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At home, Brooke thinks about telling Ridge they’ll get through this and then kissing him. Deacon comes in and says her name. “You seem like you were a million miles away.” Brooke tells him Hope went to work. Deacon didn’t come to see his daughter. He had to see her and she’s been ignoring his texts and calls. The blonde reminds him they can’t be seen together. She won’t risk her future with Ridge.

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Deacon asks if she’s blocked him. Brooke hasn’t but it didn’t feel right to respond. She doesn’t want to hurt him, it’s just that they both know how Ridge feels. Deacon needs to talk about why she drank that night — she didn’t fall off the wagon but was pushed off by Sheila!

At Forrester Creations, Carter marvels at Quinn’s latest masterpiece as she puts in on Petra. When Quinn puts another piece of jewelry on the model and asks Carter what he thinks he moons, “Perfection.” Petra exits and Carter tells Quinn, “I wanted to see you.” He can’t get her out of his mind. She asks if he’s still thinking of going back to Paris. He doesn’t know. All Carter is certain of is that no matter how he tries, he can’t stop thinking about Quinn.
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At the Forrester mansion, Ridge lets Eric know he’s still on the fence where Taylor and Brooke are concerned. Eric assures him this is his home too. He gets a message and announces he’s off to the club. Ridge remarks that he’s playing a lot of pickleball. Taylor comes in as Eric leaves. She has takeout and tells Ridge, “I think you know why I’m here.” Taylor recaps that Steffy made the right decision but she misses them so much. Ridge reminds her that he and Thomas are still around. They’re grateful for each other. Ridge jokes, “Now can we eat?” Taylor giggles, “Yes.”

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At Brooke’s place, Deacon feels partly responsible for what happened to her. He goes on about Sheila’s intensity and laments, “I should have protected you, Brooke.” Deacon hates how he victimized her and took something so precious from her. He’s not talking about Ridge, he’s talking about her sobriety and belief in herself. Brooke sighs, “If only she hadn’t come back to town.” Deacon asks if Ridge has forgiven her. He can tell by her expression that he hasn’t and concludes, “Well, maybe Ridge doesn’t deserve you.” Deacon doesn’t think he’ll ever forgive himself for the pain that night caused Brooke. She relays that Ridge can’t get over the part where she kissed him. Deacon feels that he should; what the hell is there for him to think about — she’s his wife and he should be right there sticking by her. Brooke appreciates his concern, but right now she has to go. Deacon figures she’s going to see Ridge. She confirms, “I’m going to see my husband.”

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At the Forrester mansion, Taylor is talking about Steffy choosing to go overseas rather than someplace closer to home when Ridge declares that he wants to see Sheila suffer for what she did to their daughter and the kids. Taylor warns they can’t let her have this kind of power over them and suggests they focus on the positives, like how much better Steffy will feel when she comes home. Plus, Taylor gets to hang out with her best friend. She clasps his hand as she teases him about always being so positive.

Taylor and Ridge reminisce as he remarks on her driving out of her way to bring food from his favorite Chinese place. He asks what he owes her. She teases, “Just the tip.” Right then, Brooke walks in and asks, “What’s going on?” She thinks Taylor should leave Ridge alone but Taylor finds that ironic. She’s there because Steffy just left town with the kids. Brooke supposes it’s hard to be around that house with all the memories of Finn. She insists she cares about Steffy. Taylor thanks her. Brooke notes that they’re having dinner together and asks how long Taylor’s planning on staying. Taylor informs Brooke that she and Ridge need time to process the tragedy their daughter has been through. She turns to him and prompts him to tell Brooke that they need some time.
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At Forrester Creations, Quinn tells Carter he needs to put his game face on. Her husband is the most loyal man in the world, and they can never, ever betray Eric again! Carter can’t stop thinking about the wonderful moments they had. Quinn implores, “You HAVE to!” They both flash to their time together. Carter’s never felt a connection like that with any woman ever. But he knows she’s dedicated to her marriage and respects and admires that. Quinn would be lying if she said she wasn’t moved by him, by the way he looks at her, by his love for her, which is incredible. But he’s right. “I’m only dedicated to Eric. The same way he is, faithfully and loyally, committed to me.”
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At the health club, Eric gets a message from Donna that she’s tied up in traffic and will be there soon to see her honey bear. Eric pours a drink and paces thoughtfully.

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Next on The Bold and the Beautiful: Deacon offers Brooke reassurance after her failed attempt with Ridge, and Donna takes Eric on a trip down memory lane.

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