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In the bungalow, Eric tells Quinn their marriage is over but she can still have Carter. Quinn says he’s getting married to Paris as they speak. Eric urges, “Not if you hurry.”

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At Il Giardino, Carter takes in the sight of his bride and Paris makes her way toward him as the Wedding March plays. At the altar, Charlie takes time to explain that he’s helping out a friend and to welcome everyone to the wedding of Paris Buckingham and Carter Walton. In the crowd, Ridge and Grace look concerned.
Paris Charlie Carter wedding B&B

At the bungalow, Quinn and Eric agree they had a wonderful marriage and were meant to be together… but there’s no going back now. Eric again urges Quinn to hurry down the beach to stop Carter. “Quinn. Go.” Quinn, reeling, agrees she needs to stop the wedding. She pauses at the door to look back at Eric, but then leaves.

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At Il Giardino, Charlie asks if anyone has any reason why Carter and Paris cannot be married, or any objections at all. Carter looks at Ridge as Charlie urges those gathered to speak now or forever hold their peace.

In the bungalow, Eric looks at Quinn’s wedding ring in his hand and sits down on the bed. Donna returns. She saw Quinn run out and wonders if he’s okay. He gives her a sad smile. She asks if he’s sure about this. Eric holds up the ring and assures Donna he’s ready for this. “I’m ready for us.” Donna exclaims, “I am too. I have been for an embarrassingly long time.” Eric’s glad he caught up. Donna’s glad Quinn didn’t come after her. Eric explains she has other things on her mind — like stopping a wedding. He hopes she gets there in time. “I hope she gets there in time to tell him what she feels.”
Eric Donna B&B

Outside the club, Quinn tries to hail the valet to no avail. She then tries to unlock the key box with a hairpin, but it doesn’t work. She checks the time and gasps, “Shoot!” She tries calling Carter, but his phone isn’t with him. Quinn leaves a frantic message for him not to marry Paris. “Something huge happened!”
Quinn phone B&B

Quinn comes upon a bicycle stand and tells the attendant to charge it to Eric Forrester as she takes one and hops on.

At the wedding, Hope stands up to speak to the nature of love, which can be unexpected. Grace wears a skeptical expression as Hope goes on about true love and tells Carter and Paris they’re all thrilled they’ve found that with each other.

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On the bicycle, Quinn rides for love, dodging beach volleyball players and even falling off into the sand. She gets up and carries on.
Quinn fall bike B&B

At the wedding, all Carter’s thoughts are of his passionate love affair with Quinn as Charlie does a reading about love. Charlie asks the bride and groom to join hands. “Let us pray.” Ridge interrupts. He needs a minute. Charlie’s thrown off but allows him to speak. Ridge points out he’s known Carter a long time. He’s strong, solid and methodical — never impulsive until now. If he’s going to do “impulsive” he should do it with a beautiful, charming woman like Paris, who deserves true love. “We all deserve that.” Carter abruptly thanks Ridge to cut him off and Charlie continues with the prayer.

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On the bike, Quinn’s face softens as she runs through memories of Carter in her ind. She has to unbutton her blouse a notch as she suddenly feels heated.
Quinn moony bike B&B

At the wedding, Paris speaks her personal vows to Carter from the heart. She marvels that she wasn’t even thinking about marriage until he proposed, but now everything feels like it’s all coming together. Carter takes his turn and muses that he didn’t know what to do with all of this deep abiding love, but Paris is his way out; his way forward after being stuck for so long. Ridge casts his eyes upward. Charlie calls for the ring exchange. Carter produces one and Charlie directs Paris to put it on Carter’s finger and repeat after him. She does.

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Outside the restaurant, Quinn arrives, drops the bike, and rushes in. Out of breath with mascara running down her face, Quinn appears at the wedding and takes in the scene as Carter and Paris smile at one another with Charlie beaming between them…
Quinn wedding B&B

Next on The Bold and the Beautiful: Donna shares her good news with Brooke, Quinn’s startling admission stuns Carter and rattles Paris and Grace.

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