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In Steffy’s room, Sheila looms over her sleeping form and wonders how long it will be until she remembers every sickening detail of that night. She thinks to herself, “I don’t want to do this but I don’t see any other way.” She reaches toward the buttons on Steffy’s pain med machine.
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In the hallway, Hope and Liam go over Steffy getting lucky and surviving.

Nearby, Brooke knows that Steffy is Ridge’s priority right now. She will need his support and Brooke wants to be there to help. “I am your wife… and I just can’t spend anther night without you.” Ridge informs her that he needs to be there with Steffy right now. Brooke thinks it’s only a matter of time before she comes home. When she does, they’ll all be there, including her, Hope and Liam. But Ridge should come home to her.
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Taylor joins them and talks about Steffy having to raise her son without a father. Liam asks if Steffy’s still resting. He frowns and is getting some kind of feeling. He assures Taylor and Hope he won’t wake her if she’s resting and heads toward her room.

In Steffy’s room, Sheila recaps in her mind that everyone is just going to think Steffy found a way to get more pain meds. She thinks, “Goodbye, Steffy” and reaches for the pain med machine to dial it up to overdose. As her finger’s about to touch the button, Liam’s voice rings out. “Sheila?! What are you doing here?”
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In the waiting area, Brooke tells Ridge that Steffy and Finn will never get another day together as husband and wife. He’s never going to come home “But you can.” Ridge asks her to stop but Brooke can’t live with the gulf between them one more day. Ridge assures her that her support means a lot. Brooke wants to be by his side but doesn’t know what to do or say to get him to work on their marriage. Ridge misses her and he thought their marriage was solid… they’ll have a conversation but not now. He needs to focus on his daughter and her recovery. “Okay?” Brooke nods. “Okay.”

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Outside Steffy’s room, Taylor asks Hope how she is doing and thanks for her helping out with the kids. It’s amazing how a crisis can bring people together. Hope recaps that Steffy and Liam share a child together. Taylor remarks that Steffy will need a lot of support from people she trusts — like Liam. Hope reminds her they need to be realistic; eventually she’ll remember all the awful details of that night. That’s why Taylor’s so glad Liam’s stepped up. Ridge and Brooke join them and Taylor reiterates that she was just telling Hope how glad she is that Liam’s agreed to be there for their daughter.

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In Steffy’s room, Liam tells Sheila she shouldn’t be in there. Sheila argues that she was checking on her and is a nurse. Liam counters, “You’re not her nurse.” Sheila insists she’s invested in her recovery. Liam guesses that’s because she thinks she might know what happened to Finn. Sheila complains about being an outsider. “I wanted to do something for Steffy now that she’s getting stronger and starting to remember things.” Just then, Steffy awakens. She sees Liam first and then focuses on Sheila. “You again.” Steffy acknowledges they are both grieving but that doesn’t make them friends. Sheila mutters that if she’d just given her a chance everything could have been so different. She’ll leave the two of them alone, but adds, “I will be back.”
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Outside the room, Sheila hisses to herself, “I have to put an end to this. Steffy can never remember the details of Finn’s death.” She curses Liam for interrupting. “I could have put an end to this once and for all!’ Taylor happens along and asks if she’s okay. Sheila’s just feeling a little hopeless right now. Taylor realizes this must be torture for her. Sheila confirms, “It just keeps getting worse and worse.” Taylor promises her the truth will come out and they’ll find the person who did this to Finn and Steffy.

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Elsewhere, Brooke questions Hope about Taylor’s angle where Liam’s concerned. She doesn’t trust her. She claims she didn’t come back to Los Angeles for Ridge, but she’s with Ridge, and she’s going to want Liam and Steffy to get back together. Hope tells her mother she’s not helping and walks off.

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In Steffy’s room, Liam wonders if there’s a way to keep Sheila out. Steffy learns that she’s been there the whole time and muses about her grieving. She reflects on blocking out Finn and their son. Liam thinks it’s a miracle she remembered anything at all when she woke up. Steffy wants to go home and be with her babies. Hope watches through the window as Liam assures Steffy she won’t have to do any of this alone. Her family will live on through the memories of Finn she’ll share with her children. Steffy laments that Hayes will never get time with his father. Liam knows she’ll get through this — she’s a survivor. “You have so many people you can count on, including me.” Steffy sighs, “What about Hope?” Liam is married to Hope, but won’t let Steffy go through this alone. Hope looks in as Steffy and Liam hold hands.

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