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At Li’s place, Sheila marvels at Finn laying on the bed and asks Li, “What have you done?” She strokes Finn’s head and whispers, “My son is alive.” Sheila seethes that Li let her suffer and grieve and all along she had him here. Li stepped in and saved him like a mother — not like Sheila, who shot him. “I saved him.”
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At Forrester Creations, Ridge rants about Sheila being on the lam and Taylor worries she’ll try to track Steffy down and find her. Ridge feels they need to tell her right away. Taylor’s worried about scaring her. Zende walks in and asks what’s going on. Ridge tells him Sheila’s escaped.

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At the Forrester mansion, Quinn worries that exercise is good, but not too much. Eric wonders why she’d think that. Bridget intervenes to explain that Quinn just told her he’s been spending a lot of time at the club. Quinn concludes, “Way more than I think is normal.” Eric assures them there’s nothing to worry about. His time at the club has energized him and makes him happy. Quinn wonders if he’s doing something… ‘strenuous’ there. Eric stammers, “No, I don’t think so.” Bridget grills him about whether he’s had shortness of breath or a tight chest. Eric hasn’t, and is bewildered by the questioning. Bridget decides the visits to the club are good for him and is pleased to see his interest in fitness. “I think I can encourage you to keep it up.”
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At the club, Donna bristles at Hope calling her situation with Eric an affair. Hope points out they were kissing. Donna insists it’s about love, joy and connection. It’s not sordid. “Don’t say anything. Please?” Donna never thought in a million years she’d be sneaking around with Eric. She dreamed about them reconnecting, but as a loving couple. “As his wife.” Hope gawps, “But you’re not his wife — Quinn is.” Donna points out when he wants to be happy or be at ease, he turns to her. “Because that’s the kind of love that we share.” Hope shakes her head. Donna just wants him to be happy. Hope realizes Eric’s always been the one for her aunt. Donna will always believe that the woman he belongs with is her.

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At Forrester Creations, Ridge hollers that Sheila needs to be caught and put back behind bars. “She shot and killed her own son!”

At Li’s place, Sheila wants to know how she did it. Li doesn’t owe her an explanation. Sheila saw Finn die and would have done something if she’d thought there was a chance. Li sneers, “Like hell you would have. You wanted to protect yourself.” Li relents and reveals his heartbeat came back in the ambulance. He was brought to the hospital where she was working and the doctors there wanted to take him off life support. She intervened. Sheila gawps, “You just let all of us believe he was dead?! Even Steffy?!” Li just stares. Sheila levels, “Oh my God. You’re even crazier than I am.”
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At the Forrester mansion, Eric’s glad to know his daughter’s looking out for him. Bridget has to go, so Quinn walks her to the door to thank her for not telling him about the ring. She promises she’ll be watching her husband like a hawk.

At the club, Hope would be thrilled for Donna if Eric was available. Donna understands. The thing is that it feels like she’s reconnecting with a long-lost friend. A friend who just happens to be a soulmate and gives her butterflies every time he kisses her. Hope tears up. It’s sweet to hear her talk about it that way. She just thinks everyone deserves honesty and to feel loved and respected. Donna nods and cries, “Yes.”

At the office, Ridge rants some more until Taylor finally realizes, “Oh my God. We have to call Li!”

At Li’s place, she can’t believe Sheila’s calling her crazy after what she did. Sheila reminds her what happened was an accident. Li sneers that she was trying to kill Steffy. “That was no accident.” Sheila would never hurt Finn intentionally. Now she has a chance to make it up to Finn. She thanks Li for keeping him alive and asks what he says when he’s conscious. Li admits he has never woken up. Sheila declares that he needs to be in a hospital. Li argues the point. Sheila fumes, “Take him to a hospital. Now!” Li fires back, “Finn stays right here. With me.”

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At the Forrester mansion, Quinn tells Eric she has to head back to the office. She hopes he’s not upset about her reaching out to Bridget and strokes his face. “You’re my loving and loyal husband.” She embraces him and he looks forlornly at her portrait over her shoulder.
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At the club, Donna asks Hope, “Are you saying that you think Eric and I should get back together?” Hope thinks it’s a possibility, but that’s as far as she will go while he’s still married to Quinn. Donna appreciates her not calling her a homewrecker. Hope quips, “Do you know who my mother is?” Donna giggles. Hope smiles. “I’m kidding, obviously. Look I still want to go talk to Eric though.” Hope wants to see where his head is at and to find out whether this is about how he feels about Donna or more about what happened with Carter and Quinn. She knows better than most that everybody is deserving of a partner who is theirs and theirs alone. “And that includes you.”

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At the office, Ridge gets on the phone to call Li.

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At Li’s place, her phone rings, but Sheila snatches it out of her hands. “You’re not taking any calls. Especially from him.”

At the office, Ridge leaves Li a voicemail that Sheila’s escaped and asking her to be careful.

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At Li’s place, she informs Sheila that she has no say in how she looks after Finn. She’ll be going back to jail. Sheila was behind bars for killing her son… but he’s alive. She never expected that Li would lead her back to her son. She beams at Finn, “I didn’t kill you, baby. You are still here and I have a chance with you.” She tells Li she needs to take him to the hospital. Li won’t hand him over to the doctors who believed he had no chance to live. She recaps how bright his future was until he got involved with the Forresters, which brought Sheila into his life. She won’t stand there and listen to Sheila telling her what to… Just then, Finn murmurs unintelligibly. Li lurches toward him and exclaims, “Finn!” As she pleads with him to respond and tells him, “It’s mom. I’m here baby,” Sheila knocks her out and takes her place. Finn has begun to open his eyes and sees it all as a blur. Sheila leans over him and croons, “Hi baby. I can’t believe you’re alive. Mama’s right here baby. I love you so much.”

Next on The Bold and the Beautiful: Ridge and Taylor attempt to reach Li to warn her about Sheila, and Quinn and Carter’s love and passion for one another become apparent.

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