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At Brooke’s place, she recaps Sheila’s crimes. Ridge assures her that she’s going to jail and won’t be able to terrorize her anymore.

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At the cliff house, Taylor states that Sheila is too dangerous for society, let alone this family. Steffy declares that they have to tell Li. They have to track her down and let her know that Sheila murdered her son.

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At the cabin, Billy arrives with Wyatt to visit Liam and needles about the place being rustic. “Do I not pay you enough, Liam?” Wyatt reminds Bill it’s their home and muses that it’s cozy. Liam finds that condescending. He points out to his brother and father that Hope likes being close to her mother, especially now since her separation from Ridge. Wyatt asks if Ridge is still staying out in Malibu. Liam confirms it. Bill crabs about him leaving Brooke alone when she’s at her most vulnerable. He mocks the dressmaker for getting his ego bruised and snarls that Brooke should have left him years ago.
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At the cliff house, Steffy keeps expecting Finn to walk through the door. She feels his death is even more senseless now knowing Sheila’s responsible.
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At Brooke’s place, Ridge figures they shouldn’t be surprised at Sheila’s crimes given her history. Brooke’s still trying to process what he told her about the champagne labels. Ridge recaps that this whole time it was Sheila. Brooke expresses concern for Steffy, and Ridge thanks her. Talk then turns back to Sheila sabotaging Brooke. She felt in the pit of her stomach that something was off. Ridge declares, “You were right. It wasn’t you. It was Sheila.”
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At the cabin, Wyatt and Bill debate whether Ridge should have left Brooke over one kiss with Deacon. Liam points out it wasn’t just one kiss; it was her entire history with Deacon. She was also making excuses for Deacon, which would piss Bill off too. Bill complains that Ridge didn’t show any sympathy for his alcoholic wife and instead did what he always does. “Went running to Taylor.” Liam explains it was one little slip-up and that Brooke is trying to remain optimistic that Ridge will come around. Bill can’t understand why she’d take him back after the way he’s repeatedly treated her. She never would have kissed that conman Sharpe if she hadn’t drank. Liam agrees there. Bill grumbles about Ridge playing ping pong with Brooke and Taylor. He believes the blonde will never find commitment from her husband now that Taylor’s in town.
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At the cliff house, Steffy can’t even remember what she last said to Finn. “I can’t even remember if I told him I loved him.” Taylor strokes her hair and reassures her he knew she loved him. Steffy cries. Taylor bets if was a comfort to Finn that she was there with him in his final moments. Steffy says it’s not fair and it hurts. She wipes away her tears and notes this has to be hard for Taylor too… in a different way. Knowing Sheila got Brooke to drink, she must be worried what this could mean for her and Ridge.
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Taylor assures Steffy that Ridge will always be there for her. Steffy wasn’t questioning that, but her father is over there letting Brooke know what happened on New Year’s Eve. She tells her mother it’s not wrong or selfish to be concerned about her future with him. Steffy vows it won’t change his feelings for her. Taylor acknowledges that it’s been great for her and Ridge to spend family time together. Steffy points out they have a connection that has nothing to do with her and Thomas. “It’s really nice watching the two of you together.” She thinks her parents are meant to be together. “Everyone can see how connected you two are.” Taylor doesn’t doubt Ridge’s feelings for her, but he’s still married to Brooke and he’s over there right now telling her that Sheila forced her to drink. His heart must go out to her. “Mine does.” What it means for Brooke and Ridge, or for her and Ridge… only he can answer that.

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At Brooke’s place, she’s trying to piece together Sheila’s scheme to switch the labels and force her to drink real champagne. She thinks it explains the craving and recalls that Sheila came over after it happened and had a wicked smile on her face after I told her I drank, and that Deacon stayed there. They both wish they could have just kept her away. Brooke feels that if they had, Finn would be at the hospital saving lives, Steffy’s beautiful family would be intact… and she and Ridge would still be living together in their home.

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Brooke appreciates Ridge coming to give her the news about Sheila and notes he has so much on his plate. Ridge wonders what kind of a person does what Sheila did? He beings to blame himself for not listening to her and not being there for her. Brooke assures him they can restore their life together. “I always had faith that we could.” She asks, “Is that why you’re here? You’re coming home to me?”

Next on The Bold and the Beautiful: Bill questions Ridge’s love for Brooke to Liam and Wyatt, and Ridge renders a decision about his immediate future.

As they contemplate reconcilation, look over the Brooke and Ridge’s convoluted romantic history in the photo gallery below.

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