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At the cliff house, Steffy informs Sheila she’s a deranged lunatic if she thinks they’d invite her there to welcome her to the family. Sheila protests that she’s part of the family. Steffy hollers that she shot her and killed her husband. The truth is out now that she remembers. “You’re a murderer!!”

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At Brooke’s place, she and Hope discuss Ridge and Liam giving Steffy all of their attention. Deacon knocks and walks in. He was hoping to find Hope at the cabin and is overjoyed to find them both there. Hope beams. Deacon waltzed right in only because he didn’t see Ridge’s car. Hope explains that he’s helping Steffy get settled in. Deacon supposes Brooke’s hoping once he does, he’ll come to his senses and return to her. “I suppose more unlikely things have happened.”
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At the cliff house, Sheila wants Taylor to tell Steffy to stop. She wouldn’t invite her there and trick her. She declares that Steffy is wrong. “I’m not a murderer.” Sheila declares that they’re the ones who are delusional. “This is disgusting. This is sick. I loved my son.” She would never deliberately end his life!

At Brooke’s place, Deacon apologizes for coming off as though he was undermining her belief in Ridge or Hope’s in Liam. He came over because he has mind-blowing news. Hope asks, “What’s going on, Dad?” Deacon first reasserts that he doesn’t want to hurt their feelings about Ridge and Liam — he just thought that since he wants to be there, they’d want to be there too. Getting back to the news he’s come to reveal, Deacon explains it’s about Sheila.

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At the cliff house, Ridge wonders if Sheila is calling Steffy a liar. Steffy reiterates that she was there and had a gun. “You shot Finn and me.” Sheila scoffs. Why would she run to the hospital or talk to Chief Baker? Steffy protests, “You were in the alley!” Sheila reminds her that she recently believed she was married to Liam too. Her memories are not infallible. Sheila thinks she’s looking for someone to blame and of course it would be her. Steffy was there. She knows what she’s saying and what she saw! Sheila insists it never happened. “It isn’t real.” Ridge warns Steffy that Sheila is trying to confuse her. Sheila laments that her son is gone and that’s tearing her apart. “I have never experienced this kind of pain. It’s like hell on earth.” She reminds Taylor she wanted to take her own life. “You know I’m not a violent person anymore. Steffy’s mind is tainted by fear and anger.” Sheila pleads with Taylor, “Please, you’ve got to believe me.” Taylor shoots an uncertain look at her daughter.
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Taylor explains to a stunned Steffy that Sheila saved her life on the hospital roof. Ridge barks at Sheila, “What do you want a loyalty cookie? Sheila retorts, “Maybe a little compassion.” Ridge hollers that she’s not getting anything from this family. “You’re a killer. A twisted, sick evil killer. You killed your own boy!” Sheila denies it. “I am not evil.” Steffy snaps, “Yes, you are.” Sheila is sorry about what’s happened to Steffy’s family and what it means for Hayes. Steffy warns her not to say his name.

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Taylor decides enough is enough. She recaps to Sheila that she invited her there and previously tried to explain to her family the pain she was going through. Sheila declares that she served her time. Finn saw how hard she was trying. She thought Taylor saw it too. “I lost my son that night too! That one senseless act of violence and I’ll never have a chance to redeem myself again.” Just look at how they’re all turning on her. Sheila pleads with Taylor to make Ridge and Steffy see. Taylor scoffs, “You think that I would trust you over my own child? You are good, but you’re not that good. I don’t believe you Sheila. I don’t believe you at all. I believe my daughter.” Steffy buried the memory because if was too painful, but she remembers now. “She saw Finn’s killer and it was you.” Sheila husks, “I am not that person.”

Steffy steps forward to confront Sheila. She describes the events in the alley and concludes, “It was you, Sheila! Finn’s blood is on your hands!”

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At Brooke’s place, she asks Deacon, “You have news about Sheila?” Hope thought he was staying away from her. Deacon explains that she’s been devastated since she lost her son. Brooke saw her at the hospital and admits, as a mom, she does feel sorry for her. Deacon relays, “You’re not the only one.” He reveals that Taylor called Sheila over to the house and Carter believes this may finally be her chance to be accepted into their lives.

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At the cliff house, Ridge rages at Sheila about taking her boy’s life and vows to make sure she spends her life behind bars like the filthy animal she is! Sheila suddenly erupts. She screams, “Yes, I did it!” Steffy’s jaw drops and Taylor’s stunned. Sheila continues, “I shot Finn, but it was an accident! It haunts me every minute of every day.” Steffy wails, “I hope you die behind bars!” Sheila, more softly, explains she loved Finn and would never hurt him intentionally. He was her flesh and blood and represented her last opportunity to have a loving relationship with one of her children.
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Turning angrier, Sheila grits at Steffy, “You couldn’t let that happen, could you?!” Steffy was the one who took her son’s daddy from him. This never would have happened if she’d showed her any compassion. “But you were too selfish for that! Too cruel! You want to blame this on me, but you know what really happened. I didn’t chase after you. You. Came. After. Me.” She seethes, “Finn would be still be here if it weren’t for you. You’d still have your husband and Hayes would still have his daddy, but no! You had to come after me. You had to attack me! I defended my relationship with my son. This is on you! Finn’s blood is on your hands, Steffy! Yours!” Steffy screams, “No! I’m not!” and Ridge holds her back as she lunges at Sheila.
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Next on The Bold and the Beautiful: Deacon doubles down on his theory about Ridge, and Steffy has another shocking memory return while fighting with Sheila.

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