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In her hospital room, Steffy talk about how good it feels to be with her family again. Kelly says she missed her. Steffy missed her too, and missed her husband. Hope watches as the threesome share a close moment.
Liam, Kelly, Steffy hospital B&B

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In the hallway, Brooke accuses Taylor of taking advantage of Steffy’s memory loss. Taylor denies it. Brooke thinks that telling her would help her realize she has a little boy who lost his father and she’d want to be there. Taylor won’t risk her daughter’s welfare and tells Brooke that accusing her of using Steffy’s condition to try and play matchmaker for her and Liam is appalling — even for her!
Brooke, Taylor hospital B&B

Elsewhere in the hospital, Ridge tells Sheila to go home and get some rest. When they find out who did this — and they will — she’ll be his first phone call. Sheila fumes that he’s never had much use for her — even after she saved Taylor’s life. Ridge is grateful she saved Taylor, but the only reason she was on the roof was because Sheila was up there trying to end her life. Sheila wishes she hadn’t got there in time. Ridge tells her, “Don’t do that.” He can only imagine what kind of demons she has running around in her head to lead her to a place like that.
Ridge, Sheila confrontation B&B

In the waiting area, Brooke is sorry for what Taylor is going through, but says it’s ridiculous to let her daughter live in this fantasy world. “It’s ridiculous and it’s wrong. It’s wrong!”

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Outside Steffy’s room, Bridget hugs Hope and tells her, “I’m really, really proud of you.” Bridget joins Liam and Kelly in Steffy’s room and explains he needs to rest. Liam and Kelly say their goodbyes and Steffy assures her little girl she’ll be home soon.

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In the hall, Brooke insists she’s not being unsympathetic, she just doesn’t see how letting Steffy live a lie is helpful. Taylor explains she needs a buffer. Brooke thinks Taylor should step up and be that; it’s too much of a burden to put on Hope and Liam. Hope joins them and Taylor senses something is wrong. “Is it Steffy?” Hope says Steffy is more than fine and spending time with her daughter and husband. “My husband.” Brooke narrows her eyes at Taylor.

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Nearby, Ridge is sorry that Sheila lost her chance to reconnect with her son, and hopes she’ll get the help she needs — from anyone other than Taylor. He vows they’ll find who did this to their kids and bring them to justice. Just then, Deputy Chief Baker appears. He wants to talk to Steffy again. Ridge updates him that Steffy can’t remember Finn at all. Baker feels it’s obvious she’s repressing memories but still wants to interview her. Ridge won’t let him mention Finn. Baker thinks all they’ll need is patience and the memories will resurface. “And the perp will be caught.”

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In the hallway, Hope fears this could be confusing for Kelly now that Steffy is calling Liam her husband. Liam joins them and says Kelly is with Amelia. He thinks Kelly may be a little confused but less so than if she was at home. Brooke still has major issues allowing Steffy to believe Liam is her husband. Liam gets it and thanks Hope for her patience. She admits it’s a little weird to see. Brooke confronts Taylor angrily again: “This is taking a toll on my daughter. Somebody has to tell Steffy the truth.” Taylor retorts, “Absolutely not. I’m sorry, did you say this is taking a toll on your daughter? These last few hours? Steffy just regaining consciousness… she was shot, her husband died.” “I’m so sorry if this is too much for you,” she directs at Hope. No one is telling Steffy the truth.
Brooke, Taylor, Liam, Hope hospital B&B

In Steffy’s room, Bridget is optimistic she won’t have any setbacks. Steffy wants to be at home with her husband and her daughter. “I want the three of us together. And then I’ll feel better.” Bridget cautions they need to take it one step at a time. Ridge comes in with Baker and Sheila follows. Bridget leaves them to it. Baker tells Steffy he needs her insight into what happened that night in the alley so they can find the person responsible for shooting her. Steffy will do her best. Sheila stares at her intensely.
Bridget, Steffy hospital B&B

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In the hallway, Taylor explains that Steffy cannot process what happened that night. She’s latching onto Liam and memories from before that time. Hope understands, but if her memory doesn’t sort itself out on its own, her mother has a point — is she to go on like this for years? It’s unsustainable. Taylor realizes that, but Steffy just woke up. “Just give her a second. Right now maybe all she can do is heal her body.” She can’t cope with what happened but her memory will come back when she’s ready. There’s nothing anyone is going to do to cause her to have a setback. Bridget joins them and Brooke wants her to tell them if she thinks Steffy is too fragile to hear the truth right now. Bridget and the neurologist agree it’s best if her memory is allowed to come back on its own — it could be happening right now while she’s talking to Baker.

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In Steffy’s room, Baker assures Steffy they won’t stop until they find and arrest this perp. He asks her to think back to the night in question she was standing in the alley behind Il Giardino. “Do you know why you were there?” Steffy murmurs, “Something urgent.” She can’t remember why. He asks if she was with someone. She says, “No,” but she flashes to the “Deliveries Only” sign on the door. She sees some more flashes of light from the alley. Ridge asks, “Who shot you.” Steffy looks at Sheila.
Baker, Ridge, Steffy hospital B&B

Next on The Bold and the Beautiful: Sheila intervenes when Ridge and Deputy Chief Baker push Steffy to remember the shooting.

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