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At Forrester Creations, Carter tells Ridge that Paris isn’t dating Zende anymore and he’s okay with him seeing her. Ridge mocks, “Oh, Zende’s okay with it!” and asks Carter to explain what’s going on. Carter feels in limbo and is frustrated. He can see what he wants in front of him, but can’t have it. Taylor walks in and Carter leaves them to talk. Ridge fills her in on Paris going from Zende to Carter. He senses his friend isn’t all that happy about it and is worried about him. He’s worried about a lot of people lately. Talk turns to Steffy and Taylor remarks on their daughter trying to face a future without Finn.
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At the Forrester mansion, Quinn knows Eric is stressed about Steffy and the kids, but he never talks about it; he just takes off to the health club. She’s asking him not to shut her out when Hope walks in with a file and overhears. Apologetic, Hope says Ridge told her Eric wanted to give input on the next collection, but she can come back later. She knows things have been crazy lately and she was just trying to make herself as useful as possible what with everything going on. Eric appreciates it and explains he has an appointment at the club he can’t be late for. As he walks out, he promises a stammering and disappointed Quinn that he’ll text her later.
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Hope asks Quinn if everything is alright with her and Eric. She didn’t mean to intrude, but she did overhear them. Quinn insists everything is fine. Hope clarifies, “I was asking about you.” Just then, Carter knocks and enters. He’s looking for Eric and Quinn explains, “He went to the club.” Hope is headed there herself; she has to drop something to Douglas, who is at a pool party. She apologizes again to Quinn for overhearing. Quinn reassures her.

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In her room, Li tells Finn he’s getting stronger every day; she can feel it. Li strokes his forehead and croons, “Come back to me. Come back to me, Finn.”

At the health club, in their suite, Donna admires Eric’s pickleball outfit. She asks if he’d like a little honey with his tea and they playfully put on British accents. Donna was surprised to get his message and wasn’t sure he’d be comfortable meeting like this. Eric is still feeling guilty and doesn’t like keeping things from Quinn, but with everything going on in his family all he can think about is Donna and being with her. He needs the lightness and levity in his life so much right now.

At the Forrester office, Taylor decides she and Ridge should call Li and let her know they’re there for her.

In her room, Li answers her phone to Taylor, who explains she’s on speakerphone and Ridge is there. They ask how she’s doing. She tartly replies, “Keeping busy,” and explains she’s on an “outside case.” They wonder if there’s anything they can do for her. Li has everything she needs. Taylor has a question and fears it might be insensitive. “It would be wonderful if we could get some of Finn’s ashes for Steffy.” Li figures they want to say goodbye and move on. “My son had an amazing future but then he got mixed up in all this…” Taylor offers to meet her to talk or set her up with a grief counsellor. Li snaps, “I am not grieving for my son. Finn will always be with me.” She disconnects.

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In the office, Taylor and Ridge are stunned that Li hung up on them. It doesn’t make sense to him. Taylor can understand her not wanting to face what happened, but not allowing Steffy to have closure. Ridge doesn’t think she’s accepting that Finn is gone.

In the room, Li tells Finn she’ll take care of him and get him through this. “You will recover.” She can’t think about what Steffy and his family needs right now — she has to focus on him. “Steffy’s taking care of your son right now, and I’m taking care of mine.” Finn’s eyes twitch. Li asks, “Finn? Can you hear me?”

At the club, Donna asks if Eric is in a rush to get home. He’s happy where he is right now. Eric muses that she called this their oasis., but won’t she want to go out somewhere together? Donna doesn’t need all that to know she’s important to him. He reiterates that she is. She laughs, “As long as we don’t run out of honey, right?” Eric croons that they can’t — because she’s his honey. He’s absolutely “stuck” on her. Donna exclaims, “That’s so corny!” and picks up a pillow to swat him with. Eric challenges, “Oh yeah?” Soon, they’re in a full-fledged pillow fight.
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In the Forrester living room, Carter needed to talk to Quinn in private. She wonders if he came to his senses about Paris. “Why are you doing this?” He has to because he can’t be with her. Just then, Quinn’s phone goes off. It’s an alert from the smart ring — something’s going on with Eric! His heart rate is spiking again!
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At the club, Donna and Eric are hollering as they engage in the pillow fight. Hope passes by the door and recognizes Eric’s voice. She peeks in the cracked door and her jaw drops as she sees Donna and Eric canoodling.

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In Li’s room, she urges Finn to squeeze her hand. “You can do it. I’m never giving up on you.”

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In the office, Taylor thinks Li is a doctor who prides herself on saving lives, but couldn’t save her son. Ridge feels that makes sense. “How do we help her?” Taylor thinks all they can do is be there for her. Just then, Chief Baker walks in looking for Steffy. He has urgent news about Sheila Carter.

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In Li’s room, she details Finn’s medical case on a voice recorder. Putting it down, she walks back to his bedside and urges him to keep fighting. There’s a knock at the door and she looks concerned. Closing the door to the room where Finn’s lying, Li makes her way to the front door of the house where the knocking is coming from. “I’m coming,” she calls out. She opens the door and her jaw drops — it’s Sheila. “Hello Li. Where is my son?”
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Next on The Bold and the Beautiful: A terrified Li contends with Sheila’s gloating, and Hope confronts Donna.

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