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In Li’s room, Finn remains hooked up to the machines, unconscious. Li still can’t believe what his birth mother did to him. “Shot you and left you for dead.” She strokes his head. “You never should have been in that alley, never should have been put at that kind of risk.” But she can’t let that be his end. She recaps that he’s still alive and she’s the only person who knows.
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At the cliff house, Steffy reminds her parents that she and Finn used to be a team and now it’s just her. They assure her she’s not alone. Taylor urges her to take the time she needs by getting away with the kids. It doesn’t feel right to Steffy. Ridge sides with Taylor. They don’t want her to leave but it may be exactly what she needs right now.

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At the health club, Donna lets Eric know she wants to keep doing this forever. But she understands he has a lot more at stake — he’s married. She asks him to be honest with her. “Do you want to stop seeing each other?”
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In the Forrester design office, Quinn is upset that Carter wants to take up with Paris again. Carter feels it’s not the worst thing that could happen. Quinn exclaims, “Stop it! Carter, no! You can’t do this!” She reminds him that he’s talking about something that could impact the rest of his life. If he opens the door to Paris, she’s not going to walk out. Carter argues there are worse things that being tied to Paris. “She loves me.” Quinn would agree if he loved her back. “I have never heard you say that.” She implores him not to be rash. Carter won’t allow Paris’ questions about them to undermine her marriage to Eric.

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At the health club, Eric assures Donna he doesn’t want to stop seeing her. She’s overcome and relieved. “I was hoping you’d say that!” Eric lets her know how precious their time together has been for him and pulls her into an embrace as her happy tears flow.

Donna feels so lucky to still have Eric in her life after all this time. Eric tells her she makes him feels so warm and so loved. Donna warns him to be careful because she could get used to this. Eric intones, “It’s the least you deserve.” Donna tells Eric it’s heaven being alone with him. He loves that she values the simple things. Donna purrs that when she’s with her honey bear, nothing else matters. Eric hates to break the spell, but he has to go. Donna wishes he didn’t have to. “I live for these moments.” She assures him she won’t make any demands or pressure him, she just wants to be with him and make him happy. “That’s it.” Eric replies, “You do. Without even trying.”
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In the design office, Carter reminds Quinn he and Paris said, “I love you” to each other. Quinn questions whether he really meant it or was just in the moment. Carter insists there were moments he couldn’t wait to see Paris. “I can get back there.” Quinn grits, “You shouldn’t have to work on it.” She knows he’s a huge romantic and was walk away from everything to run away with her. Carter recalls, “And you said no.” He’ll be alone forever waiting for something like what they had to hit him again. He can reconnect with Paris and it wouldn’t be difficult to make something more of it. Quinn asks if it’s what he wants, or would he be doing it for her?! Carter knows how important Eric is to her and he won’t see her marriage jeopardized again. Paris is asking questions about his feelings for her because he can still he still cares… he’ll always care.

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At the cliff house, Taylor thinks Kelly and Hayes would appreciate some one-on-one time with their mommy right now. She urges Steffy to get out of this environment and reconnect as a family. Steffy doesn’t have that anymore. It was destroyed when Sheila took Finn away from them. Steffy will never see her husband again. Taylor can’t imagine how she’s feeling and hates that Finn isn’t there… but she believes Steffy will find the strength to cope with this. Ridge interjects that she may not be able to do that there, amid the memories. If Steffy leaves, she’ll feels she’s abandoning Finn. She didn’t even get to say goodbye and now he’s gone forever. Steffy will hate Sheila for the rest of her life. Hayes will grow up without a father. Finn is dead. Ridge holds her and reminds her she’ll spend the rest of her life in prison. Steffy recaps that she and Finn were supposed to have a happy life and instead she has to watch him die. Her parents urge her not to beat herself up and to take the kids and get away. Steffy decides, “Maybe you’re right. Maybe it is what we need. Finn is everywhere in this home.” Ridge pulls his daughter back into an embrace as she sighs, “Oh Finn…”
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In her room, Li gets on her laptop and starts typing. In the bed, Finn lies unconscious, but his eyes move behind the lids.
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In the design office, Quinn will always care about Carter too and she can’t have him making life-changing decisions because of her. Carter argues he already came between her and Eric before and now wants them to be happy without any outside interference from Paris. This way she’ll be happy. Quinn exclaims, “What about you?!” Carter grits, “This isn’t about me.” Quinn retorts, “Of course this is about you. You being trapped in a relationship with a woman you do not love. I will not let you put that justification on me!” Carter argues there are different ways to love. He’s tired of sitting on the sidelines watching other couples while he sits at home alone. Carter tears up. “I want to be a husband in the worst way. I want to have a family!” Quinn says he will be a husband. Carter replies, “Yeah. To Paris.” Quinn fumes. She won’t let him sacrifice his future for her. “Unless you can look me in the eye and tell me you love Paris with all the passion you have inside of you.” Then she’ll accept it. “So, you tell me. Is Paris really the woman you love?” Carter sighs, “You and I both know the answer to that.”

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