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As Paris recites her vows at Il Giardino, with Ridge shaking his head, Quinn dumps her bike outside and rushes into the restaurant. “Quinn?” Carter states in confusion. Quinn apologizes but she has something to say — something he needs to hear. Paris wants her to leave but she refuses. “This is going to be good,” Bill mumbles. Quinn tells Carter that so many things have changed. She loves him more than everything in this world and can’t let him go. Paris is livid when Quinn talks about Carter going through a marriage he doesn’t want. Ridge demands answers as to where Quinn stands with Eric and she reveals that her marriage is over — Eric is with Donna!

quinn crashes carter and paris wedding bb

She turns her attention back to Carter and reminds him how they’ve been running from their feelings but she’s done running — she’s done hiding. “I love you, Carter,” Quinn cries. “I want to make my life with you.” Carter can’t believe his ears, as Paris objects, “You belong with me, not her!”

Ridge stands up and says, “Well, maybe we should give you some privacy so you can talk.” Paris quickly objects — Charlie was just about to pronounce them man and wife. “We will not let Quinn get in the way of our special day,” Paris states. “Will we, Carter?” Carter can’t take his eyes off of Quinn, as Paris rants, “This is our wedding, just tell her to leave, okay.” When the silence continues, Paris demands that Carter make it clear to Quinn once and for all that his future is with her.

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Grace, Zende and Hope stare at Carter then look to Quinn, who says, “Carter, I love you… more than I ever thought it was possible to love any man on this planet.” She professes how much his love has changed her — in the most amazing ways. “I’m the best version of myself when I’m with you,” she admits. He makes her feel calm and at peace. “You’re the man that I want to kiss every night before I go to sleep… the man that I want to wake up to every single morning.” Quinn wants to hold him in her arms and love him every moment for the rest of her life.

Paris has had enough and reminds Carter that they only have a few more words then they’ll be husband and wife. “Carter, please,” Paris says. “Let’s make this happen.” He turns to Paris, who appears to sense what he’s going to do. Carter takes her hand and kisses it, as everyone waits for the ceremony to continue.

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However, Carter then looks at Quinn and smiles. She smiles at him too then they meet halfway down the aisle, rush into each other’s arms and kiss.

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Hope appears stunned, as Ridge glances over at Bill, who basically rolls his eyes, as Zende is clearly heartbroken for Paris. Hope continues to stare as Quinn laughs with glee. Carter picks Quinn up and spins the woman he loves in his arms.

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At Brooke’s, Donna and Katie talk about their sister being out and the security Ridge has at the mansion, due to Sheila. Talk turns to the man in Donna’s life and Katie learns it’s Eric and can’t believe that Quinn and Hope know. Katie believes marriage needs to be respected but can’t forget how Quinn betrayed Eric with Carter. Katie’s stunned to learn Quinn is still in love with Carter — and raced over to stop his wedding to Paris. She fills Katie in on what’s been going on with Eric and thinks they have a future tighter. Katie hugs her. They again talk about Quinn, Carter and his rushed wedding to Paris. Katie thinks it could all change after today. Donna wonders if Quinn and Carter will be reunited.

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Over at the cliff house, Thomas comes in from surfing, wanting to make sure Taylor is safe. Thomas reminds her even though his dad has a lot of security in place, they need to be vigilant until Sheila is caught. Taylor feels stupid for letting her guard down and wonders if Sheila is still in L.A. Thomas wonders how she lives with herself after killing her own son. He doesn’t want Taylor going out alone and she assures him she’ll be staying there and working from home. She’s glad Thomas is staying there with her then talk turns to Ridge. Taylor says if it happens, it happens and if not, he’s the biggest dummy in the world. Thomas agrees, Ridge’s future is with Taylor, not Brooke. They look at photos of Steffy’s kids and Taylor admits how much she misses them all. Steffy will get through this but she’s heartbroken for Steffy and the kids — things will never be the same again. Thomas agrees but knows they have a life ahead of them, it’ll just be a different one. He says the same about Ridge and his future.

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In Li’s room, Sheila begs Finn to open his eyes. She kisses his hand and reminds Finn his mother is there with him. She can’t lose him. Sheila rests her head on Finn’s chest and says, “I can’t lose you again.” She stands up, furious that Li lied to her. She didn’t mean to hurt her! She again sits at Finn’s beside and assures him she’s there.

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Next on The Bold and the Beautiful, Paris, Carter and Quinn reach an unexpected ending to a very emotional day.

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