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At the cliff house, Liam embraces an emotional Steffy, who sobs, “I hate this,” and assures her she doesn’t have to be strong for everyone else. He’s there for her.

At the cabin, Brooke advises Hope not to listen to Thomas, who is trying to make her doubt her marriage. Hope won’t do that, but she can still not like that he spent the night at Steffy’s.

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At the office, Quinn tells Carter that getting back on track with Eric is taking time. She wishes he was around more often. Quinn’s glad he’s enjoying pickleball and the club… at least he’s being more active. Quinn assures Carter she’s not feeling neglected — clearly, pickleball energizes him. She just misses spending time with him. She used to be the thing that excited him the most and now she’s not so sure.
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In bed, Eric gushes about the way Donna makes him feel. “You make me feel lighter, that’s for sure.” She replies, “Same.” He reminds her he’s a married man. Donna recaps all the years of looking at him across the desk and not being able to tell him how she felt. Eric tells Donna she makes him happier than he probably has a right to be. Donna feels everyone deserves someone to excite them. He’s always been that for her, and now she can do that for him as well. They kiss.
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At the cabin, Hope tells her mother that what Steffy is going through is tragic, and she’s sure it’s comforting to have Liam there for both her and Kelly. Brooke agrees, but points out that Beth needs him too.

At the cliff house, Liam assures Steffy she doesn’t have to hide her grief with him. Taylor and Ridge come in and thank him for staying the night. “Kelly is going to need her dad like she’s never needed him before,” Taylor states. “I sense Steffy feels the same way.”
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In the office, Quinn likes that she and Carter can still talk and be open with each other. Carter does too. They agree what they had was more than just physical. Quinn never had a to play a part with him; she could always just be herself. “You showed me what I deserve and what I have to offer.” Carter thinks Eric knew it too, he just didn’t express it. Quinn puzzles over that. Carter’s glad that Quinn was able to save her marriage.

In the bedroom, Donna prances around in pink lingerie. Eric reflects that if Quinn knew what was going on between them, she’d be devastated. “I care about her.” Donna coos that he has the biggest, most generous heart – he wants to make everyone happy. She can’t be jealous of that… as long as he’s sharing this part with her. “Okay?” she asks. He smiles. “Okay.” They kiss.
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In the office, Quinn and Carter discuss her trying to get back in sync. She complains it’s aking forever. “It was always easy, but now, not so much.” Quinn knows she needs to be patient. Eric’s worth it. She just has to have complete faith in her husband’s commitment to her.

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In the bedroom, Donna sits on Eric’s lap. She doesn’t want to put him on the spot. Eric notes she brings such positivity and light to his life. “It’s exactly what I need. Positivity, and caring… and you make me laugh.” Donna tells him he is, and always will be, the great love of her life. They start kissing passionately.

At the cabin, Liam assures Hope and a disapproving Brooke that he really did mean to call from Steffy’s. Hope points out that Steffy has a great support network and suggests that Kelly could spend the night there. Liam thinks his daughter needs to be with her mom right now. Hope wonders what that means for him and how much time he anticipates spending there. Liam gives a stammering non-response. Brooke asks about Ridge. She knows he’s doing everything he can for his daughter, but it breaks her heart knowing he’s not coming home.

At the cliff house, Ridge tells Steffy they’re there, whatever she needs. Taylor hugs and kisses Steffy before urging her to go get some rest. Ridge embraces his daughter as she goes. “I love you, okay?” Once alone, Ridge assures Taylor she’ll be alright. Taylor is just glad they’re dong this together and showing their kids they can rely on their parents. Ridge muses, “And that their parents can rely on each other.”

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In the office, Carter wonders if Quinn has been clear with Eric about how much she misses him. In his shoes, Carter would take a very long sabbatical. Quinn muses, “Says the man who wanted to run away with me.” Carter recaps that he didn’t want that kind of relationship with her and vows not to get involved with anyone who is already taken again. Quinn plans to remain as faithful to her husband as he’s always been to her.

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In the bedroom, Donna wants to treasure every little moment she has with her honeybear. She kisses Eric’s forehead and they embrace.

In her living room, Brooke wonders, “Why won’t you come home, Ridge?”

At Steffy’s place, Taylor gets worked up worrying about all the things she missed. Ridge tells her, “You’re here now, and Doc… I couldn’t be more grateful.” Hearing him use the nickname reminds her of happier times, but she doesn’t thing they’re going to see those for a while. She frets about Steffy not remembering the shooting and Hayes having to grow up without a father. Ridge assures they’ll find a way to get their daughter through this and make sure she’s okay. “She has you. You’re going to be here, and so am I.” Taylor nods, “Good, cause I need you to be.” Ridge promises, “I’m not going anywhere.” They hug and then Ridge pulls Taylor into a deep kiss.
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At her house, Brooke muses, “Please Ridge,” as she gazes at framed photos of them together and stares at the door. “Come home.”

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