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In the office, Eric and Quinn discuss Steffy being released from the hospital. Eric can’t get his mind around this senseless tragedy — a random back-alley robbery gone wrong. Quinn is asking about Steffy’s memory when Eric gets a text. He reads it and gets distracted. She calls him on it. Just then, Carter comes in. Seeing Eric and Quinn together, he says he can come back later. Eric urges the COO to come on in, they were just talking about Steffy. They go over how hard it will be for her to go on without Finn, but recap that she has many people supporting her, including Liam, who still loves and cares for her.
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Brooke arrives at the cabin, where Hope tells her that she doesn’t know where Liam is. “He didn’t come home last night.” Brooke is scandalized. Thomas arrives and Hope tells him Liam never made it back last night. He gawps, “Seriously? Liam stayed the night at Steffy’s?” Hope nods.
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At Steffy’s place, Liam awakens on the sofa with Kelly sleeping on his chest. He reaches for his phone and muses, “Oh no… Hope.” Steffy appears and thanks him for staying the night… it meant a lot to the kids, and to their mom too. Liam strokes Kelly’s head and asks Steffy how she slept. She was glad to be out of the hospital. Liam reminds her she still has to take it easy. Steffy promises she will. Kelly wakes up, pleased to see that her daddy’s still there. Liam assures her he’ll always be there for her… and her mommy.
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In the office, Eric updates Carter and Quinn that the kids still don’t know about Finn. He thinks Liam will be a great help in all of this. Eric gets a message and has to go… to pickleball. Carter has papers to go over, and Quinn wants to do lunch after, but the Forrester just grunts, “Maybe, we’ll see,” and continues out the door. Carter asks Quinn if everything is okay. She’s not sure how to answer that. Like she confided earlier, things haven’t been the same between them since they got involved. They go over how they connected; how Carter listened to her and didn’t judge her. She let it go too far. Quinn hopes their marriage will get back into sync at some point. Carter wants that for her. Quinn knows he wants her happiness, and she wants the same thing for him.
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At the cabin, Thomas doesn’t want to get involved as Brooke urges Hope to give Liam another call. He can’t help but remind her that they all know how Liam feels about Steffy, however. “This is just Liam. It’s how it is. It’s who Liam is when it come to Steffy. It’s the truth.” Brooke erupts, “We are all aware that Liam and Steffy have history.” She points out that Thomas once tried to take advantage of it. Hope interrupts to say that she, better than anyone, knows the history. But there’s a way to do this that is respectable. Thomas agrees, but thinks she should be saying this to Liam rather than to him and Brooke.
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Liam plays with Kelly at the cliff house and reminds the girl she has to go easy on her mother since she just got out of the hospital. Kelly thinks it was fun having her daddy stay, but she didn’t like it when her mommy was gone. Steffy reassures her and suggests she go into bed and drift off again. Kelly asks if her dad will still be there when she wakes up. “I don’t want you to go!” Once Kelly’s gone back to bed, Liam warns Steffy that their daughter has realized Finn is missing, though she hasn’t said anything. He promises they’ll tell her together when the time comes. His phone rings — it’s Hope. He apologizes and explains that he fell asleep on the sofa with Kelly and his phone died. Hope lets him know she fell asleep on the couch waiting for him. She asks how Steffy is doing before suggesting he should come home. Liam disconnects and assures Steffy that Hope understands. Steffy questions, “Does she? Really?”

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In the office, Carter and Quinn are glad they can still talk. She values their friendship and always will. Carter thinks it’s clear she loves her husband… it will work itself out. Quinn just has to remember how lucky she is to have a wonderful honest man, who is completely committed to her.

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In a bedroom, Eric reaches for a bottle of honey on the nightstand. He turns to his bed partner — Donna — who croons, “My sweet, sexy honeybear,” and kisses him.
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In the cabin, Hope informs a skeptical Thomas and Brooke that Liam is on his way home and spent the night at the cliff house to support his daughter, as he should have.

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At the cliff house, Liam assures Steffy that Hope understands. Steffy breaks down talking about being strong for the kids. Liam urges her to give herself time to process her grief and mourn Finn. She tells him it meant a lot that he stayed last night; she’s so grateful for him. He assures her she doesn’t have to thank him — they’re a family and they will always be a family. He holds her.

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