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At the Forrester mansion, Brooke tells Ridge he was right all along — she never should have let Deacon infiltrate their lives. She’ll make it very clear to Deacon and Hope that they will have to conduct their relationship elsewhere. After she does, they can go back to being the fun-loving couple they’ve always been. “I can’t wait to show you just how much I’ve missed you,” she purrs. Ridge makes note that they’ve had a lot of practice making up. Brooke reminds him of some of their best experiences as they think back to the past. Ridge will never forget who they were. Brooke declares they’ll make new memories and Deacon won’t be apart of that. “He won’t be a part of our lives whatsoever.”

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In Brooke’s living room, Liam bares his sculpted bod in a swimsuit as he and Hope discuss Steffy taking Kelly overseas. They’re kissing when Deacon walks in and asks if Brooke is back yet. “I’m worried about her.” They go over what Sheila did to her. Liam offers, “Well, at least she knows the truth now.” Deacon goes over his complaints about Ridge making her feel like a failure and mutters that she should be with a guy who appreciates her. Liam muses, “Like you?”
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At Forrester Creations, Quinn panics as she shows Carter that Eric’s heart rate and blood pressure just went up drastically. “He could be in trouble!” She thinks she should head to the health club.

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At the health club, Eric and Donna huff and puff after sex and he chuckles that he might actually be speechless. She rests her head on his chest and marvels at his heart racing. He’d be amazed if it didn’t after what they just did!
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At the office, Carter thinks Eric may just be exercising but Quinn argues this is an extreme spike. She’d hate it if something happened to Eric, and he was all alone! She notices his heart rate is coming back down now and Carter urges her to try calling him, so she’ll feel better.

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At the health club, Donna coos that Eric still finds ways to surprise her. He’d love to keep trying… but he can’t. “Donna, we can’t keep doing this. This affair has to end.” His phone rings — it’s Quinn. She’s glad to hear that he’s okay and asks about his pickleball match. “Was it good? Did you get your blood pumping?” Eric says he did and is just cooling down. “I’ll be home soon,” he assures before disconnecting.

At the office, Quinn shares her relief with Carter, who says he’s a lucky man that he gets to spend his nights holding her in his arms. Quinn won’t tell Eric he said that and adds, “I need to be getting home.”

At the club, Donna notes Eric was flustered by the call from Quinn — does he fear she suspects something? Eric says, “No.” Donna asks if it’s the end for them. Eric replies, “Not of how much you mean to me, no.” Donna will always cherish their moments there. “This was an unexpected adventure,” she tears up. “But I never want to hurt you. You are my honey bear.” Eric wipes a tear from her face.
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In the main office, Carter is daydreaming about sex with Quinn when Ridge walks in. Carter asks about Steffy. Ridge feels she made the right choice… “And now I’m trying to make the right choice for Brooke and me.” He fills Carter in on Brooke’s offer to turf Deacon from their lives and muses, “We’ll see.”

In Brooke’s living room, Hope reminds her father that her mother wants Ridge. Deacon assures that she doesn’t have to protect her from him — he cares about all of them, including Liam. Liam reacts, “Aww.” As Deacon declares that Brooke will never be happy with Ridge, she walks in and asks Deacon why he’s still there.
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At the Forrester mansion, Quinn greets Eric with a martini. She’s been missing him a lot lately. As they sip their drinks, Quinn notes he’s been going to the club a lot lately — she’s happy that he found something that excites him so much. Pickleball seems to be a pretty challenging sport. She’s noticed he seems pretty relaxed when he comes home, which is important for a busy man like him. Eric assures her that talking with her is important too. He appreciates that they share a love of creativity. She laughs, “And martinis.” She recalls how many challenges they’ve overcome. Eric admires her so much. Quinn admires him too, and she’s so thankful he’s given their marriage another chance. She’s so grateful to be married to such a loving and loyal man. Eric glances at her portrait and sighs.

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At Brooke’s place, Deacon launches into a rant about Brooke going over to see Ridge, who sent her home to spend time with Taylor. Brooke explains that they needed to discuss Steffy. She announces that she believes Ridge is coming back to her and that seeing Deacon there for the third time today she knows what she has to do. Deacon is stunned when she informs him that he’s no longer welcome on her property. He can spend as much time as Hope as he likes, but not there in her home with Ridge. “I can’t have you here, Deacon.” Brooke tells her daughter that she wants her to have a relationship with her father, but they need to respect her wishes. “I want my husband home. I want Ridge to come back home with me.”
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Next on The Bold and the Beautiful: Deacon and Hope plead with Brooke to consider their relationship, and Bill can’t help himself with Ridge declares the subject of Brooke off-limits.

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