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At the office, Chief Baker informs a horrified Taylor and Ridge that Sheila escaped and could be anywhere by now. Taylor, horrified when they learn that a guard was behind the jailbreak, breathes, “Thank God Steffy and the kids are out of the country!” Baker vows they’ll find Sheila and was hoping they could help — where would she go and who would she want to see?
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At Li’s place, Sheila fumes that nothing and no one is going to keep her away from her son. “Where is he, Li? Where is my son?!” Sheila muses that this is a real hiding place she’s burrowed into, but she was determined to find her. She wants to see her son’s final resting place and demands again, “Tell me now. Where is Finn?” Li makes a move to call the police, but Sheila stops her physically. She didn’t go through all this trouble so Li could send her back to prison. She never got to say goodbye to her son. Li hisses that there wouldn’t be any goodbye if it weren’t for her. “You shot him!” Sheila fumes, “It was an accident!” Li exclaims, “Is that how you sleep at night?!” Sheila holds her temper and says she’s trying to be nice. “Where is Finn? Did you bury him? Did you spread his ashes? I want to see my son.”
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At the Forrester mansion, Quinn panics to Carter over Eric’s skyrocketing heart rate. It seems more concerning than a game of pickleball! Carter’s not so sure the smart ring was such a good idea. Quinn isn’t sure if she should really be worried, but Bridget would know — she’s a doctor. “I’m going to call her. I need to make sure that Eric is going to be okay.”

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At the health club, an astonished Hope peeps into Donna and Eric’s room and spies them kissing. She listens as her aunt tells him her lover she just wants to spend as much time with him as possible. Eric tells Donna she brings so much joy to his life and he hates it when he has to go. Donna teases that she goes through serious withdrawal when they’re apart. They kiss and he says, “Soon.” She echoes, “Soon.” Hope darts out of the way and Eric exits.
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Hope then enters the room and closes the door behind her, startling Donna. “Did I really just see that?! You and Eric?!” Donna stammers, “Ho-Hope, what are you doing here?” She’s forced to concede that was Eric who just walked out of there… and that she was kissing him. Hope levels, “Please tell me that you are not having an affair with Eric.” Donna blurts, “I’m not,” then, sheepishly, “I am.” Hope exclaims, “He is married to Quinn!”
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Hope throws her purse down on the chair and declares, “This is unbelievable; you and Eric.” She may not be Quinn’s biggest fan, but marriage should be respected. “I’m guessing she has no idea.” Donna shakes her head. “She doesn’t. I’m asking you, please. Please don’t tell her.”

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At the Forrester mansion, Quinn reports to Carter that Eric’s heart rate has dropped, but she’s glad Bridget’s coming over to get to the bottom of it. Carter remarks on how lucky Eric is that she cares about him. Just then, Bridget arrives, so Carter leaves. Bridget can tell Quinn’s upset about something, and the brunette informs her that her dad’s heart rate has been spiking. Bridget’s surprised to hear that Quinn’s been monitoring his health with a smart ring.
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Quinn asks Bridget not to tell Eric about the smart ring — it’s a secret and she doesn’t want to upset him, she just wanted to be sure he was okay. Bridget appreciates her looking after her dad and agrees not to tell him. Quinn asks if she thinks there’s any reason to be concerned. Bridget explains that a raised heart rate could be caused by anxiety, exercise, or… another form of excitement. Quinn gawps, Oh! Oh no.” She explains that’s not one of the reasons she’s concerned about… unfortunately. Bridget doesn’t have cause for concern and assures it actually sounds like her dad’s heart is getting stronger. She’ll question her father to find out about his exercise routine. “Thank you for caring so much about my dad.” Just then, Eric walks in and wonders why Bridget’s there. Quinn smiles nervously.

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At Forrester Creations, Ridge hollers at Baker that Sheila Carter shot his daughter and almost killed her — she did kill her own son — and she was in prison, but he couldn’t hold onto her! Taylor intervenes to say that Sheila has a very hard time making friends and the only family she had was her potential relationship with Finn. Ridge repeats this and adds, “And now he’s dead because of her.”

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At Li’s place, she orders Sheila out. Sheila seethes, “I never meant to kill my son.” Li retorts, “My son.” Sheila screams, “I gave life to him!” All she every wanted was a chance at a relationship with Finn and Hayes — why on earth would she deliberately ruin any chance of that ever happening?! “I am still haunted by the events of that night.” Li snaps, “You should be.” Sheila insists when she saw him it was too late. Li seethes that she pulled the trigger. “You intended to kill her — Finn’s wife, Hayes’ mother!” Sheila yells, “She wouldn’t stop!” She complains that Steffy vowed to keep her from her son and grandson and even sided with Brooke. “She doesn’t even like Brooke!’ Sheila wails, “She did all of this just to hurt me. This is Steffy’s fault. If it weren’t for her, my son would still be alive.” Li marvels, “You’re insane.” Sheila describes what this has done to her — seeing Finn on the ground plays over and over again in her mind. Li snarls, “Good. Now leave!” Sheila won’t go until she tells her where Finn is. Just then, a beep sounds from behind the door where Finn is lying. Sheila demands to know what that sound was.

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At the Forrester mansion, Quinn explains to Eric that she reached out to Bridget because she was worried about him. “I think you may be overdoing it at the club.”
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At the club, Donna insists to Hope that she loves Eric. What they share is sweet and pure. Hope marvels that after everything he and Quinn have been through, now he’s cheating on her with Donna. Donna cries that she doesn’t want to cause more problems in Eric’s life than he already has. “Could you please not say anything? Please? For me?” Hope shakes her head in disappointment.
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At the office, Taylor and Ridge are thankful that Steffy and the kids are far away. Ridge complains that the police are doing nothing. They need to find Sheila and put her away before something else happens.

At Li’s place, Sheila wants to know what the sound was and asks if someone else is there. “Is it Jack?” Li says no and fumes that Sheila single-handedly took a wrecking ball to her life. She won’t deal with her anymore and through gritted teeth yells, “Now get out!” Sheila moves in close as she stares into Li’s face and whispers, “How many times do I have to tell you that I am not going anywhere until I see my son.” The machine beeps again and Li startles. “You have to go, now!” Sheila hollers, “What is that? You tell me!” Li refuses and stands in front of the door to Finn’s room. Sheila screams, “Get out of my way,” and pitches Li to the side and onto the floor. She rips the door open and is stunned to see Finn in the bed. She walks toward him slowly, gasping, “Finn. You’re alive.” Li follows her in and Sheila turns on her as she exclaims, “All this time my son has been alive?!’

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Next on The Bold and the Beautiful: Sheila turns on Li for keeping it a secret that Finn’s alive, and Eric contends with Quinn calling in Bridget for a health check.

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