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In the hospital, Steffy’s family members, and even Sheila, cry as they watch her weep over Finn’s death. She gasps, “Wh-wh-why?” Thomas says nobody knows yet. Steffy gasps, “He’s dead? Someone shot and killed my husband?” She sobs.

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In the hall, Bridget listens as Hope wonders how it’s going with Steffy and Brooke notes it will be painful, but they couldn’t let her go on believing Liam was her husband! The blonde figures this must be killing Ridge and wishes she could be there for him. Her daughters encourage her not to give up hope — they always work things out.
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In Steffy’s room, Steffy cries, “How could I forget Finn? And now he’s gone.” She sobs and looks at Liam. “I thought we were together.” He’s still there for her and always will be. Sheila steps forward and says “I will be too, if you’ll let me.” Finn was her son and knowing that he’ll never… She chokes up. “I’m sorry. It’s just painful knowing that he’s gone.” Steffy cries.

In the hall, Brooke feels selfish for worrying about her problems with Ridge when Steffy is in a hospital bed after being shot. Bridget and Hope assure her she’s not selfish and everything will be fine.

In her room, Steffy remembers that Sheila is Finn’s mother — she gave birth to him. She realizes the woman is hurting; she just got to know him and now he’s gone. Sheila doesn’t know if she’ll ever be able to accept or understand it. “How could this have happened? It was my last chance to be part of a family; to be accepted, and now… I’m sorry for you too, Steffy, and Hayes.” She chokes up over the little boy growing up without a father. “None of this should have happened. None of it.” Taylor states it was a senseless act, but they’ll be there for one another and grieve together. Hayes will know of his father through pictures and stories. “Finn will not be forgotten,” Taylor vows. Ridge adds they won’t forget that someone is responsible — they’ll find them and put them away. Sheila decides to leave, but turns back to say, “You could have told me to leave, that I didn’t belong and that I was never Finn’s mother, but you chose kindness.” That little bit of understanding meant a lot. “So, thank you. You’ll never know how sorry I am. How terribly sorry I am always going to be.”
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Bridget joins the group in Steffy’s room to see how it’s going. They update her that Steffy is starting to remember, which is good. Bridget tells Steffy, “I’m so sorry.” She confirms that Steffy knows about Finn, and Steffy presses to see Hayes. When she says she’s tired, Bridget asks them to wrap it up. Steffy croaks, “My son, please.” They all reassure her and vow to help her heal.

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In the hall, Brooke wonders if they should go in, but Hope cautions that they don’t want to overwhelm her. They go over Liam still caring for Steffy. Liam appears and updates them that Steffy’s memories started coming back. “It was horrible,” he explains, when she realized the husband she’d only just remembered was gone.

Nearby, Taylor and Ridge stand with Thomas and Bridget, who apologizes to the psychologist for Steffy being told the truth without them discussing it first. She thought it was time. As Sheila sits and listens to them, they all agree that it’s only a matter of time now before the rest of Steffy’s memories return and she can tell them who did this. The nurse interrupts to ask about pain meds and Bridget knows Steffy doesn’t want to go down the road of addiction again. “We’re watching her very closely.”
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In Steffy’s room, Sheila stands over her in the dim lighting as she sleeps.

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In a waiting area, Brooke joins Ridge, who is sitting alone. She embraces him. Ridge admits he never thought he’d have to tell his daughter her husband is gone. Brooke wants to hold him and support him as a wife should. Ridge begins, “Logan, look I…” Brooke interrupts to say that as his wife she should be there as his anchor. She wants him to lean on her. “I want to be there as your wife and I want us to be there for each other. Please, just come home. Come home to me, please.”

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In the hall, Liam talks to Hope about his worries for the children now that Finn’s gone and their mother is grieving in the hospital. “It’s a lot. I’ll step up.” Hope admires his strength and reminds him that he’s got her too — she’ll help with Steffy and the kids. Steffy’s family is an amazing support system too and will pitch in. Liam feels it’s his job as Kelly’s father to be there. Hope agrees that it is but tells him that now he can also breathe. Though it will be a difficult road, Steffy survived. Whoever wanted to end her life didn’t succeed.
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In Steffy’s room, Sheila thinks that she’s running out of time. Steffy could remember what happened the next time she opens her eyes. She can’t let her send her back to prison. She flashes to Bridget talking about Steffy’s addiction. She thinks an overdose would solve all her problems. “What a shame knowing your former struggle. You must have somehow gotten your hands on more meds. That would be believable.” She never wanted it to come to this; an unfortunate end… but a necessary one. Sheila reaches for the dial on Steffy’s machine.

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