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At Forrester Creations, Petra flirts with Zende as he and Ridge remark on the gown she’s wearing. She asks if he’s still seeing Paris. Zende concedes she’s now seeing someone else. Once Petra’s gone, Ridge asks how Zende’s doing with the whole Paris thing. Zende explains he’s not dating a lot because he wants a meaningful connection. Ridge can see he misses her. They marvel at Paris getting with Carter. Zende admits thinking about them together is tough, especially when he remembers all the things Carter said to him when he was dating her. “The guy’s my friend, right?” Ridge and Zende decide they won’t rip on the guy and leave it at that.

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In the design office, Carter is mooning about Quinn when Paris throws herself onto his lap and squeals about them being engaged. They kiss.
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Grace busts in and demands, “Take you lips off my daughter.” Carter asks Paris, “You haven’t told her?” Paris reminds her mother she asked her to stay out of this. Grace rails that Carter is not serious about her and she cannot depend on him! “The future you want is not going to be with Carter.” Paris holds up her hand with the engagement ring and says, “It’s already happening.” Grace shoots a fuming look at Carter. She learns they want to get married this week and protests, “No, this is not happening. Take the ring off and give it back.” She forbids Paris to do this. Paris isn’t asking her permission, she’s sharing her news with her. “Why can’t you just be happy for me?” Grace would be if Carter were the right man for her, but he isn’t. Paris reminds her that’s not her decision to make. Carter knows this is the right path forward, and Grace demands to know why Carter wants to get married right now. She questions if they’ve even talked and made plans or if this proposal just came out of the blue. Paris asks to speak to her mom in private, so Carter walks out.
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Once alone, Grace complains about Paris not having the sense to stop and think about why that man wants a quickie wedding. This whole thing is wrong!

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At the Forrester mansion, Quinn is thinking about Carter telling her he’ll always love her, when Eric walks in. He assumes she was thinking about the conversation they had the other day. Quinn was just thinking how one mistake can change your entire life, and how hard it is to find your way back. She recalls feeling so sure of herself when they got married. “I want to feel that way again, and I hope you do too.” Quinn asks if he’s going to the club today and remarks that he has been getting so much enjoyment from being there, she’s surprised he doesn’t go every day.

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Eric thinks everyone wants to feel appreciated and secure in their relationships. Quinn asks, “What about love and passion? Those are the two things that connect you to someone that only the two of you share?” Eric brings up Carter and notes there was something upsetting her regarding him the other day. Quinn doesn’t want to talk about him. Eric wants to know if something is going on with Carter. Quinn admits it could have ramifications for the company and tells him Carter took a ring she was working on and proposed to Paris with it. Eric mutters about her history with Zende. Quinn knows Paris is smitten with Carter, but doesn’t believe he feels the same way. Eric realizes Quinn doesn’t think Paris is the woman for Carter and asks, “Do you think he’s not in love with her?”
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Carter joins Ridge in the main office, where the boss relays that Zende is having trouble accepting his relationship with Paris. They smirk about Grace not being a fan either. Ridge wonders why he had to hear about Carter having a new woman in his life from someone else. He asks, “Is that what you want? A future with Paris?” Carter smiles, “Well, I have to now.” Ridge wonders what that means. Carter reveals, “I proposed to her. I asked Paris to be my wife.”
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In the design office, Grace wishes she could be overjoyed for Paris. Her daughter complains she’s not even trying. Grace reminds her of Carter’s history with her sister, and with Eric Forrester’s wife. Paris grumps, “I get it. You want me to be with Zende.” She tells her mother that Carter is not like her dad. “Carter really wants to be with me. I’m his future.” Grace isn’t buying it. “Is something else going on here?”

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At the Forrester mansion, Eric thinks Carter must love Paris since he proposed, though he’s surprised at how fast it happened. He decides he’s glad Carter is going for it. Quinn muses that love can make you do some pretty reckless things. Eric pauses. “Yeah. Yeah it can.” He’s happy for Carter and hopes it works out. Eric can see Quinn is unconvinced and asks, “You don’t think Paris is the woman Carter truly loves?”

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In the main office, Ridge’s jaw drops. “You proposed to Paris. Are you kidding me?! No one even knows you’re dating!” Carter says they kept their relationship private. Ridge argues they kept it secret and points out she was just dating Zende. Carter wants a future and was counting on his best friend to be supportive. Ridge will be once he understands what he’s doing. He’s been telling him for years he’s been waiting for the one woman who makes his heart skip a beat. “Is Paris that woman? Is she the love of your life?” Ridge knows Carter respects Paris, but doesn’t believe he’s in love with her. He’s seen what his friends looks like when he’s in love. “I’ve seen you with my father’s wife. You love Quinn.”

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Next on The Bold and the Beautiful: Carter and Paris move up their wedding date amid pushback, and Carter makes a stunning admission to Ridge about his genuine love for Quinn.

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