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At the health club, Quinn and Bridget’s jaws drops as Donna slowly emerges from underneath the covers of the bed beside Eric. Quinn protests, “No!” and there’s mention of concern over his heart rate.

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In a room, Paris is getting ready for her wedding and Hope gushes that by the end of the day she’ll be a married woman. She reflects that it’s a little last minute, but “if you know, you know.” Paris wishes her mom could see that — she could use all the support she can get.
Paris Hope before wedding B&B

At Il Giardino, Ridge tells Carter it’s not too late to call this wedding off. A staffer comes up and advises Ridge about the extra security due to Sheila being on the lam. Once alone, Ridge takes in the French theme and asks if it was Paris’ idea. Carter is surprising her and announces he’ll be taking her to Paris on their honeymoon. Ridge bluntly states, “You don’t want to be with Paris. You want to be with Quinn.”

In the bungalow, Quinn asks Eric, “How could you do this?!” Eric replies, “I was going to tell you, I swear.” Donna, exiting the bed with a dressing gown, interjects, “It’s the truth.” Quinn barks, “Shut up,” in her direction before confronting her husband. “You’ve been lying to me! For weeks!” Eric wants to know what’s up with all the talk about his heart rate. Quinn shows him that the ring he’s wearing is a smart ring. Bridget explains it monitors his heart. Quinn thought he was in danger, but his heart rate kept spiking because he was betraying her. “You were betraying our marriage.”
Eric quinn upset B&B

At Il Giardino, Charlie gushes to the staffer setting up about the decorations and mentions Pam going to her knitting retreat. Bill Spencer arrives and Charlie wonders if he’s lost. Bill retorts, “Do I look lost to you, Charlie?”

In her room, Paris tells Hope she invited Bill Spencer to the wedding since he’s a big donor for the foundation. Zende comes in and asks for a moment alone with Paris, so Hope exits. He gifts her with a corsage and reiterates he wants to see her happy. She’s so glad he’s there.
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Zende asks about Grace, and Paris doubts she’ll come. Zende’s sorry to hear that. Just then, Grace walks in, shakes her head, and pulls her daughter into an embrace.
Paris Grace embrace wedding B&B

In another room, Carter tells Ridge he’s not getting any younger. “I need this.” Ridge protests that he needs this because he’s still in love with Quinn!

In the bungalow, Quinn can’t understand how this could have happened when she was working so hard to fix what was wrong between them. Eric forgave her for that, but he was struggling that she was in love with somebody. Quinn gawps, “But Donna is…” Eric says Donna loves him. “Everything is easier with Donna. I trust her.” He asks Donna and Bridget to leave them alone. They hustle out the door. Quinn cries, “Is this really it? Is this really the end of our marriage?”
Eric Quinn upset talk B&B

At Il Giardino, Charlie’s almost as surprised to see Zende as he was to see Bill, who explains he’s the biggest contributor to the Forrester Foundation. Hope thinks it’s amazing that Zende is there to support Paris. He’ll always care about her.

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In Paris’ room, Grace isn’t mad, but she’s heartbroken for her baby girl. Paris needs her to trust that she knows what’s best for herself. Grace doesn’t want to see her getting hurt by Carter.
Paris Grace before wedding B&B

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In his room, Carter stands in the mirror in his tux and paces. Ridge comes in and says if he’s really going to do this, he’s afraid it’s time. Carter needs another minute.

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In the bungalow, Quinn screams, “How is this fair?! I’ve been begging you!” Here he is doing the exact same thing to her that broke them apart in the first place! Eric hates being this man and was going to tell her tonight. “I swear I was.” Quinn cries, “I gave you everything I have. I’m completely and utterly shattered.” The old Quinn in her wants to scream at him. “I thought you were the most loyal man in the world!” Eric thought he was too, but he didn’t realize what was really happening until they had the conversation about Carter getting married the other day. “You fell for Carter during that affair. You fell in love with him. And you still are!” Eric realizes he has to let go of his love story with her… and she needs to let go of her love story for him too. Him sneaking around with Donna was wrong, but the feelings they have for each other aren’t wrong. And the feeling she has for Carter aren’t wrong either! Eric tells Quinn to look at him and stresses, “We were meant to be together. Until we weren’t.”

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In her room, Grace pleads with Paris not to do this, but her daughter needs her to accept that it’s happening. Carter is about to become her husband and the father to her grandchildren. Grace insists, “Carter is not the man for you. That man is running from something, I’m telling you. He jumped into all of this way too quick.” Hope knocks and tells Paris it’s time. She reiterates to her mother that she’s marrying the man she loves.

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In the bungalow, Quinn has been fighting for Eric for so long she doesn’t even know how to let him go. Eric reiterates that she’s in love with Carter. “You love him!” Quinn sobs, “I do. I love him. I’ve been fighting it so hard.” She wanted them to get back to the way we were. She throws up her hands. “I don’t have to fight it.” She no longer has to worry about what his family will say. “I love him. I love Carter.” Eric has cherished their time together. Quinn whispers, “So have I.” Eric intones that Carter is about to make the biggest mistake of his life. Quinn pulls off her rings, but tells Eric, “I think I’m going to keep the big diamond, okay?” Eric nods. “And so you should.” She hands him the other ring and he tells her, “Go. You’re meant to be with Carter. If you hurry you won’t be too late.”

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At Il Giardino, Charlie asks Carter, “Are you sure about this, buddy? Forever is a very long time.” The wedding march begins, and Paris appears in her wedding gown. Carter smiles.

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