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At the jail, Baker joins Sheila in the visiting room. She wants to know what’s going on and assumes her attorney is there. Baker says she’s not there and can’t do much for her anyway — they’ve got the gun and her confession. Sheila erupts, “Can you just tell me why I’m here?!” Baker intones, “You’ve got yourself a visitor.”

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At Forrester Creations, Quinn and Carter go over the unspeakable crimes that Sheila perpetrated. Carter muses that you really can’t waste a moment… that’s why he’s made his decision. He’s moving on, as of today.
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In the design office, Grace catches Zende looking at a photo of him and Paris on his phone and assures him they can still make memories together. “It’s not over. I see how much you love my daughter.” Zende will always care about Paris, but she’s made it clear she’s not interested in anything serious with him. Grace feels there’s so much more potential there; much more than with Carter. She recaps that he had an affair with Quinn and almost destroyed Zoe. She urges Zende not to give up on Paris, and she won’t let her make a life with Carter.

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Grace pleads with Zende to give Paris another chance and insists the door is still open. Zende thinks it seems clear that Carter is the man her daughter wants. Grace fumes that she needs to get her head out of the damn clouds. She fears she’s already been sucked in by Carter just like her sister was. Paris walks in as Grace implores Zende to keep fighting for her. Paris tells her mother to stop. She’ll always care about Zende, he’s a great guy, but he knows how she feels about Carter.
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In the main office, Carter tells Quinn he can’t go on like this any longer. Quinn asks Carter, “Does this mean you’re going back to Paris?” Carter still wants Quinn, but won’t interfere with her marriage ever again. Paris is intuitive and has already picked up on a few things — she can make problems if she tells Eric she suspects they’re sneaking around. Quinn can’t comprehend that he’s going to sacrifice his happiness by getting involved with a woman he doesn’t love. “No! Don’t do it, Carter!”

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At the jail, Sheila doesn’t want to see anyone but her son. Baker barks that she should have thought about that before she put a bullet in him. He lets her visitor in — it’s Li, who wanted to see for herself that Sheila was locked up in this hellhole. She taunts Sheila that she’ll never be free again and vows to see that she pays for what she did to her son. Baker leaves them alone and Sheila tries to convince Li she’s hurting too. She misses Finn more than anything and is owing up to her mistakes. Li retorts that she has no other choice. Sheila continues on, saying she’s struggling. Li interrupts, “I, I, I. Me, me, me. What a pathetic selfish woman you are.” She knew Sheila was sick, but to shoot the son she gave birth to? The father of her grandchild? Sheila is haunted by what she did that night. All she wanted was a chance to bond with him and Hayes. Things were going so well, but now her precious boy… “I still cannot believe that Finn is gone forever.”

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In the design office, Paris apologizes to Zende — her mother shouldn’t be in their business like this. He assures them both everything’s fine and exits. Paris warns her mother she can’t keep meddling in her life anymore. She tells her she’s making it worse for Zende and asks her to leave. Grace will go, but she has to say this first. “I think you’re headed for trouble.”

In the main office, Quinn tells Carter, “You don’t really want Paris.” Carter says she knows the woman he really wants. She worries the Forresters won’t forgive him for stealing Zende’s girlfriend. Carter will figure it out. Quinn complains it’s messy and advises him he can have any woman on this planet. Carter feels he would be lucky to be with Paris and warns Quinn not to stand there, knowing how he feels about her, and tell him who he can be with. Quinn hates to see him like this. Carter recaps that Eric is committed to her and he’s happy for her, but he wants that for himself. He’s tired of being alone and needs to get on with his life.

In the jail, Sheila insists to Li that killing Finn was a terrible, terrible accident. She can’t sleep at night knowing she took the life of her boy. Li levels, “He is my boy. Mine. He will always be my boy. There is nothing I wouldn’t do for Finn. Nothing.”
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Paris is working in the design office when Carter comes in and stuns her by pulling her into a deep kiss. Grace appear in the doorway and grimaces in anger.
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In the main office, Zende and Quinn talk about Steffy being such a young widow. Quinn always knew Sheila was dangerous but this is next level. “Hopefully we never have to see or hear from Sheila Carter ever again.”

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At the jail, Sheila complains to Li that she never got to say goodbye to Finn or see his final resting spot. Li spits, “And you never will.” Sheila replies, “You don’t mean that,” but Li retorts, “Oh I do. More than you will ever know.” That breaks Sheila’s heart. Li thinks she’s just upset that Steffy didn’t die, leaving Hayes without any parents. Sheila would have raised her grandson. Li exclaims, “What a horrifying thought that is. Thank God that precious baby will always be safe from you.” Sheila insists she’s not a monster. Li informs her she’s the only one who believes that. Sheila says Finn believed it, but Li calls her delusional.

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Sheila asks if they’re done. Li wanted to see her before they shipped her away to the federal facility. She belongs behind a barbed-wire fence in a cold prison cell. “That’s where you’ll be for the rest of your miserable life. And when the trial begins, I will testify. I will make sure you rot in prison until the day you die!” Sheila lunges and startles Li as she intones, “You! Are starting to get on my nerves.” Li doesn’t care. “You are pure evil! Finn is a wonderful young man!” Sheila’s expression changes. “Is? Don’t you mean ‘was’?” Li replies, “Yes. And he’s gone because of you, Sheila. At least now I know that Finn is in a place where you can never hurt him again!” The guard yell, “Time’s up!” Sheila warns Li, “You haven’t seen the last of me.” Li exits and the guard (played by Bold & Beautiful fave Ken Hayes) calls out, “Come on, Sheila.” It’s time for her to go. Sheila turns in her seat and her face lights up. “Mike!”

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