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At Steffy’s place, she wheels her luggage to the front door and turns back to look at all the framed photos of her and Finn. Taylor appears and asks if she’s having second thoughts about leaving. Steffy really needs to get away with the kids. Her mother thinks a new perspective will do her good. She just doesn’t want to feel she’s leaving Finn behind or forgetting him. Taylor reminds her that Finn will be with her always and gives her a hug. Ridge comes in and says it will be alright. He embraces her too.

In Li’s room, she tells her son, “You must be so scared and confused.” But she’s right there and won’t give up on him. She knows he’s not giving up either — she saw his eyes twitch the other day. It’s a sign he’s still fighting.
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At the cabin, Liam tells Hope it’s hard to know what Kelly understands and what she doesn’t about Finn being gone. He wants to be there to support her and Steffy, and thanks Hope for being so good about him spending so much time over there. They canoodle and kiss. Hope asks if there will be a memorial and Liam explains that Li’s being super standoffish. Just then, he gets a call from Steffy asking him to come over. He disconnects and tells Hope that he has to go; something’s up. They kiss and he runs out.

At the cliff house, Steffy tells her parents that Liam is on his way. She hopes he understands about her taking Kelly. They’re sure he’ll be supportive of her doing what she needs to in order to heal.
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Thomas arrives at the cabin and asks Hope why Liam rushed out of there. Hope says his sister called and said it was important so… Thomas remarks, “Why am I not surprised?” Hope explains he’s there for her as a caring friend and father the way they all are. Thomas reveals that he knows why she asked him to come over — it was to say goodbye. “Steffy’s leaving.”
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At the cliff house, Steffy confirms her flight and assures her parents she’ll text when they land. Taylor says it’s hard to see her go and Steffy asks her not to make her cry again. They embrace. Ridge hates that she’s going through this but is convinced she’ll come out the other side better than ever because she’s stronger than any of them. He hugs her. They all express their love and share a group hug.

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Once alone, Steffy flashes to Finn proposing, to Hayes’ birth, and to their wedding. She’s emotional when Liam walks in. He notices the luggage and asks what’s going on. “Are you leaving?” Steffy nods. “Yes. And I’m taking Kelly and Hayes with me.”
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At the Forrester mansion, Taylor asks Ridge if Eric’s home. He explains he’s back at the club… playing pickleball. Taylor’s glad to hear he’s getting his heart rate up. Talk turns to getting through the madness. Ridge assures her that Steffy will be alright. She just hopes Liam is understanding even though he’ll be completely shocked. Ridge thinks he’ll realize it’s what’s best for her and the kids. Taylor agrees; it’s clear he still loves their daughter. She tells Ridge how much her heart hurts for their daughter and grandchildren and what they’re going through and he pulls her into a hug.

At the cabin, Hope is trying to get her head around the news that Steffy is leaving and taking the kids with her… and her mother suggested it. She argues that her family is there, but Thomas points out there’s also a house full of memories of Finn. Hope hopes she finds the peace she’s looking for. Thomas nods. She’ll need to create a new life for herself… without Finn. Thomas recalls what it was like when Caroline died and how Hope came in and filled that role for Douglas. Hope loves him. Thomas replies, “He loves you too. We both do.”
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In Li’s room, she urges her son to fight to come back to them. He has a little boy who needs his daddy.

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At the cliff house, Steffy recaps that Finn is gone, and he isn’t coming back. Liam doesn’t know what to say. She pleads with him to understand that she can’t be there right now. Liam trusts her and if leaving’s what’s best for now, then he supports it. Steffy admits part of her feels she’s abandoning Finn. Liam assures her this is what he would want her to do. He remarks that the way he was with Kelly is what made him realize what a special person he was. Steffy sees him everywhere in the house and can’t take it anymore. Liam moves close. “If you’ve got to go that’s okay.” He wishes he could take her pain away, but he knows that he can’t. Steffy feels her whole life has been snatched away from her. She cries thinking of the little things they used to do together. “My husband’s gone and he’s not coming back.” Liam pulls her into an embrace.
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In Li’s room, Finn’s fingers move and his eyes twitch.

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At the cliff house, Liam assures Steffy that no matter how many miles separate them, he’s with her always. He kisses her head, strokes her cheek, and hugs her.

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