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In her house, Steffy shouts to her parents that they should have known it was Sheila all along! Taylor asks if she’s sure. She is. Sheila shot her and killed her own son! Ridge questions if it’s a good idea to square off with Sheila. Steffy wants to look her in the eye and confront her about shooting her and Finn.

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At Il Giardino, Sheila marvels to Deacon over Taylor’s call inviting her to come over and see Hayes. “I never thought this day would come!” She can’t believe she’s going to be a part of the family and only wishes Finn were there to see it. Deacon tells the smiling Carter that she’s not going to be shut out any longer — nothing else matters!
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In their bedroom love nest, Donna dives under the covers as Eric takes a video call from Quinn, who declares, “I knew it! I knew I’d catch you!” Eric confirms he’s at the club and is shirtless because he’s about to shower. Donna titters under the blanket as he adds, “I’ve had a quite a workout.” Quinn signs off and Eric and Donna share a laugh.
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At the office, Carter, who came in as Quinn was concluding her call with her husband, urges her to go to the club and surprise Eric.
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In the bedroom, Donna asks Eric as he dresses, “Are you sure you have to leave?” He’s needed at the office. Donna massages his shoulders and he never wants her to stop. Eric wants her to know how much he appreciates her. “You’re such a breath of fresh air for me.” Donna worries they’re playing with fire — especially considering how volatile Quinn can be. Eric assures her they’ll be careful and no one will get hurt. “I have to go.” They kiss and Donna coos, “Until next time, my Honey Bear.”
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At the office, Quinn crows to Carter about how dedicated Eric has been to his new regimen at the club. She shares that she’s gifting her husband with a fit ring so she can track his heart rate. “The last thing I want is to lose my husband.” Carter has seen health rings before, but none with as much style. Quinn raves about the product, which is a great way for her to keep tabs on Eric. They chuckle over his new penchant for pickleball. Quinn confides that she won’t tell her husband it’s a health ring — it will be their secret. Eric arrives and Carter takes off. Quinn pulls Eric to her and says she missed him. “I hope you missed me too.”
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At the cliff house, Taylor and Ridge tell Steffy that everything is set. Sheila will be there any minute. Steffy reiterates that she’s 100% sure of what she remembered. Sheila arrives and Taylor lets her in. She’s surprised to see Steffy and Ridge — she presumed it would just be her and Taylor. Steffy tells her they were all waiting for her. “Thank you for coming.”

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Sheila is suspicious since Ridge is usually anything but glad to see him. “What’s different about today?” Taylor explains they’ve all experienced a profound loss. She talks about the effort Sheila has made since returning to town. Sheila notes that Steffy has refused to believe that. Taylor believes it. Ridge thinks it’s time for the animosity to end. Sheila points out that Steffy didn’t want her there earlier. Steffy informs her things have changed since then. Sheila is relieved to not be seen as a monster any longer and wishes with all of her heart that what happened in the alley didn’t happen, and that Finn was there with them now. She gets choked up over the idea of the family accepting her and tells them, “You have no idea how much this means to me.”
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At the office, Quinn is so glad that Eric’s been going to the club. He’s been so dedicated, which doesn’t surprise her given he’s so committed and devoted. She has a gift for him as a way of saying thank you for giving them a second chance. Quinn pulls out the health ring and tells him she designed it before putting it on his finger. She knows she slipped up, but it just made her appreciate his love, loyalty and faithfulness even more. “This ring is going to give us a long, happy healthy life together as husband and wife.” She kisses him and they embrace, with Eric looking disturbed.

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At Il Giardino, Deacon pours himself a club soda and toasts to Sheila finally getting what she deserves.

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At the cliff house, Sheila continues thanking Steffy, Taylor and Ridge. Steffy tells her she can stop. Sheila references the pain she’s in and wishes nothing had happened to Finn. Taking the step toward getting to know her grandson and this family is like a dream come true for her. Steffy recalls that when she first came to in the hospital, she couldn’t remember Finn and Hayes. What happened was so painful that she blocked it out and kept it buried. “But I remember now.” Sheila tells her, “Finn loved you and his son very much.” She hopes he loved her too. Steffy remarks that somehow, he was able to find a place for her in his heart — despite Sheila’s history with her family — that shows what a caring man he was. Steffy turns intense as she recalls the shooting and wonders what kind of a sick animal shoots a man in cold blood. Sheila feels they’re probably never going to find out, so it’s best they honor his life and not his death. Steffy scoffs, “Honor his life. A life that was taken from him so abruptly. A father who was taken from an innocent little boy… from me, his wife. Like I said, I remember now.” Sheila’s expression changes. Steffy grits, “That’s right Sheila, I remember. I remember everything. I know what you did that night.” She bellows, “How can you stand here and talk about loving and honoring him when it was YOU?!? You shot him! You pulled out your gun and you killed him. You killed your own son and then you shot me and left me to die! That’s the truth Sheila! You’re a murderer!!!”
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