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At Brooke’s place, Deacon can’t believe she’s barring him from the property. Hope asks, “So this is not coming from Ridge?” Brooke should have listened when he said it before. “You can’t be here, Deacon. Not anymore.” He reminds her his daughter lives there. Brooke explains there are other places they can meet up. She won’t risk her marriage one more day.

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At Forrester Creations, Ridge glances at his photo of him and Brooke before exclaiming in protest, “No!” as Bill walks through the office door. Spencer holds up his hands and explains he wanted to come and see him in person to reiterate how sorry he is about what happened to Steffy and her family. Ridge relays that she took the kids and left town for a while. Bill figures that’s probably a good idea and can’t imagine the trauma Steffy went through watching Sheila kill her husband. “That’s a special brand of evil.” Ridge grunts, “Well that we can agree on.” Bill pivots the conversation to what Sheila did to Brooke… and how Brooke should be treated as a result.
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At Brooke’s house, Hope wants to compromise, but her mother insists Deacon can’t be on the property at all. Deacon feels it’s extreme and wants to talk to her alone. Brooke’s exasperated. Hope pleads, “Please!” Brooke reluctantly agrees. “Five minutes.” Hope urges her dad to make them count and she and Liam walk out. Deacon tells Brooke he know she’s upset and trying to save her marriage, “But please… don’t do this.”

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In the cabin, Liam noticed Hope was holding back a little bit at her mom’s. Hope doesn’t think she’s entitled to an opinion. Liam says she does — Deacon is her father and comes there to visit her and his grandkid. Hope marvels at him defending her dad. Liam insists that’s not what he’s doing; he’s trying to get to the bottom of how she feels about her mom laying down this law. He worries she’s blaming herself for Brooke and Ridge’s marital problems. Hope wonders if she hadn’t pushed for her dad to be around if they might still be together. So, she’ll stay out of this one. If it makes her mom happy having Ridge back in the house, then so be it. Liam and Hope decide to use their alone time to make out instead and start kissing.
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At Forrester Creations, Bill questions why Ridge is giving Sheila the power to hold his marriage hostage. Brooke is her victim as well. Ridge knows that. Bill exclaims, “If you know that, why are you living at your daddy’s house sucking your thumb like YOU’RE the injured party?!” He tells him to go home. “Go back to your wife.” Ridge doesn’t need to explain himself to Bill, but the mogul persists and urges him to go back to Brooke. “Do it now.”

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At Brooke’s place, she wants Deacon to spit out whatever he has to say. She guesses he’s nervous that Ridge will walk in and find him in her living room. He points out he’s had access for months and everything’s been great except for one little mishap. She argues it was more than one kiss — they have history. Deacon protests that his family is there. She’s getting twisted around because of Ridge and his childish games, running back to his dad’s house. “Don’t let him come between us. Don’t let Ridge dictate your life!” This isn’t just about him. She’s a smart, beautiful woman and Ridge ought to be groveling on the ground to get her back. Brooke has heard him out and reiterates she wants her husband back. If Deacon loves her, he’ll stay away and show her the respect that he says Ridge doesn’t. “Let me choose my life and my husband.”
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In the cabin, Hope has a surprise for Liam. She texted Donna to have Beth overnight and Douglas is with Thomas, so they have the night to themselves all night long. He declares it’s the best surprise ever and they start kissing passionately and make love all over the cabin.
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After sex, Hope snuggles up to Liam’s chest and he kisses her head. She suggests they get in the car and drive down the coast one weekend and stop wherever it feels right. It sounds good to him. “My beautiful wife.” They kiss and start making love again.

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At Forrester Creations, Ridge sits alone, thinking, and flashes to Brooke urging him to come home. His phone rings — it’s her. She’s thinking about him. Ridge muses, “There’s a coincidence.” Brooke wants him there. “We will be together again. I’m sure of it.” She relays she told Deacon and Hope he’s no longer welcome there. “I’m not letting anyone, or anything keep us apart ever again. Certainly not Deacon.” Ridge grunts, “Okay.” She tells him, “Sweet dreams,” and they disconnect.

At home, Brooke looks at a photo of her and Ridge and runs through their romantic times together in her mind.

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