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At Eric’s place, Taylor tells Ridge that she’s thankful for these moments between them. He jokes that he’s thankful for the food… and for having her back in his life. Talk turns to his predicament, and Ridge says he loves his wife. Taylor recaps that they both care about him. “We both love that you have a huge… heart. That’s why we both love you.”
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At Brooke’s house, she complains to Deacon that Taylor is with Ridge right now and doesn’t even care that he’s her husband. Deacon exclaims that if Brooke were his wife, he’d never leave her side. Brooke knows he’s trying to help, but he isn’t. She and Ridge have a bond that can’t be broken, no matter how many takeout meals Taylor brings him. She insists they have a bright future ahead of them.
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Deacon just wants her to know that he’s always there for her. Brooke defends Ridge by explaining he only asked her to leave because he and Taylor needed to talk about their daughter. She decides that the brunette has had enough time with her husband. She grabs her keys. “He is going to come back to me. Maybe even tonight.”

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At the health club, on the bed, Donna tells Eric she can’t keep quiet any longer. She hates the idea of him going home to a wife that doesn’t even make him happy. It might be for the best if he were to finally leave Quinn. Eric strokes Donna’s shoulder before getting up. She stands up and walks around the bed to join him. Eric explains that Quinn used to bring him joy. Donna reminds him life is short — why should he spend it with someone he doesn’t even trust? He deserves the happiness that she could give him.

Eric just doesn’t know what to think. Donna asks if he’s in love with Quinn. If he’s not anymore… Eric interjects, “I should just cut my losses and run?” Donna quips that Quinn has a mean streak, he’d want to run fast. Eric smiles — she always makes him laugh. Donna kisses him. She doesn’t want to talk anymore. “Just feel.” They kiss passionately.

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At the office, Carter tells Quinn he can’t stop thinking about what might have been between them. “You’re a remarkable woman.” Quinn reminds her former lover that she’s committed to Eric because his commitment to her has never waivered. “And it never will.” Carter asks how the smart ring she gave Eric is working out. She likes being able to keep tabs on his health, but he still doesn’t know — she didn’t want him to think she saw him as weak. Carter feels Eric is so damn lucky to have her in his life. Quinn thinks she’s the lucky one — he forgave her. She admits things aren’t perfect between them, but she’ll do whatever it takes to put the marriage back on track.

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At the cliff house, Taylor tells Thomas she wants to have him and Douglas for dinner. He wonders how she’s doing with Steffy and the kids gone. His mother admits it’s a different vibe, and relays that she was just with his father. “We had dinner together.” Thomas learns they had takeout at his grandfather’s house and says he thinks his father should be living there, with her. Taylor notes he moved in with his dad instead of Brooke. “That’s a big step for Ridge.” Thomas hopes that his parents had fun. Taylor says they did… after Brooke left. She sarcastically reminds her son that Brooke and Ridge are married. “They have vows together.” Thomas snarks that he wonders if the vows involve making out with other people. Taylor surprises him by relaying that Ridge asked her to leave. She’s not sure he’ll ever get past her defending Deacon.

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At the Forrester mansion, Ridge wonders if the door he heard was his father coming home — but it’s Brooke. She knows he had things to talk about with Taylor, but they need to talk as well. She misses him and knows he misses her too. Ridge smiles. Brooke reveals that she’s been doing a lot of thinking and realizes she wasn’t listening to him about Deacon. Just because Sheila made her drink doesn’t mean she’s not responsible for kissing Deacon and allowing him to spend the night. “Deacon is no longer welcome at my house.” Hope and her father will have to have a relationship somewhere else. “Not at our house.” Ridge grins. Brooke puts her arms around him and tears up as she asks him to come home. She wants him to believe they have a future and can still be husband and wife.
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In the health club room, Eric pulls back from Donna and tells her he can’t continue this. He shouldn’t be there, but he had to come and tell her in person. “Donna, what we’re doing, it has to stop. We can’t do this anymore.”

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In the office, Quinn is telling Carter that she thinks Eric is still hurt by what they did, when a notification starts sounding loudly on her phone. She rushes to grab it and is disturbed to see that it’s the ring app telling her that Eric’s heart rate and blood pressure are going through the roof. Carter learns he’s at the health club and notes it’s nearby. Quinn wonders if maybe she should go over there.
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At the health club, Donna and Eric pant in the bed after a raucous round of sex. She asks if he’s okay. He laughs that he is, and jokes, “I’m not very good at breaking up, am I?” Donna giggles, “No.”
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