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At Forrester Creations, Thomas tells Steffy he’s so sorry, and she questions why he’d ever have kept Sheila’s secret. He worries that if he’d told her, she and Finn never would have ended up in that alley. Steffy won’t put that on him. She came to the office to try and get away from her new reality, but she can’t — Finn’s gone. Her husband is dead and he’s never coming back.

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In Li’s room, Finn lies unconscious hooked up to machines.

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In the Forrester design office, Carter watches Quinn work from the doorway before walking in and asking if they can talk — about Eric. He knows how committed she is to her marriage and he won’t let anyone interfere with that. Quinn assures that she and Eric are fine. Carter was just thinking about what happened earlier with Paris. He doesn’t want it to be an issue, but is worried it could be. They go over the issues in her marriage. Carter wants to help Quinn succeed in her efforts to repair things and vows he won’t let Paris become an issue.
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In their room at the health club, Eric tells Donna he hasn’t felt this wonderful in a very long time. He should be there… but there’s no place else on this earth he’d rather be. Donna doesn’t think he should feel guilty about being happy. What’s the point of coming to the fancy health club if he doesn’t leave feeling better than when he arrived? Eric chuckles; but Quinn thinks he’s playing pickleball. Donna muses, “That’s pretty good for you too.” Eric counters that it’s not as good as spending time with her. When he’s with Donna all his troubles disappear. “The fact is, though, I’m deceiving my wife.” Donna paces and observes, “You still love Quinn.” Eric supposes a part of him always will… he thought that would be enough when he took her back. Donna assures him they don’t have to get into it. “You don’t have to tell me how you feel, Eric, because I can see it.” She just wishes she could help him. Eric assures her she does… every time he sees her. But he’s not giving her enough. He feels the affair that Quinn had with Carter ruptured her marriage in a way that he thinks is irreparable. “That’s why I keep coming back to you. Over and over again.” Eric takes Donna’s face in his hands and looks into her eyes.
Donna Eric bed B&B

In the main office, Steffy tries to distract herself with work as a concerned Thomas and Ridge look on. Ridge kneels down in front of her and tells her that all she needs to do is take care of herself and her family… that’s it. Steffy’s trying to stay strong and keep going for the kids, but cries, “I can’t do this. I can’t do any of this without Finn!”
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Thomas and Ridge remind her she’s not alone. Steffy explains that can’t replace what was taken from her. She and Finn were a team. Ridge tells her she doesn’t need to be a rock. Steffy just wanted to come in there and feel normal. Ridge repeats, “We’ve got you. Your family’s got you.” Just then, Taylor walks in. Ridge texted her. Steffy complains about everyone treating her like she’s broken. Her husband is gone! Taylor details how her daughter will heal from this, even though she thinks she never will. Steffy’s just so heartbroken and worried about the kids. Taylor suggests that maybe a different perspective would be good — maybe she should take the kids and get out of town for a little bit. Steffy’s taken aback — is he telling her to run away? Taylor is advising her to move toward healing. Thomas thinks she should do her processing with her support system around. Taylor feels getting away for a while would help to get away from the painful reminders. Steffy doesn’t want to get away from the memories. “No, no I can’t leave. Li had him cremated. I never even had a chance to say goodbye to him.” Taylor embraces Steffy.
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In Li’s room, she assures her son he will be himself again. “This isn’t how your story ends.” She vows he can do this and she won’t give up on him. “You will come back to us one day.”

In the office at Forrester, Steffy looks at the framed photo from her wedding day and wishes she could see him just one more time.

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At the health club, Eric tells Donna it’s not the place he loves being in… it’s being there with her. “That’s what I love.” Donna grins, “That’s what I love too.” No one’s ever made her laugh like he does. She missed that so much. They recap how he went through so much. It’s better when he’s there with her. Eric asks Donna, “Are you sure you want to be doing this? Are you sure you want to be doing this with me?” Donna insists nothing about it feels wrong. She’s making beautiful new memories with the man she loves. “I love you so much, Eric, and that’s never going to change.” They kiss passionately. Donna loves Eric so much; she doesn’t want to add more conflict and stress to his life. She loves him and will be with him any way she can, but he has to tell her the truth. “Eric, do you want this to end? Tell me.”

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In the Forrester design office, Quinn can’t understand how Paris could cause problems in her marriage when she and Carter aren’t doing anything wrong. Carter rants that she knows what went on between them and has it in her head that it could happen again. He worries that him breaking things off with Paris is what caused her to get the wrong idea about them. Maybe he should reconsider. Quinn asks, “What are you saying, Carter? Are you saying you changed your mind? That you want to be in a relationship with Paris?” Carter intones, “She wants to be with me, Quinn.” He wants a relationship; he wants to build something with someone. He can have love and a family with Paris. “Can’t I?” He’s tired of being stuck and needs to move on… with Paris. That commitment will send her a message. “To stop asking questions about my feelings for you.”

Next on The Bold and the Beautiful: Quinn attempts to dissuade Carter from making a foolish move, and Steffy’s sorrow leads her on a new path.

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