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“It was her,” shouts Steffy as we join the story where it left off yesterday at the cliff house. “It was Sheila! She shot me and she killed Finn!” Her memory fully returned, a weeping Steffy insists she has no doubts. “I have never been more certain about anything in my life! She did it! It was Sheila! She pulled the trigger and Finn saved my life. He jumped in front of the bullet, and she took him away from us! I am going to make her pay for what she’s done!”

When Steffy again says that Sheila murdered her own son, Ridge can’t help but say, “Of course she did.” Taylor wonders how her new BFF could have done so awful a thing. “She looked at me,” recalls Steffy, “and then shot me as her son lay dead in the alley.” Taylor laments having let Sheila into their lives, pointing out that as a World Renowned Psychiatrist, she should have seen this. Steffy drives home the point that Finn jumped in front of the bullet, and that she’s only alive because of her husband’s actions.

“I’m going to kill this woman,” growls Ridge. (Cuing us to say, “Get in line, buddy, because we have a list of suspects for the seemingly inevitable murder mystery!”) Taylor wants to call the police, but Steffy instead suggests they call Sheila and invite her over. “I want to see her face when she’s busted. I want to look her right in the eye and watch her squirm,” says the worked up widow.

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At Il Giardino, Deacon tells Sheila he can tell something’s not quite right, basing it on the fact that she’s saying “all kinds of crazy things,” including that her son would be alive if not for Steffy. When pressed, Sheila says that if Steffy had “handled things differently,” Finn would still be with them. “The way you’re talking, it’s almost as if you were there that night,” Deacon intuits.

Deacon continues asking exactly the right questions — if unintentionally — to get Sheila to say things she probably wouldn’t if not so worked up. She rants about Steffy only thinking about herself, adding that Steffy probably mouthed off to the person with the gun. “I’m sure it was never their plan to shoot two people,” she suggests, adding that she should have been there to protect her son. Deacon tells her she’s not responsible, and seems not to notice that she quickly looks away. “Your issues with Steffy did not cause this,” says Deacon, but Sheila remains convinced the best thing for everyone would be for her to leave town.

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In the design office, Carter admits to Quinn that maybe Paris picked up on a vibe which might have clued her in to the fact he’s not quite over Eric’s wife. “I’m not as good at hiding my feelings as he thought,” admits the human puppy dog with absolutely no poker face. The former lovers discuss how much is at stake and what they each stand to lose. Quinn admits that she’s attracted to “every single thing about” Carter, but adds that she loves her husband and they’re committed to one another. Quinn knows she broke Eric’s trust, and that’s something he would never, ever do to her.

Carter says he can think of 50 reasons that any man would be lucky to have Quinn. “Just 50?” she jokes, prompting him to up that number to a million. (Maybe we could settle on a mid-range number, like 2,500?) “I’ve been trying to be softer, more present, more vulnerable,” she says, wanting to be the woman Eric fell in love with. But he’s distant, between work and “his newfound love of pickleball.” (Yes, she really said that. And yes, by the rules of our drinking game, you need to chug.) “He’s still in the process of forgiving me, but I can’t wait for us to be close again,” she sighs. Carter suggests she reach out and make sure Eric knows how she feels.

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Meanwhile, Eric and Donna lounge peacefully in bed, loving the fact that in the little world they’ve created, there’s no drama and nobody to bother them. But she can tell her Honey Bear is feeling guilty about cheating on his wife. And sure, he’s thinking about Quinn while in bed with Donna, but she claims to have been thinking about Brad Pitt, which makes them just about even. “You always manage to bring a smile to my face,” declares Eric.

Donna insists she doesn’t want to complicate his life, but Eric says she’s the one thing in his life that isn’t complicated. “Being here with you, doing this is effortless. (How sweet of Donna to make adultery easy on the old guy!) Eric concludes that he has no regrets, because being with Donna is the best thing that’s happened to him in a very long time. Rather than feeling guilty, he’s grateful for everything Donna brings into his life. Just then, Quinn — taking Carter’s advice — calls Eric, who answers her… on video! “Where are you?” she asks.

In the final moments, Ridge suggests they need to have Sheila arrested rather than invite her over. “She will be,” says Steffy, “we’ll make sure of it. But I need to see her first!” Taylor’s reluctant, but Steffy wants her mom to reach out to Sheila and offer her exactly what she wants: to be part of their lives, and to see Hayes. “I need to feel like I’m avenging Finn’s death somehow,” declares Steffy. Taylor fears Sheila might bring a weapon, but Steffy says even the madwoman would never bring a firearm around Hayes. Reluctantly, Taylor dials Sheila’s number. Using Hayes as bait, Taylor asks if Sheila wants to come back over to the house. “I really want you to be here, Sheila,” deadpans Taylor. “I just want to see you get what you deserve. Finn would want this. We have to honor his memory.” Thrilled, Sheila accepts, clearly having no clue that she’s walking into a trap…

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At the house atop the cliff, Steffy is determined to see this through. “Finn’s the reason you still have a daughter, my kids still have a mother,” she tells her parents. “Because of my husband’s bravery. The sacrifice he made for all of us. I have to do this. I have to face his mother… his murderer! Sheila Carter has terrorized our family for far too long. It’s time to put an end to it once and for all!”

Next on The Bold and the Beautiful, Steffy and her parents set a trap for the most dangerous prey in Los Angeles… Sheila!

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