jail for murder. You had me spring you from the slammer, and you weren’t even guilty?” he asks. “I was never guilty, Mike. Shooting Finn was just a terrible accident,” she insists. Speaking on behalf of the audience, Mike counters with, “What about shooting his wife?” She conveniently skips right over that question, instead asking Mike to help her keep Finn alive by stealing meds from the infirmary. Mike asks why Finn’s other mom, the doctor, can’t do it and Sheila flashes back to Li’s death. (Hey, the show needs to get their money’s worth out of that fiery crash!)

“Oh no,” says Mike, not even needing to be told what his gal pal did. “I didn’t intend to kill her,” insists Sheila, adding that it was an accident. “That happens around you a lot,” says Mike, “and I might want to remember that.” But of course, he’s powerless to resist her. “Sheila, you make me do the craziest things!” he insists, flashing back to some of their past exploits… including the time she unleashed ferocious dogs on him! “Everyone else lets me down or deceives me, but never you,” she says. But she then asks if a sociopath would risk everything to save her son. “With all due respect, Sheila, you shot your son and your daughter-in-law, and then you killed his adoptive mom! I don’t think you’ve changed that much!”

Bold Beautiful Sheila Finn bedside

At that very moment, Finn begins muttering. Wishing Li were there, Sheila begins talking about how odd it is that there’s been nothing on the news about the other woman’s body being found. Mike brings her back to the subject at hand, pointing out that Finn doesn’t look good. Finn begins to convulse and suddenly flatlines! “I killed him again,” shouts Sheila as we fade to black…

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