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In the office, Eric questions Ridge about it being hard to leave Steffy’s place when Taylor’s there. Ridge knows it was the right thing to do. Eric needles him about bringing so many bags for just a few days, then tells his son his home is his as well. Talk turns to Steffy’s well-being and Sheila being in custody. Eric urges Ridge not to blame himself — he couldn’t have known that Sheila was behind Brooke’s fall off the wagon.
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At Brooke’s place, Hope assures her mother that Sheila will pay for what she did. Brooke agrees — she will — and she plans to go to the jail and look her in the eye to confront her about her crimes. Hope asks her mother if she’s sure that’s a good idea. Brooke has spoken to Baker and he’s going to meet her at the jail. Hope warns, “Please, be careful.”
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After Brooke leaves, Deacon comes in and Hope tells him they know who shot Steffy and Finn. “Sheila.” Deacon’s speechless. After sitting down and Hope getting him some tea, Deacon rallies to ask questions. Hope explains that Steffy found out something that could turn everyone against Sheila, including Finn. Deacon asks, “What did Sheila do?” Hope sighs. “She went after mom.” Deacon is stunned to hear that Sheila was the reason Brooke drank on New Year’s. They go over Sheila switching the labels on the champagne bottles because Brooke vowed to stand in the way of her becoming closer with Finn. Deacon feels like such an idiot. Suddenly, he realizes that this changes everything for Brooke and Ridge. Hope confides that Ridge isn’t ready to come home yet.
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At the jail, Sheila’s brought into the interrogation room before Deputy Chief Baker. She’s not interested in answering questions. Baker chuckles that he doesn’t have any. She asks, “Then why am I here?” She won’t talk to him or the DA without her attorney. Baker needles that she has everything she needs for her case. He’s allowing her a visitor… someone who wants to see justice finally served.

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At the office, Eric cajoles Ridge into buying him dinner tonight before leaving for a meeting. After, Taylor arrives and tells Ridge she understands he has a lot to sort out. He thanks her for that. She shrugs that understanding each other has never been their problem. She relays that Liam is over at Steffy’s right now… they’re telling the children about Finn. Talk turns to Thomas not telling them Sheila was responsible for Brooke’s drinking. Just then, Thomas walks in and asks, “You wanted to see me?” Ridge stares him down. Thomas wonders, “What’s going on?”
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They all sit down, and Ridge informs his son that Steffy remembered who the shooter was — Sheila. Thomas blurts, “That’s insane! Finn’s her son!” He asks, “Why?” Ridge grunts, “We think you know why.” Taylor explains that Steffy overheard Thomas on the phone with Sheila and figured out what she did to Brooke. She went to Il Giardino to confront her. Ridge adds that they met up in the alley, Sheila pulled out a gun, and “you know the rest.”

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Thomas grimaces. “I am so sorry. I knew I shouldn’t have kept that to myself.” He saw his parents together and how happy they were and just wanted them to have a bit more time… Ridge hollers that it wasn’t his call. “You should have told me! Like it or not, Brooke is my wife!”

At the jail, Sheila insists to Baker that she had no intention of hurting anyone. He asks why she brought a gun then. “You were going to shoot Steffy Forrester.” Brooke arrives and Baker exits, assuring that the guard is right outside the door. Brooke tells Sheila that what she did to her isn’t nearly as horrifying as what she did to her own son. “I just want you to know, you’re not going to get away with this.”

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Sheila informs Brooke she has the right to remain silent, but can’t help but ask, “Why did you have to threaten me, Brooke?” All she wanted was a relationship with her son. Brooke hollers that she killed her son! She ripped that family apart. Sheila grits her teeth. She was trying to help that family. Brooke snaps, “By interfering with mine.” Sheila realizes that’s what all this is about. Not Finn or Steffy. “You want me to feel sorry for what I did to you. How pathetic.” Brooke wants her to pay for all of it. Sheila would change everything that happened that night if she could go back, but she will never, ever apologize for what she did to Brooke.

At Brooke’s place, Deacon is flabbergasted that Ridge still won’t come back to Brooke. Hope clarifies he needs time to figure things out. Deacon exclaims, “What else is there to figure out?!” Just then, he remembers, “Taylor.” She’s a great woman, but she’s no Brooke Logan. He fumes that Ridge doesn’t know how lucky he is to have Brooke’s love.

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In the office, Thomas asks his father how he was supposed to know Steffy overheard him. He feels responsible and Taylor and Ridge are quick to assure he’s not responsible for what happened — that’s all on Sheila. Thomas still feels he’s the reason they were in that alley.Ridge tells him to stop that talk. He’s just upset that he didn’t give him the chance to help Brooke when she was suffering.

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In the jail, Brooke notes that Sheila has no remorse about what she did, but she will. She came there to look her in the eyes and tell her she will never terrorize the Forresters or Logans again. “You belong in here, Sheila, for the rest of your life. And I’m going to make sure that happens.” Sheila lunges at her and hisses, “You never learn do you, Brooke. You should never threaten me.” Brooke laughs. Sheila’s the one who never learns. “Look where you are. You’ll never threaten me again.” Sheila is taken out by the guard vowing that she, Ridge and Steffy haven’t seen the last of her. “I will be back.” Brooke narrows her eyes as Sheila’s evil cackle rings out down the hall.
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