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At the Forrester mansion, Quinn wants to have lunch with Eric later, but he explains he has plans. She asks if he’s going to the club again and he says, “Yes.” Quinn is pleased he’s taking his health seriously and that he’s still wearing the ring she gave him. She leaves and Brooke appears. She’s there to ask for his help with Ridge.
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At Steffy’s place, Thomas tells Taylor he regrets keeping Sheila’s secret… he just saw how close she and his father were getting. Taylor worries and he assures her he won’t backslide into old Thomas. He asks if she’s seen Ridge since he moved. Taylor won’t get into it. Thomas apologizes again and they clink coffee cups. “Cheers.”

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Thomas runs down how Ridge will never be drama-free with Brooke and implores his mother not to sit back. “Go to Granddad’s. See Dad. You can’t let Brooke dictate how this is going to go. Don’t let her win, mom. Not this time.”

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In Forrester Creations’ design office, Paris is thinking about sex with Carter when her mother walks in. She hopes that smile means she’s thinking about Zende. Paris sighs. She wonders if her mother ever stops. She doesn’t. Not when it comes to her daughter. Grace doesn’t want her to make the mistakes she made. Paris asserts that she and Zende can only be friends. “Carter is the guy I want to be with.” Grace urges her to try again and not to give up on a good man like Zende. Paris argues that Carter is a good man too. Grace retorts that he cheated on her sister! Paris reminds her mother she’s supposed to care about what she wants… and what she wants is Carter. “And I’m going to have him too.”
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In the main office, Carter is thinking about sex with Quinn when Zende interrupts to confront him. “Paris told me she’s got a thing for you.” He thought he still had a chance with her, but that’s not happening because she’s interested in Carter. Carter begins, “Zende…” The designer cuts him off. He won’t make things awkward between them and tells the COO if he wants to pursue something with Paris to go ahead. Carter admires him for stepping aside, but he can’t be with Paris. Quinn walks in and exchanges a look with Carter as Zende replies that he doesn’t understand. “Why can’t you be with Paris? Is there another woman in your life?”
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Carter says there’s no one. Zende wants Paris to be happy and once again tells Carter to go for it. He exits and Quinn muses, “Wow. Zende’s giving you permission.” Carter replies, “Yeah, and I told him I can’t be with Paris. It would never work, feeling the way I do.” Quinn admits she’s surprised Zende gave up so easily. Carter explains he’s putting what Paris wants ahead of his own feelings. Quinn teases, “Is Paris still on the prowl?” Talk turns to Eric, and Quinn says he’s off to the club again today. He still doesn’t know about the tracking ring she gave him. She just wants to know he’s healthy and happy. Carter wonders how he couldn’t be happy — he has Quinn who is everything a man could want and more. Paris walks in just in time to hear all of this.
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At the Forrester estate, Brooke tells Eric that Ridge need to be with her. They need to work things out and it’s time for him to come home to his wife where he belongs. She realizes he said he needed time, “But I think…” Taylor comes in and blurts, “But you think you know better.” Taylor strolls up to the sofa, where Eric and Brooke are sitting and smiles, “Hi, Eric.” She then calls out Brooke for coming over there to enlist Eric’s help in strong-arming Ridge. “That’s what you’re doing, right?”
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Eric stands up and works to intervene. Taylor advocates for giving Ridge the space he needs and allowing him to decide what the future holds. She snarks that Brooke’s never been one to leave things to chance. Maybe she thinks if she can get Eric to help her gang up on Ridge… Eric stops her. He won’t take sides here. He has to get to the gym and urges them to play nice before kissing their cheeks and leaving.

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Taylor tells Brooke she’s putting Eric in the middle. Brooke scoffs that if Stephanie was alive, she’d have her pleading her case. Taylor isn’t so sure, but feels they shouldn’t pressure Ridge. Brooke argues that no one is, other than her two grown children, and reminds Taylor that she and Ridge are still married. “I shouldn’t need to remind you of that. Or maybe I do.” She recaps that Ridge never would have left her had Sheila not made her drink. Taylor agrees what Sheila did was awful, but she was merely a catalyst in their separation. Brooke concedes she let Ridge down, but due to the extenuating circumstances… Taylor cuts her off. She knows Brooke thinks he should come back to her, but he hasn’t. And he knows that Taylor loves him and can provide stability. Brooke scoffs, “And I can’t I suppose?” Taylor muses, “Well…” Brooke grits that Ridge will never really love Taylor. What he wants is passion. “Brooke will come back to me. He will come home to his wife.”

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In the Forrester office, Paris senses she’s interrupting a private moment and Carter and Quinn work overtime to convince her they’re co-workers and nothing more. They recap how Paris found out about their affair before and blabbed it all over. Paris just can’t help but wonder if there’s something still going on. Quinn points out the door was unlocked and scoffs, “Scandalous.” Paris thinks Quinn knows a lot about scandal and notes that Eric would never cheat on her. Quinn warns her about over-stepping in the office with the boss’ wife. Paris gets the message but hopes the two of them are telling the truth.

Next on The Bold and the Beautiful: Carter worries to Quinn that Paris may interfere in her marriage, and Ridge and Thomas comfort Steffy.

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