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At Brooke’s place, Donna and Katie tell Hope that they came to surprise Brooke with brunch, but she wasn’t there. Hope’s glad to see them! Katie explains that she loved her time at International but feels like a bad sister for not being there for Brooke with everything that she went through. Donna reassures her. Katie can’t believe what Sheila did to Steffy, Finn and Brooke. She just hopes her sister and Ridge can get back on track soon.

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Donna asks Katie, “How are you and Bill?” He’s still trying to woo her back, but there’s not a whole lot to tell. He wants them to be together and seems sincere. She’s guarded after all they’ve been through. Donna asks if she still loves him. Katie dodges, “It’s never been an issue of love.” Loving him is a part of who she is even though he can be the most irritating man on the planet, but deep down, she has to wonder if he wants to be with Brooke. She doesn’t want to put Hope on the spot, but asks her if Bill has been coming around since her mother and Ridge have been apart. “Do you think he wants her back?” Hope assures her he hasn’t been around at all — not for Brooke anyway — and even if he did, her mom’s heart belongs to Ridge. Donna declares, “That is true love.” Katie’s not sure Bill sees it that way. Now that she’s grilled Hope and they’ve talked about her, Katie wants to know what man is in Donna’s life.
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At Forrester Creations, Ridge notices Quinn is distracted, and she says she has things on her mind. She admits Eric is always at the club. Ridge exclaims about his sudden interest in pickleball and suggests that maybe Quinn should learn — then the two of them can play together. Quinn would love to spend more time with his dad. Ridge thinks she’s lucky to be spending time with him at all after what she did with Carter. Quinn shoots him a glare.

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In the doorway of the design office, a disapproving Grace watches Paris make out with Carter and eventually takes off. They pull apart and Carter tells Paris he couldn’t help himself. She admits it was the last thing she was expecting. Carter acknowledges that his feelings have been all over the place. Paris notes he’s normally so together. Carter finally sees how it has to be. He can’t put his life on hold any longer and has to move on. Paris asks, “Are you saying you want me back?”
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In the main office, Quinn crabs, “You’re never going to let me forget, are you?” She tells Ridge she’s just glad she married a man who isn’t vindictive or spiteful — he’d never hurt her the way she hurt him. Quinn heads out to talk to a distributor and Ridge calls after her, “Hey, Quinn!” He knows deep down she cares about his dad.

After Quinn’s left the office, Grace flies in and wails, “Ridge!” She gasps, “Something is going on. My daughter is being harassed here at work.” Ridge asks, “By whom?” She cries, “Forrester Creations’ COO. Carter Walton.” Ridge studies her speculatively. “Carter’s harassing Paris?” He warns this is a very serious accusation. Grace protests that it’s happening right now in an office across the hall. “I saw it with my own eyes! Carter had his lips all over my little girl again!” Ridge stammers as she rants that she saw them at Carter’s apartment before — he’s manipulating her! She won’t let him do to Paris what he did to Zoe; it almost destroyed her! She won’t let Carter treat her daughter the way he treated Ridge’s father’s wife. “Carter’s got to be stopped.”

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At home, Eric’s thinking about Donna when Quinn comes in. She can see he was lost in happy thoughts and hopes they were about her. Quinn admits that although they’re back together, things haven’t been the same since she betrayed him. She knows she hurt him deeply and is so sorry. “Whatever you need to do to get past this, you do it.” She believes in their marriage and their future. “I’m fortunate to have such a loving and loyal husband.” Quinn pulls him into an embrace.
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In Brooke’s living room, Donna tries to deflect Katie’s questioning about whether there’s someone special in her life. “Let’s just get back to you and Bill.” Hope thinks Katie should go for it. If anything, they’ve learned recently that life is short. Donna blanches when Hope holds up Eric forgiving Quinn as an example of a loving understanding and committed man.
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In the design office, Carter tells Paris they have to be together. “I need this Paris, more than you could know.” Paris assures him they’ll make Zende and her mother understand, and they’ll be happy for them. She gets called away to a meeting and kisses him before leaving. Carter smiles, but then catches sight of a photo of Eric and Quinn and deflates. Just then, Ridge walks in. He’s just had a conversation with Grace, who seems to think Carter was in there making out with her daughter. “Tell me she’s wrong.” Carter can’t tell him that. “Look, Paris and I…” Ridge fumes. “You know how Zende feels about her.” He points out that this is a pattern. “Is there something wrong with you?” Carter doesn’t know. He just has to move on and wants a family. Ridge learns he’s not sure and questions him doing this if he’s uncertain. “Is she the one you’re in love with?!”
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In the Forrester living room, Quinn looks up at her portrait and flashes to sex with Carter. She urges herself to stop thinking about that and focus on her sweet husband who is only devoted to her. Eric appears and holds her. She loves sharing this home with him. He’s brought peace and happiness into her life like she’s never known. She recaps her past and says all that changed when she met him. “My wonderful, steadfast, loyal husband.” They both look up at her portrait but Eric looks far away.

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In Brooke’s living room, Donna awkwardly agrees that Eric is remarkable and Quinn is… lucky to have him as her husband. Hope wants her Aunt Donna to find a lifelong life. Katie knows Eric is the love of Donna’s life. “It’s just so sad that he’s with Quinn.”

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