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“No! This can’t be!” declares Steffy, still being rocked by memories. Concerned, Taylor and Ridge ask if she’s remembering the shooting. Rather than clarify things, Steffy simply asks, “Why was she there?” With the gentle prodding of World Renowned Psychiatrist (patent pending), Steffy reveals that she saw Sheila in the alley the night of the shooting! Taylor and Ridge are baffled… if Sheila was in the alley, wouldn’t she have said something to the police? (Somehow, despite Ridge having spent months warning that Sheila is dangerous, he doesn’t manage to put the pieces together. This is the one time that he’s not anxious to jump to the worst possible conclusion about her… or anyone else!)

Ridge urges his daughter to think back to the night and try to remember: Why was Sheila there? When Steffy struggles, Ridge urges her to remember everything for the sake of Finn. “He wasn’t there at first,” she recalls. The pieces begin falling into place as Steffy recalls meeting Sheila in the restaurant and then following her into the alley. “She’s very angry… she got in my face and pushed me against the dumpster! The look in her eyes… she said she was going to stop me… “

Ridge and Taylor sit gripped as Steffy continues telling what she remembers, tears beginning to flow. “I told her that she couldn’t see Finn again, or Hayes. That’s when she… ” And just like that, it comes back to her. Steffy recalls Sheila pulling out the gun and then shouts, “It was Sheila! She shot Finn! She killed her own son!” (Shockingly, this isn’t the episode’s cliffhanger.)

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At Il Giardino, Deacon points out that Sheila’s decision to pay Steffy a visit was a bad one. “It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that’d go over like a lead balloon,” he points out. That said, it doesn’t mean she has to pack up and leave town. Sheila, however — fully aware of what she’s done and that if Steffy remembers, she’s toast — insists that she is “out of options” and needs to get outta dodge while the getting is good. Deacon suggests that Sheila is in a better position than ever thanks to her friendship with Taylor, but the Genoa City transplant says the walls are closing in.

Deacon struggles to understand what Sheila’s talking about, and she says there’s no way he could possibly understand. “It would be best for everyone if I just left and never came back again!” But given that Sheila’s made progress with Taylor, why would she want to leave now, asks Deacon.

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Having officially friendzoned Zende, Paris tells Carter there’s no reason for them not to go public with their relationship. Unless, of course, he still has feelings for Quinn. Clearly, that would be a pretty big reason! And of course, just as Paris asks if Carter’s still got a thing for Eric’s wife, who should walk in but Quinn and her hubby! Stunningly, Paris prompts Carter to answer her question, present company be damned. Instead, Carter quickly gathers up his papers and suggests he and Paris beat a hasty retreat.

Crossing the hall to the design office, a clearly-ticked Carter asks why in the world Paris would do something like that. Paris says that the way he reacted makes it clear to her that he still has feelings for Quinn. (Apparently, it never occurred to her that what she did was wildly inappropriate under pretty much any circumstances!) “If you had it your way, you and Quinn would still be together,” she says.

Despite Carter’s best efforts at deflection, Paris says it’s clear to her he still has feelings for Quinn… and others, like Ridge and Eric, will pick up on it eventually, too. On a dime, Paris decides it’s okay that Carter still has feelings for Quinn. After all, she’s with Eric, which means Carter will have to find a way to move on. “And who better to move on with than me?” she asks, as if somehow being his second choice is a perfectly fine option.

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Just then, Quinn enters, asking for a moment alone with Paris. Once the young woman exits, Quinn says, “You know I was rescuing you, right?” Once alone, Carter says that Paris realizes he is still into Quinn. Increasingly upset, Quinn says she’s happy with Eric and can’t have Quinn walking around thinking otherwise. “It doesn’t matter what she thinks,” says Carter, insisting he and Quinn will never hurt Eric again. I’m always going to appreciate having a faithful husband!”

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Despite having told Quinn he had a meeting to attend, we see him making out with a half-dressed Donna, joking that he should have taken up pickleball years ago. (Looks like we can make pickleball references the latest entry in our Soap Opera Drinking Game!) Eric admits he can’t stop feeling guilty… but he also can’t stop thinking about Donna! She shares that the feeling is mutual. He admits that being with Donna feels like home. Although she suggests it’s the honey, he says that’s not it. “It’s being with you. Laughing with you. Kissing you. Holding you in my arms. I can not stay away from you! You bring me such joy,” he says, pulling her into another steamy kiss.

In the final moments, the details of the shooting come back to Steffy as she tells her parents that Sheila stood there and watched her son die. “I tried to call 9-1-1, and then she came at me, she pointed the gun at me. And she shot me.”

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Reeling, Steffy says, “Mom, you were gone for so many years because of her, and now she’s taken my husband away. She killed her own son! I’m not going to let her get away with this. I want her to suffer. I want Sheila Carter to pay!”

Next on The Bold and the Beautiful, someone can’t help feeling guilty about what they’ve done. (And believe it or not, it’s not Sheila!)

A whole lotta folks are going to be furious with Sheila, but which might go so far as to kill her

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