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At the cabin, Hope asks Liam how Kelly and Hayes are doing after being told that Finn wasn’t coming home. Liam thinks it was harder on him and Steffy than the kids, but he could see Kelly processing. “I still can’t believe any of this.” Hope reminds Liam that Kelly has a really good support system. Liam assures Hope he won’t take anything for granted. They’re doing things together that Steffy will never get to do with Finn again. Talk turns to Sheila and Hope remarks that she’s still a human being and she did give her the benefit of the doubt when she said she wanted to be in Finn’s life. But she shot her own son and tried to kill Steffy, so she doesn’t deserve to see the light of day again. Liam marvels at what a good stepfather Finn was to Kelly. “He embraced my daughter, and he loved her. I’m always going to be grateful to him for that. I wish Kelly had more time…” He announces he’s going to Steffy’s and won’t be long. They hug and he leaves. Bill arrives, passing Liam outside, and Hope tells him his son went to check on Steffy. Bill asks if she’s alright with that. Hope explains Steffy needs all the support she can get now in light of what’s happened. Bill is stunned to hear that she remembered who shot Finn and her — it was Sheila.
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At the cliff house, Steffy tells her mother that she sometimes wishes her memory hadn’t come back — seeing her husband die… She recaps that Sheila killed Finn, who should be there right now. Taylor asks how the kids took the news. Steffy remarks that Hayes doesn’t really understands, he’s so little, but he senses something. She wants to plan a memorial service, but first they have to talk to Li and tell her the truth about how Finn died. Taylor reached out to her; she should be on her way now. They discuss Li coping by shutting down. She took care of all the details and left. Steffy didn’t even get to see Finn one last time before he was cremated. Taylor is so sorry; that must have made everything so much harder.
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Li arrives and Steffy informs her they have news… about the person who killed her son. Li asks about Hayes. Steffy says he’s good, but misses his daddy, and assures her she can see him whenever she likes. Li thanks her. Steffy reveals that her memory came back and she remembered who shot her and Finn. “It was Sheila.” Li exclaims, “That woman! How could she shoot him?! Why?!” Steffy explains she was manipulating lives again and she went to confront her. Sheila pulled out a gun to shoot her and Finn showed up and jumped in front of her. He saved her life. Li’s not surprised — her son is a hero, a wonderful son and father with so much love to give.
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Steffy tells her Sheila’s in custody now and will pay for what she did. Li cries, “Everything was fine. Jack and I were together, Finn had just married you and was happier than he’d ever been. Sheila showed up and ruined everything!” She can’t imagine a life without her son and “I’ll do anything to have him back.” Taylor tells Li she was a wonderful mother, and no one, not even Sheila, can take that away. Steffy asks for Li’s input on a memorial service. Li doesn’t want to talk about it and reminds her they can have one anytime… it doesn’t have to be now. Steffy presses, but Li refuses to think of Finn being gone from this world. Steffy still wants to honor his life. Li retorts, “I will take care of everything when it comes to my son,” and stalks out. Taylor comforts Steffy.
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At the cabin, Bill can’t fathom Sheila killing her long-lost son. He remarks that this must be so tough on Steffy and asks how the kids are doing. Hope explains that Kelly is processing, and Hayes is still young but feels his father’s absence. Bill rants about Sheila acting out because she felt threatened. Hope marvels at Finn’s instinct to protect his wife. Bill thinks he died a hero, not that it’s any consolation. Hope explains that is why Liam has gone over to check on Steffy. Bill urges Hope to think of it as Liam being on loan to Steffy for awhile. He knows his son will do anything he can to help her through this.
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At the cliff house, Steffy thinks Li was acting super strange and Taylor agrees and shakes her head — everyone grieves differently. Steffy just got a weird vibe. Liam arrives. He wanted to see if Steffy was okay after telling the kids. Taylor leaves them alone. Liam asks Steffy what he can do to help. She says he can just be there. Liam thinks she’ll figure this out; it’s kind of her thing. Steffy complains that Finn and Hayes deserve so much more. Liam suggests she ask herself what Finn would want her to do. Steffy cries, “To go on, to have the best life.” She’s not sure she can do that. Liam pledges to support her and show up day or night. Steffy thanks him and cries that Finn is gone and he’s never coming back. Liam holds her.
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In a room, Li picks up a framed photo of Finn and fumes, “Sheila Carter.” She continues speaking and muses that maybe he’s better off where he is, but as long as there’s a chance, she’ll never give up. Walking across the room, the camera pans up to a bed… in which, Finn is lying hooked up to machines and unconscious!

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