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At the cliff house, Steffy orders Sheila to stay put, “If you think you’re walking out of here, think again.” Sheila knows she made a mistake showing up uninvited but wonders why she’s telling her not to go. Steffy refuses to allow her to think she can show up whenever she wants, she’s not having it! Sheila understands but she misses Finn and just wants to hold her grandson. Whether Steffy likes it or not, they’ll always be connected. “You can go,” Steffy orders. Sheila apologizes then replies, “Don’t even think about me, Steffy, please don’t even think about me at all.”

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After Sheila leaves, Taylor apologizes — she didn’t know Sheila would show up. Steffy appears disturbed. Ridge returns from the guesthouse, learns Sheila was there and asks, “What did she want?” They assure him Sheila now knows she’s not welcome there. As Ridge rants to Taylor about Sheila, they suddenly notice Steffy’s preoccupied. Steffy begins to have memory flashes and says, “Something’s very wrong.” She explains her feeling of dread and how she can see herself in the alley at Il Giardino — and she can see Finn!

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Ridge and Taylor urge Steffy to breathe. She can picture the alley, a dumpster… “I can see Finn,” Steffy sighs. She sees a back door then Finn coming toward her. They didn’t come there together, she went there alone. Steffy says she went there to see someone — to confront them. “I was angry… Someone did something… that’s why I went there. I tried to stop them, I followed them to the alley, I grabbed them.” She has a memory of telling Sheila that she’s never going to see Finn and Hayes again. “Oh my God,” Steffy cries. “You know who did this, you know who did this to you and Finn?” Ridge asks. Steffy gasps in shock.

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Sheila arrives at Il Giardino. Deacon assumes she just left Steffy’s and asks how that went. When Shelia comments that her going there was risky, Deacon wonders what she means. She talks around the question and reminds Deacon that he himself said it was a bad idea for her to go over there. Sheila recalls wanting to be a mother to Finn, and how Steffy refused her, and now he’s gone. “I’m never going to see my son again,” Sheila says. “That’s all Steffy’s fault.” Deacon reminds Sheila Steffy is a victim too, none of this is her fault. Does she think Steffy could have saved Finn? Sheila tells him to ignore her and says she can’t be in L.A. anymore. She came because of Finn and now he’s gone. Steffy won’t let her have anything to do with Hayes so there’s nothing left for her there. “I have to go.”

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In the design office at Forrester, Zende is stunned that Paris is serious, “You have feelings for Carter?” Paris wasn’t expecting to fall for Carter — Zende is a great guy… “Have you been seeing Carter this whole time?” he seethes. It’s all so weird to him, why did she hide this from him? Paris clarifies that though she and Carter haven’t been dating, she’d like to. “So you should,” Zende replies. He just wants her to be happy, even though it’s not with him, and urges Paris to follow her heart — to Carter.

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Over in the main office, Carter talks about having to turn Paris away. Quinn can understand how hard it must be for Paris to get over him but says, “I’m just glad the feeling isn’t mutual.” She thinks there’s a much better match out there for him, “much better than Paris.” Carter tells Quinn to back off… he can’t describe how it happened but it felt good to have a woman look at him like that again — but it’s over. “Wise choice,” Quinn agrees. “Don’t worry, you will find the one.” She suggests he expand his dating pool outside of Forrester Creations. Carter laughs, he’s grown addicted to inner-office romance. Paris appears and asks, “Am I interrupting?” Carter explains they were just sharing a much-needed laugh then Quinn, who has “a reputation to uphold,” leaves.

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Paris informs Carter that she told Zende about them. Carter wonders what she was thinking. She was feeling guilty and couldn’t take it anymore but didn’t throw Carter under the bus. He reminds her they are friends, it’s not going to happen for them. Paris thinks he’s still hung up on Quinn.

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