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At the cabin, Hope tells her mother she’s glad to hear she’s been going into work lately. Brooke admits it’s been like a huge weight lifted off of her now that she knows Sheila was behind her drinking. She told Taylor that it was nothing compared to what she did to Steffy. Hope’s glad they had that moment. Talk turns to whether or not Ridge will come home. Hope feels it’s just a matter of time. Brooke can’t think of herself right now, not after Steffy lost Finn.

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At the cliff house, Steffy recalls to Liam how happy she and Finn were when she put his wedding ring on his finger. Now, he’s gone and is never coming back, and it’s all because of that evil, sick woman who took him away from her.
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In her room, Li tells the unconscious Finn that she couldn’t give up. She knew he still had life inside of him. He just needed time… time to heal. “Soon you will regain consciousness. You’ll be able to live your life again.”

At the cabin, Brooke feels for Taylor and her daughter and everything they’ll have to endure because of Sheila. Hope thinks they’ll all have to be there to support Steffy, and that includes Liam, who is over at Steffy’s house right now.

At the cliff house, Steffy complains that she doesn’t even know if Li has scattered Finn’s ashes or not. Liam feels she should reach out to the woman again — she’s Finn’s wife and deserves some answers.

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In her room, Li takes Steffy’s call and tries to cut it short. Steffy wants to talk and offers to come to her, but Li says she’ll come to Malibu. She disconnects and tells her son, “I wish it didn’t have to be this way, Finn. It’s the only way I can protect you.” She advises Finn that she has to step out for a bit, but won’t be long. She smiles and reflects that maybe she’ll get to see Hayes, who must be missing him so much. “Keep fighting, Finn, so you can get back to your little boy.”
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At the cabin, Hope surprises Brooke by admitting that she and Bill actually managed to agree on a few things. Such as how upset they were about what Sheila did to her. Hope shares that both Deacon and Bill agree that Ridge over-reacted by moving out. Brooke demurs that he was very upset with her at the time. Hope’s just saying that she does have two exes who are very much Team Brooke. Brooke likes knowing they’re in her corner, but pivots the conversation back to what Steffy’s going through. Brooke asks, “How long has Liam been gone?”
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At the cliff house, Liam’s glad Steffy called Li. She admits the last time Finn’s was there it was a little tense. He thinks that makes sense given Li had just learned that Sheila killed Finn. Steffy relays that she spoke to Jack, who is just beside himself, and Li surmises that Li’s all alone. Steffy wishes she and Li could lean on each other more and mourn together — that’s what Finn would want. Liam wonders if she’s having trouble accepting that Finn is no longer with them. Steffy wants to have a memorial so they can begin to heal. Liam decides he’ll get going before Li arrives to give them time together. As he embraces Steffy, Li appears outside the door and narrows her eyes as she takes in the scene.
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In the cabin, Hope tells Brooke that Liam and Steffy told the kids why Finn hasn’t been around. They doubt they can comprehend but find it all heartbreaking. It’s a tremendous loss. Hope reports that Liam is doing the best he can to help Kelly cope and make sense of the tragedy. Brooke hedges that it’s good he’s looking out for his daughter, but perhaps she should be spending time at the cabin instead. Hope argues that Liam is doing a good job keeping harmony between the blended families. Brooke asks. “Do you think he’s going to spend even more time over at Steffy’s?” Hope tells her mother, “That sounds so selfish!” Steffy and Kelly need Liam right now and she trusts her husband. Brooke argues that she has a lot of family and friends she can lean on yet Liam is over there all the time! Hope counters it’s not a problem unless they make it one. Brooke warns that Steffy is vulnerable and told Liam he’s welcome whenever he wants. Hope knows she has her best interests at heart, but there’s nothing to worry about. Brooke lets out an exasperated sigh.

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At the cliff house, Li learns that Hayes is out with the babysitter. Liam offers his condolences and Steffy’s taken aback when Li shoots him a barely disguised look of contempt. Liam steps away to give them a minute. Steffy and Li talk about how difficult it all has been. Li says, “I didn’t want to let him go. Steffy wants to honor him with a memorial. Li asks if she’s told the children. Steffy glances at Liam in the kitchen and says they had to — Kelly was asking questions. Li is startled when Steffy next says, “I want to see Finn,” and gawps, “What?!?” Steffy gently reminds her she doesn’t know where she put him to rest. “I haven’t even had a chance to say goodbye. You had Finn cremated while I was still unconscious.” She doesn’t even know if she’s scattered the ashes. Li snaps, “No! My son is still with me. I can’t see him as gone. I refuse. I won’t let him go, I love him too much. There’s nothing I won’t do for Finn, nothing at all.” She stands up and says she can’t stay; there’s a patient who needs her, and walks out.
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After, Steffy and Liam go over how Li was putting up walls with her — she seemed distant and cold. Liam definitely picked up on that vibe. Steffy exclaims that she seems to want to push her away. “It’s almost like she’s keeping something from me.”

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At the room, Li wants Finn to pull through this and figures he’s wondering how the visit went. Unfortunately, she didn’t get to see Hayes. She’s very concerned about him, and Steffy too. “They all think you passed away, but you didn’t. Thank God Hayes is too young to understand what he’s been told.” She knows the boy will be thrilled to see him again one day soon. As for his wife… Finn took a bullet for her and she certainly hopes she remains worthy of his love and commitment.

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At the cliff house, Steffy tells Liam she’s so broken and wonders how she’s to pick up the pieces and wake up every day without Finn. Liam puts his arms around her and kisses her head.

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