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In the hospital waiting area, Brooke complains to Liam that Steffy is becoming more and more dependent on him and Hope jumps in to say that she doesn’t even know about Finn and Hayes. She believes Liam should be the one to tell her as sensitively as possible. “But Steffy should know you’re not her husband.” Brooke knows it won’t be easy. Liam reminds them what Taylor said about her needing time. Hope argues it’s just delaying the inevitable. She thinks helping her come to terms with reality might be the kinder thing in the end. It also might help her recall who shot them.

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In Steffy’s hospital room, Sheila reaches for the IV as she sleeps. In her mind, Sheila wonders why Steffy couldn’t just accept her into the family; none of this had to happen. “Now you’ve given me no other choice.” As she reaches for the dial on the machine, Taylor, behind her, says, “Sheila.”
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In the waiting area, Liam hears what Brooke and Hope are saying but he’s still unconvinced. Bridget happens along and announces that she thinks Steffy can handle the truth now, based on her latest test results. Ridge and Thomas join them and Brooke shares the good news. Ridge and Thomas remind them that Taylor wanted then to be cautious — they shouldn’t rush into anything. Hope thinks that if Liam tells her… Thomas stops her. Taylor and Ridge should weigh in on this. Ridge knows Liam would tell her gently, but it’s concerning. Hope interjects that all of them want what’s best for Steffy. Ridge declares that he wants to be there when Liam talks to her. Liam nods.
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In Steffy’s room, Taylor says she knows what Sheila is doing. Sheila nervously asks, “You do?” Taylor thinks she’s trying to make sense of everything that’s happened. She reminds her that they still have Hayes and that, soon, Steffy will remember who did this to her and Finn. “You want that, don’t you?” Steffy begins to wake up. Taylor, Thomas and Ridge file in. Steffy smiles upon seeing Liam and tells Thomas she’s glad he’s there. She’s glad all of them are there… she just doesn’t understand why Sheila is there. Liam clears his throat and tells Steffy that the reason Sheila is there is because she suffered a loss too. Taylor asks, “What are you doing?” Bridget assures Taylor that she thinks it’s time. Taylor disagrees — she’s too fragile. Steffy wants her husband to tell her what’s going on. Liam explains there are some things she can’t recall, and it’s their job now to help her fill in the blanks. Behind everyone, Sheila grits her teeth in frustration at this new turn of events.
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In the hallway, Brooke assures Hope she wasn’t being too pushy about Liam telling Steffy the truth. Keeping up that illusion wasn’t fair to anybody. Bridget appears and hopes she won’t be needed in there. Brooke asks how Taylor reacted. Bridget confirms she wasn’t pleased. Brooke is sure Liam will be gentle and sensitive. Bridget muses that the reality is, no one can protect her from what she’s about to hear.

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In Steffy’s room, Liam explains there are still some things she needs to know. Ridge rasps, “We’re going to find out who did this to you. To both of you.” Liam tells her she was with someone that night. “Finn. Dr. Jonathan Finnigan. Does that sound familiar at all?” Taylor explains he came into her life when she needed him most. Ridge says he saved her life. Liam wonders if she remembers him at all. Steffy’s brain flashes to Finn. Ridge pulls out their wedding photo on his phone and shows it to her. Her mind flashes back to the wedding briefly. Liam says he’ll always love her, and they have Kelly, but she also has another child — a baby boy she shares with Finn. “Hayes.” Steffy repeats the name. Liam tells her he’s not her husband. “You’re married to Finn.” Steffy says his name a couple times and then realization dawns. She exclaims, “I remember! Finn!” She wants to see her husband and her son. “Let me see them! Please, let me see them?!” Taylor and Sheila both fight tears.
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In the hallway, Hope tells Brooke and Bridget that the kids are fine. Steffy’s children don’t realize what their mother is going through. They lament a maniac with a gun taking Finn’s life. Hope hopes Steffy can remember who did this, even though it will be horrific for her to re-live. Brooke knows Ridge will track down the assailant himself if he has to.

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In her hospital room, Steffy asks where Finn and Hayes are. She wants to hold her son and see his daddy. Liam assures her that Hayes is in good hands. Steffy assumes that means he’s at home with Finn. Thomas says he’s with Amelia. Steffy asks why Finn isn’t there. Everyone looks uncomfortable. Ridge moves up beside her bed and reminds her she wasn’t alone in the alley when she was shot. Finn was there; he was brave and protecting her. Thomas and Taylor tell her how much he loved her and was there for her until the end. Steffy asks why they’re talking this way. Taylor cries, “I’m so sorry, sweetheart. Finn is gone.” Steffy croaks, “Gone?” She breaks down sobbing. “Finn’s gone?!? He’s gone?!? What?!?” Taylor holds her, Sheila cries and turns awa

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