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At the cliff house, Steffy paces, and pauses to look sadly at photos of her and Finn. Taylor appears and stands behind her. “I can’t imagine the pain you’re in.” Steffy can’t believe he’s gone and is never going to walk through the door again. “How can that be true?” He’s gone and she can’t do anything about it except try and find the monster who took Finn from her. Taylor assures her she’ll remember the shooting when she’s ready.
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Steffy grimaces. She’s tried so hard to remember and doesn’t want her brain to protect her. “I want to see the face of the monster who killed my husband!” Taylor assures her daughter that her memory will return and they’ll find out who did this.

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In her hotel room, Sheila fingers Finn’s wedding band and flashes to the shooting in the alley. Deacon hammers on the door and shouts for her to open up. She hides the ring and answers the door. Deacon says he wanted to make sure she didn’t do anything awful… anything she couldn’t take back. He hands over some takeout and Sheila asks if he thinks losing Finn is her karma for all the terrible things she’s done in her past. Deacon argues his death was the result of a random attack she had nothing to do with. Sheila grimaces. There’s only one thing that can help ease this pain. “Hayes. I need to see my grandson.”
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Deacon reminds Sheila it’s only a matter of time until Steffy remembers who the shooter was — maybe once that mystery is resolved, she’ll be able to deal with Sheila, but going over there now is a mistake. Sheila fumes through gritted teeth, “Thank you! Thank you so much for the good advice, my dear friend. But Hayes is my grandson and I need to see him. Facing Steffy might be a risk I have to take.”
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At Forrester, Quinn asks Carter’s opinion on some bracelets. He asks how things went with Eric last night. Quinn isn’t sure she should be discussing it with him — that’s what got them in trouble in the first place. They joke around a bit as she teases that she’s trouble personified. Carter shares that he kind of thinks he’s in trouble. She realizes, “Because of Paris.” Quinn can’t understand why he’d want to be with her. Carter guesses he was a bit on the rebound — he was crushed when Quinn went back to Eric. He needed to forget about them long enough to heal. Quinn asks if things are completely over between them. Carter replies, “Yeah. And thankfully, Zende’s none the wiser.”

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In the design office, Paris greets Zende, but pulls back when he gets up and tries to kiss her. He asks, “Are you okay? What’s going on?” Paris launches into praise about how he’s always encouraged her to be open and honest with him. It’s what he deserves when it comes to her feelings for him. Paris goes on to tell him what an amazing guy he’s been. He senses a turning tide and wonders why this feels like she’s about to end things between them. Zende must have misread something here because he never gave up on a future with her. Paris admits that somewhere along the line her feelings changed. Zende doesn’t regret a single moment they spent together, but he has to ask, “Is this about something missing with us, or is there someone else?” Paris confesses there is someone. “A man you know very well.” Zende asks, “Who?” Paris replies, “Carter. I have feelings for Carter.”
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In the main office, Carter explains to Quinn that Paris isn’t in love with Zende. Quinn reflects that he ticks all the boxes and asks what more Paris could want. She doesn’t like her, but she can understand why the young woman would fall in love with Carter. Quinn knows what it’s like to be up front and close to his charisma and sexual energy. “I’m familiar with your superpowers.” Carter chuckles, “Stop.” Quinn knows him well and thinks what he’s not saying is that he may have got caught up in this whole Paris thing, but he doesn’t feel the same way about her that she does about him. Carter smiles as Quinn adds, “I know I’m right, you don’t even have to say it.”

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At the cliff house, Taylor explains to Steffy that her memory could be triggered when she least expects it. Steffy goes off to the bedroom to see to Hayes and a knock comes at the door. Taylor opens it to Sheila, who wants to see her grandson. Taylor tells Sheila she shouldn’t have come — Steffy doesn’t need anymore stress. Sheila reminds her she lost Finn too and Hayes is the only connection she has with him. Taylor understands, but she should have called. “Come in.”

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Once inside, Sheila walks to the kitchen and complains that Li shut her out and wouldn’t even let her say a final goodbye to her son. She doesn’t even want to open her eyes in the morning knowing he’s gone. Taylor asks if she’s thinking of harming herself again. Sheila says, “No.” Taylor is glad — Finn wouldn’t want that. She urges her not to make the pain worse by blaming herself for something that wasn’t her fault.
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Steffy comes out of the bedroom and asks what Sheila is doing there. Taylor quickly says she shouldn’t have come unannounced. She wants to see Hayes. Steffy states that that’s not going to happen. Taylor knows, but reminds her Hayes is all Sheila has left of her son. Steffy is sorry, but her door isn’t open to Sheila and she’s not allowed to see Hayes. “You know it. So why are you here?” Sheila decides this was a bad idea. She’ll go, but first she wants to tell her how sorry she is, “For your loss and mine.” She’s about to walk out when Steffy barks, “Wait! You’re not going anywhere Sheila!” Steffy’s brain flashes as Sheila stops in her tracks.

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