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In the Forrester office, Ridge rails at Carter. It makes no sense for him to be marrying Paris when he’s still in love with Quinn. “Tell me I’m wrong!”

At the Forrester mansion, Eric asks Quinn if she thinks Paris is the woman Carter really loves. She shrugs. It doesn’t really matter what she thinks… all they can hope for is that Carter and Paris make the right decision. Eric asks if that means she doesn’t approve of their wedding.

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In the design office, Grace tells Paris that she and Carter haven’t built a foundation of love and trust. She can’t support it. “It’s just wrong.” Paris argues, “It doesn’t feel wrong.” She vows nothing and no one will stop this wedding. As she keeps talking and holds up the engagement ring, Hope enters. She exclaims, “Oh my God! You and Zende are engaged?!”
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Grace grumps, “If only. My daughter is engaged to Carter.” Hope rallies, “You and Carter… engaged…” Grace says she was just as shocked as Hope is — they don’t come any better than Zende Forrester, But that wasn’t good enough; Paris wants to throw that future away on a hustler. She can’t support this. Paris informs her mother that if she can’t support them, she should stay away from the wedding. Grace leaves, hoping Hope will talk sense to her daughter. “Maybe she’ll listen to you.”

Once alone, Hope asks Paris if she’s happy. She’s the happiest she’s ever been. Hope tells her the ring is gorgeous. Paris muses, “You’re my friend. Please just say you’re happy for me.” Hope looks cornered.

On the rooftop, Zende is pumping iron when Grace shows up. She rants that all she’s ever wanted for her daughters was for them to live good lives. To be productive members of society and to settle down with good men with integrity. Zende’s a little lost. Grace screams, “Carter proposed!! And Paris said yes!” She implores the designer to do something to stop this from happening.
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In the main office, Ridge keeps hollering at Carter, who finally snaps and admits, “Yes! I’m in love with Quinn and it’s driving me insane!” He can’t be with the woman he loves and he has to move on. “I need to marry Paris.”
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Ridge tells Carter, “I knew it.” Carter insists nothing is going on with him and Quinn and reiterates that he needs to tie the knot with Paris. Ridge asks how that’s going to work when he loves Quinn. Carter muses, “One day at a time.” Ridge is incredulous and asks how Eric fits into all of this. Carter replies, “With his wife where he belongs. Why do you think I’m doing this?!” He explains that Paris had suspicions about him and Quinn and he refuses to let her go to Eric with that and cause more disruptions to Quinn’s happiness. Ridge recaps that he’s rushing into a future with Paris because he’s running from his past with Quinn. Carter has to. He won’t hurt Eric again and has to get on with things. Ridge suggests he date Paris for a while first. Carter retorts, “The decision is made!” He’s marrying Paris tomorrow and needs his best friend there for support. “I’m counting on you.”
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On the rooftop, Zende is stunned to hear that Carter proposed and Paris said yes. Grace pleads with him to do something, but he won’t grovel. He loves her, but she’s made her decision and he needs to respect that. “Thank you for letting me know.”

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In the design office, Hope cautions Paris that things are happening really fast. Paris asks her not to try and talk her out of this. She asks Hope to come to the wedding. Hope needs to hear her say it one more time. Paris says, “I love Carter and I want to be his wife.” They hug and Carter walks in. Hope chirps her congratulations. “You proposed! Wow!” Carter grins crazily, “You can say that again.”
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At the Forrester mansion, Eric cuts his talk with Quinn short when he gets a text and has to run off to the club. Quinn looks at her portrait and thinks back to Carter saving it when Eric told him to get rid of it.

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In the design office, Carter and Paris canoodle and she assures him she’s the happiest she’s ever been. She won’t let her mother ruin the best day of her life, and says Hope agreed to come. Carter insists they get married right away. “It can’t happen soon enough.” Paris is thrilled and asks if they should invite Zende — he said he was cool with their relationship. She’d also like to invite Bill Spencer, who has been generous to the foundation. Carter suggests Charlie as the minister — he’s ordained. They agree to have the ceremony at Il Giardino — tomorrow. Paris throws herself into Carter’s arms squealing with delight.

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Ridge walks into the Forrester mansion and looks up at Quinn’s portrait as Carter’s confession about loving her replays in his mind.

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Quinn walks into the main office, where Carter informs her he and Paris are getting married at Il Giardino tomorrow. She gapes, “Tomorrow? Tomorrow?!” Carter rambles that he can’t go on like this, he has to move forward and build a life that doesn’t begin and end with a woman who’s out of his reach. “Yet close enough to touch… this is torture.” Quinn’s so sorry. She pleads with him not to marry Paris so quickly. He asks her not to try and stop him. “I can’t live like this anymore. But make no mistake. I will always love you.” Quinn cries, “I will always love you too, Carter.”

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