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In Steffy’s hospital room, Liam assures her everything is going to be okay. She agonizes over not being able to remember being shot. Liam says what’s important is that she’s safe and her family’s there. She touches his arm, “My husband.” Liam talks to her about getting better and going home. Steffy nods — going home together; the two of them. Suddenly, she remembers their daughter, Kelly, and wants to see her.

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In the waiting area, Taylor tells Brooke that Steffy’s memory loss is a coping mechanism. Brooke asks for clarification. Taylor explains she doesn’t have the resources to deal with Finn’s death. Brooke doesn’t want to interfere with Steffy’s treatment but can’t have her calling Liam her husband. Taylor and Ridge remind the blonde that Steffy’s very fragile right now. Sheila takes in the back and forth. Ridge informs Brooke that they need to let his daughter heal.
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In the room, Steffy tells Liam she wants their family together at home. “Just the three of us.” Liam stammers that he’s not sure that’s a good idea. She insists on seeing Kelly. Liam will go get her, but reminds her Bridget said they shouldn’t be rushing things.

Liam joins Hope in the hall and updates her that Steffy wants to see Kelly. Hope asks if she mentioned Finn or Hayes at all. Liam replies, “Nope.” She must be repressing the memory of Finn and everything that goes along with it. He hopes seeing Kelly will ground her and help her make a connection. Liam is trying to do the right thing. Hope assures they all want what’s best for Steffy. Liam thanks her for being so understanding and supportive. He kisses her and goes. Hope looks in at Steffy sleeping.

In a seating area, Brooke insists she’s not suggesting they barge in the room and tell Steffy about Finn, but letting her live in a delusional world isn’t helping either — what about Hayes?!?! Ridge asks her to give Steffy a chance to recover as Taylor explains her survival response. On some level she must know Finn has died — she may even have seen it happen. Brooke mutters about her fixation on Liam. Ridge thinks this is about how much she loved Finn. Sheila interjects, “She did. Very much.” Taylor says Steffy needs a safe place and right now that’s Liam.
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In Steffy’s hospital room, Hope tells her she gave them quite a scare. Steffy is surprised at her concern given they don’t always get along. She just wants to go home with Kelly and Liam. “Our little family.” Hope knows Steffy has a reputation to be fearless and brave, but it’s possible to be strong and scared. “You can face this, I know you can.” Hope continues, “I just have one important thing to tell you.”
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In the waiting area, Ridge asks Brooke to be patient and allow Steffy to heal. Sheila asks Taylor if she thinks she will. Taylor points out the scans didn’t show significant physical trauma; the memory loss is psychological. Brooke fumes, “Then how living in this fantasy helping her?” Taylor gasps, “What?” She explains that Liam is a safe place and has always been that for her. They have a deep abiding love for each other. As a psychiatrist she wonders if this is a sign that Steffy’s been repressing her true love for Liam. Brooke narrows her eyes.

In Steffy’s room, Hope wonders what Steffy remembers from before the night of the shooting. Steffy remembers her home, her family — Liam and Kelly. Hope moves closer. “That’s actually what I need you to know. Your family is so much bigger than that.” They’re all there for her and will help her get through this. Steffy knows — Liam said he won’t leave her. Hope casts her eyes downward and assures her again they’ll all be there. Steffy just needs her daughter and husband. Just then, Liam enters with Kelly (played by Sophia Paras McKinlay). Steffy’s eyes widen with confusion. “You’ve gotten so big!” The child runs to her, and Steffy holds her while saying, “I can’t wait to be home with our family.”
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In the waiting area, Sheila looks at a photo of herself with Finn and Hayes on her phone and flashes to fighting with Steffy in the alley and to Finn’s body laying in the alley. Ridge happenes along and suggests she should leave. “As soon as Steffy remembers something I will let you know.”

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Elsewhere, Brooke continues bickering with Taylor about leaving Steffy in the dark. She knows she doesn’t want her recovery to have setbacks, but this is crazy. Taylor gestures at Brooke, “No, this is crazy!” It is too soon and too dangerous to tell her the truth. “I will not allow it.” Brooke warns her not to make this an issue for them. Taylor points out she’s not the one making it an issue. Brooke retorts, “Really? I think you are.” She accuses Taylor of using the situation to drive a wedge between Liam and Hope.

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In the hospital room, Steffy tells Kelly she’s crying happy tears. She missed her so much. Liam talks about hanging up all the pictures she drew her mom in the house when they get home — but she needs to stay in the hospital longer. Hope thinks the visit from Kelly has helped her mood. Steffy tells her she’d like some time alone with her daughter and her husband. Hope asks, “So you’d like me to go?” Liam tells her he’ll be out there in a minute. Hope exits. Steffy thanks Liam for being there. “There’s no place I’d rather be,” he tells her. Kelly and Steffy express their love and then Steffy tells Liam, “I love you.” Liam replies, “I love you too.” They all smile as Hope watches through the glass in the door.

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