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At the cliff house, Taylor holds Hayes and admires Kelly’s sign for her mother. Thomas admits he wasn’t sure this homecoming was going to happen The door opens and Ridge wheels Steffy in. Kelly draws her mommy’s attention to the sign she made and proclaims she’s a big girl. Steffy embraces her. “Mommy’s home.”

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In the cabin, Hope recaps that Douglas went to a sleepover and talk turns to Steffy going home. Liam knows she’s raw and feels he should be there for her and the kids. Hope advises he let her have her family moment tonight — he can see her in the morning.

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At Steffy’s place, the kids sit on her on the sofa and Kelly gives her a hand-picked bouquet of flowers. The family feels they have a lot to celebrate. Steffy looks at a large portrait of her and Finn on the wall and turns sad. Ridge and Thomas take the kids and Steffy asks Taylor, “How do I do this, mom? How do I do this without Finn.” Hayes’ father is never coming home.
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At the cabin, Liam takes a call from Steffy’s phone — it’s Kelly whispering that she wants him to come. He assures her he’ll see her soon. Liam disconnects and explains to Hope that he can’t say no to his daughter. Hope demurs, “Of course.” He takes off and Hope pours his wine into her glass. Brooke appears and learns Liam went to be with Steffy instead of staying there for their night in. Hope recaps that Steffy survived a gunshot wound, which deserves to be celebrated. Talk turns to Ridge staying in the guest house. Brooke doesn’t think it will last much longer and assure Hope that Liam will be back soon. Hope worries about the dark cloud hanging over of the empty space Finn left behind.
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At the cliff house, Taylor comforts Steffy as she remarks that it’s unfair Finn is gone. Steffy can’t imagine how scared Finn must have been in those last moments. Taylor promises to be there for her, but for tonight, she wants to focus on her homecoming and reunion with the kids. Steffy wonders when she should tell the kids. Taylor vows they’ll figure that out, but not now. The kids rejoin Steffy on the sofa. She thanks Kelly for looking after her little brother. Liam comes in and Kelly runs to him. He’s happy to see Steffy back home on her couch, surrounded by all the people who love her, and who she loves.
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At the cabin, Hope updates Brooke that Liam has texted to say he’s staying longer at Steffy’s. Brooke thinks it’s kind of late. They go over Hope accepting that Liam and Steffy will always be connected. Hope admits she overheard something at the hospital. “It’s the same old stuff.” She heard Liam tell Steffy he’ll always have a place in his heart, and sometimes that’s hard to hear. Thomas walks in as she’s finishing her statement. Hope reminds him Douglas isn’t there. Thomas doesn’t want to sound like a jerk, but Liam is always going to love Steffy.

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At the cliff house, the kids have been put to bed, and Steffy tells Liam it was sweet of him to stop by. He confesses that Kelly stole her phone and called him to come over. They share a laugh at the little stinker. Steffy turns serious. She just wishes she knew who did this to Finn… and to her. Steffy decides her parents need some rest, so they say their good nights. Steffy thanks Liam for being there. He tells her, “Of course.” Kelly reappears and says seeing them together is better than all the kitties and puppies in the whole wide world. She climbs on the sofa with them.
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When Liam offers to put Kelly to bed and read her another story, the girl gives her mom another hug first. Once they’re gone to the bedroom and she’s alone, Steffy tears up.
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At the cabin, Hope tells Thomas she still hasn’t heard from Liam in a while. Thomas reiterates that he’ll always care about Steffy and admits he’s worried about Hope getting hurt. He doesn’t like to see her in the same position her mom is in — with a man whose heart is split between two women.

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At the cliff house, Liam emerges from Kelly’s room to find Steffy in an emotional state. She thinks this is affecting Kelly. Liam pats her back and tries to be reassuring. She asks him not to go — she doesn’t want to be alone on the first night without Finn. She sobs at all the firsts she’s going to have to face with him gone. “I’m grateful to be back, but all the memories of Finn…” She keeps thinking she’ll hear his car pull up, but he’s never coming back. It feels as though her heart is being ripped out of her. “Please don’t go. I don’t want to be alone.” Liam will stay and reminds her he’ll always be there for her.

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