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At the cliff house, Sheila declares she’s not going to prison for an accident. Steffy hollers that she pointed a gun at her and shot her. Sheila’s talking about what happened to Finn and begins, “What jury would convict a grieving…?” Ridge interrupts, incredulous, “Any jury!” They all inform Sheila that she belongs behind bars and that’s exactly where she’s going.

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At Brooke’s place, the blonde tells Hope that while Taylor and Steffy may have had some sort of change of heart, there’s no way that Ridge will ever accept Sheila. Brooke wishes she could be there for him; he’s going through a lot right now. “I just feel so bad, the way I betrayed his trust.” She needs to figure out what possessed her to drink that night. Hope questions if it matters. “Is it about the drinking, or is it about what the drinking led to?”
Hope questions Brooke B&B

At the cliff house, Sheila accuses the Forresters of cruelty for inviting her there and leading her to believe she was going to see her grandson. She turns on Steffy and seethes at her for coming after her that night. “You are just as guilty!” Ridge snaps and rages at the brunette, “Shut up!” He can’t stand to hear her voice anymore and declares that she should be in an institution somewhere. Steffy reiterates that Sheila will spend the rest of her life rotting behind bars.

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At Brooke’s place, she reminds her daughter that what happened with Deacon wouldn’t have if she hadn’t drank that night. She wants to know what triggered her. Hope recaps that her father helped her up to bed but nothing else happened beyond the kiss. Brooke protests that doesn’t make her regret it any less. “There has to be an answer! There has to be!”
Hope,Brooke discussion B&B

At Steffy’s place, Sheila insists if Finn was standing there right now he’d ask her to have compassion for her; she made a terrible mistake. Steffy retorts that Finn is never coming back and if she wants to tell herself he’d have showed her kindness, she can, but deep down she knows that’s a lie. Sheila wants Taylor to intervene, but she asserts, “Don’t look at me like I’m your friend.” Ridge is pleased that Sheila will spend the rest of her life in jail. Steffy becomes emotional. This is why she was adamant that Sheila stay away from her family. She couldn’t protect Finn but she can protect his son. Sheila is sorry about Finn’s death, but she won’t be going to prison. “You can bet on that.” She makes a beeline for the front door, but a police officer walks in as she attempts to leave.
Sheila run police B&B

Sheila then makes a run for the patio door in the kitchen, but another officer comes in, with Deputy Chief Baker on his heels booming, “We’ve got more than enough. You can take that wire off now.” Steffy yanks the listening device out of her shirt.
Sheila arrested Baker B&B

As she struggles, Baker informs Sheila that she’s being placed under arrest for the attempted murder of Steffy Forrester and the murder of her son, Dr. John Finnigan!

At Brooke’s place, Hope wants her mother to stop beating herself up, but understands that she wants to know why it happened so she can be assured it won’t happen again. Brooke wants Ridge to trust her again. Hope believes Ridge knows that nothing would have happened with Deacon if not for the drinking… and if he doesn’t know, he should.

At the cliff house, Sheila wants to have her say before being hauled away by the cops. Steffy invites her to go for it. Sheila marvels that they’re all so certain she intended harm when she came back, but she just wanted to meet her son and maybe be a part of his life. “That’s all this ever was.” But Steffy wouldn’t let that happen, she wouldn’t even let Finn speak for himself. Sheila doesn’t take love for granted like they do, and thought maybe this time was going to be her chance. She breaks down in tears. “And now he’s gone. I’d never hurt him, I love him.” Steffy assures her whatever toxic idea of love she has is not something Finn ever would have wanted. “You’re just an ugly reminder of where he came from. Something he tried his damnedest to forget.” Steffy assures Sheila she hasn’t destroyed her or her family. She’s going to raise her son to be just like Finn. He won’t even know the name Sheila Carter. “You’re going to be completely erased. People like you aren’t loved, you’re erased. Goodbye, Sheila.” She tells the cops to take her away. Sheila is dragged out the door in cuffs raging, “You’re all making a mistake! You haven’t seen the last of me!” She grits viciously, “I will be back!” Steffy cries as Ridge and Taylor comfort her.
Taylor, Steffy, Ridge watch Sheila arrest B&B

Later, Taylor assures Steffy there’s no way Sheila’s coming back. She knows, she just didn’t like the way she talked about Hayes and wanting his love. Steffy’s grateful to have her memory back and to have answers. Taylor muses that they have a lot of answers now, including what happened to Brooke. She urges Ridge to go tell her. Steffy agrees with her mother that she deserves to know. Ridge hugs Steffy and clasps Taylor’s hand before walking out the door.

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At Brooke’s place, she tells Hope she’s not giving up on Ridge. She’s questioned if he’d be better off with Taylor, but knows that’s not true. “Ridge and I will find a way through this. We have to.”

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At the cliff house, Steffy reflects on Sheila shooting her and Finn and what she did to Brooke. Taylor thinks in her own twisted way she thought she was helping her. Steffy worries this could change things for her mother and father.

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At Brooke’s place, she’s surprised to see Ridge come through the door. He breaks the news that Steffy’s memories have come back. Brooke hopes now they can figure out who Finn’s shooter is. Ridge replies that they have — Sheila. Brooke gawps, “Sheila shot Steffy and she killed her own son?!?” Ridge nods and explains she then took their stuff and made it look like a robbery. She confessed, is in police custody and is going away for good. Brooke wonders if that’s true. Ridge tells her Steffy remembered something else. The reason she went to the restaurant that night was to confront Sheila. He recalls Brooke knowing there must have been a trigger for New Year’s Eve. “There was. Sheila.” Brooke doesn’t understand. Ridge informs her that Sheila switched the labels on the champagne bottles. She made sure she was drinking the real thing. Brooke exclaims, “I knew it!” Ridge is sorry and takes her in his arms.
Brooke learns truth B&B

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Next on The Bold and the Beautiful: Ridge stands by Brooke’s side as she learns the horrible truth about Sheila’s crimes, and worried about her relationship with Ridge, Taylor seeks Steffy’s counsel.

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