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At Brooke’s place, Ridge is pleasantly surprised to run into Katie. She assumes he’s going to Carter’s wedding. Ridge confirms that he is, but says the whole wedding is weird. Katie agrees. It wasn’t that long ago Paris was dating Zende and Carter was sleeping with Quinn. Ridge thinks it’s interesting that she brought up the affair. Katie muses, “Thank God that’s over.” Ridge isn’t sure it is. Just then, Donna waltzes in and notes it’s a big day for Ridge his best friend’s getting married! Katie notices she’s gussied up and asks if she’s going to the wedding. Donna smiles. She has another engagement. Katie wonders if it involves anyone special. “You are seeing someone. I can see it all over you!” Donna concedes, “Okay fine,” and admits she’s seeing someone who is very special. Katie won’t pry but is very happy for her.
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Donna runs off to meet said man, and Katie tells Ridge she hasn’t seen her sister this happy since she was with Eric. Ridge observes that his father hasn’t been happy for some time. Katie senses something is weighing Ridge down. “What is it?”

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At the Forrester mansion, Eric tells Quinn he’s off, and she’s disappointed — she thought they could have lunch together. Eric figured she’d be going to Carter’s wedding. He’s not going so as not to make things awkward for Zende. Quinn doesn’t think Carter would want her there. Eric asks why — because of her disapproval. Quinn concedes they don’t see eye-to-eye on it. She just hopes he finds what he’s looking for. She asks to make dinner plans and Eric begs off of that too. He blurts he’s going to be late for his meeting at the club. She thought he was playing pickleball. Eric grunts, “That too.” Quinn makes a speech about how much his loyalty and commitment to her. She may have to share him with pickleball, but she’s glad she’s the only woman in his life.
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At Forrester Creations, Carter disconnects from making last minute wedding arrangements as Paris appears. She knows it’s bad luck to see each other on the day they’re getting married, but she just couldn’t stay away. They embrace. Paris can’t believe a dream is coming true that she never even realized she wanted. She hasn’t talked to Zende yet, nor heard from her mom., but she won’t let her lack of support get in the way of enjoying the most amazing day of their lives.
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Later, Carter thanks Charlie for agreeing to officiate his wedding. Charlie notes that Ridge has hired extra security what with Sheila on the lam. He wants this day to be really special for Carter. Charlie explains Pammy sends her best — she’s on a knitting retreat — but they both want him to be happy. After all, they both know all about true love. This gives Carter pause.

In the design office, Paris cautiously approaches Zende. He tells her he heard the news that Carter proposed — her mother told him. He’s happy for her. Paris tells him, “That means a lot,” and reveals they’re getting married today. It would mean the world to her if Zende would agree to be there. Zende meant it when he said that he only wanted her happiness and agrees. They hug.

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At the club, Quinn thanks Bridget for meeting her for lunch. It gives her peace of mind knowing she’s there if Eric’s heart rate spikes again. Bridget warns she’ll eventually have to tell her husband about the smart ring. Quinn goes on about his loyalty and commitment. “I’d do anything for my husband.”
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In their bungalow, Eric tells Donna how beautiful she is. He shouldn’t be doing this, but he can’t stay away from her. Everything she does brings light and happiness to his life. They kiss and embrace.

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At Brooke’s place, Ridge confesses to Katie that he has reservations about Carter’s wedding to Paris. “He’s not running to Paris, he’s running away from Quinn and the feelings he has.” Katie asks why he’d marry Paris if he still has feelings for Quinn. Ridge thinks he’s lost it and worries that Paris doesn’t deserve this. Katie tells Ridge he has to talk to Carter. He has, and couldn’t get through to him. “He’s going to marry Paris today.”

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In the bungalow, Donna loves Eric so much but remarks on him wearing Quinn’s rings. Eric decides this isn’t the man he wants to be. Quinn deserves the truth and he needs to tell her. Donna gawps, “What?!” Eric says, “I love you too much. I’m not going to let you go.” They kiss passionately.
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At their table, Quinn remarks to Bridget about Eric’s surprising love of pickleball. The waiter (The Price is Right’s George Gray) appears at their table and Quinn asks if he knows her husband, Eric Forrester. He knows him well. Quinn laughs. Of course he does, he’s been there a lot lately. The waiter walks off to get their drinks and Bridget brings up Carter’s wedding. Quinn assures her she’s committed to her father. Just then, Quinn’s alert goes off for Eric’s heart rate spiking. The waiter returns and she asks urgently if he knows which pickleball court her husband is on. The waiter is sorry, but the pickleball courts are closed for resurfacing!
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At Forrester Creations, Carter is thinking about Quinn when Paris returns to tell him that Zende is coming to the wedding. “He really is a great guy.” Carter agrees, “He really is.” She senses her fiancé is far away and asks if he’s okay. Carter says of course he is. He’s been waiting for this as long as he can remember to build a life with someone — he’s just been looking in the wrong places. Paris smiles, “You can stop looking.” They hug and Carter looks forlorn.

In their bungalow, Eric’s heart is racing with anticipation as he confirms to Donna that he’s leaving Quinn to be with her. They fall onto the bed, overcome with passion.

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At their table, Quinn and Bridget learn from the waiter that Eric has been spending time in bungalow #24. Quinn gets up from the table and rushes out with Bridget on her heels.

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In the bungalow, Eric and Donna are kissing hot and heavy when Quinn’s voice rings out from outside, “Eric?!” She asks, “Are you in there?” Donna hides under the covers as Quinn enters the room and turns on the light. Stunned, Quinn asks Eric why he’s in bed. “What’s going on?” Bridget cringes and Quinn exclaims, “No!” as Donna slowly reveals herself. Quinn fumes as realization dawns.
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