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At Li’s place, she lays unconscious on the floor after being knocked out by Sheila, who strokes Finn’s face and tells him, “Mama’s right here, baby.” When Finn stops opening his eyes, Sheila panics. Li groans as she comes to on the floor. Sheila realizes she can help and barks, “Get up. He needs your help.” She reaches for Li’s hand. Li listens as Sheila pleads with her to save Finn. “Hayes needs his daddy.” Li asks, “You really love him?” Sheila replies, “More than anything.” Li plays nice with Sheila, calling Finn “their” son. “If not for you,” says Li, “I never would have had him, and for that, I have to be grateful.” Sheila is stunned, admitting she wanted to die when she thought she’d killed Finn.
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Sheila apologizes for having hit Finn, saying she feared Li would go to the police. But Li insists she had no such intention. “Yes, I’ve been keeping him alive, but you’re the one who actually created him,” says Li. “We’re both Finn’s mothers,” agrees Sheila. They hug, and it is clear that Li is terrified.
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Li tells Sheila there’s no way of knowing if Finn will come back to them, given that his brain was deprived of oxygen. Sheila says that she owes Li. “You’re a nurse, Sheila. You can see that our son needs help.” Li says she won’t call the police, pointing out that Sheila isn’t the only one who could go to jail. “I signed his death certificate. I smuggled him out of the hospital. Do you think any of that was legal?” Li says that Finn needs both of them. At that moment, Finn again starts to stir, both of his mothers imploring him to wake up. “Both of your mothers are here,” says Li as his eyes open.
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At Forrester Creations, Ridge paces the office and rants to Taylor about Sheila’s escape. “They had her and now she’s gone. How does that happen?!” Taylor fears what will happen next, saying that Sheila could go after any one of them. “I still have this eerie feeling,” says Taylor, and Ridge worries about the fact they haven’t heard back from Li.

Hope arrives at the Forrester mansion and Eric assumes she wants to talk about the new collection. She asks if they’re alone and he confirms they are. Hope blurts that she knows the real reason he’s been going to the club. She overheard — and saw — him with Donna. “What are you thinking? You’re having an affair with her while you’re still married to Quinn!” She wants to hear Eric’s side of things and asks, “What happened?” Eric insists he’s not a bad person — he and Donna both know it’s wrong — he’s not sure he can explain how he got here, but here is where he is.
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Eric admits to Hope that in some ways, he thinks of Donna as “the one who got away.” Hope gets Eric to confess that he hasn’t been the same since Quinn’s affair with Carter, and suggests that he needs to be honest with himself. Otherwise, he’s not being fair to either woman. She can tell he’s being eaten alive by guilt. “A decision about your marriage needs to be made.” Eric thanks her for her understanding.

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Carter finds Quinn examining a piece of jewelry in the design office, enters, and closes the door. “Nothing sparkles quite like you, Quinn.” Quinn demurs, “You always say the sweetest things to me, Carter.” He asks for an update on Eric’s health. Quinn explains she told Bridget about the smart ring, and she promised not to say anything. She feels badly keeping a secret from him though.
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Carter and Quinn examine some of her recent jewelry. She picks up a ring she’s been working on, saying it’s going to make some woman very happy some day. Carter picks up the ring and slips it on her finger. He once again admits he loves her. “I can’t live like this,” he insists. He doesn’t want her to betray Eric, and so he needs to move on. He goes to exit, but she stops him.
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Next on The Bold and the Beautiful: Quinn attempts to convince Carter not to propose to Paris, and Sheila and Li receive an unexpected surprise.

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