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In her hospital room, Steffy cries, “Thank God, my sweet husband,” as she caresses Liam’s face.

In the corridor, Hope assures her mother that she’s not worried about Liam’s concern for Steffy. When she remembers that horrible night, they’ll all be there for her — including Liam. “That’s the way it should be.” He loves her and he’s always been honest about that. Their love for Kelly bonds them, but his ring is on her finger, not Steffy’s.

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Nearby, Bridget and Taylor discuss whether or not Steffy will ever remember the shooting and lament someone taking Finn from them. Sheila listens as Taylor wonders if her daughter’s memory of the incident will return. They discuss her being too weak physically and emotionally to be pushed to remember. Bridget goes to check on Steffy.

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In the design office at Forrester, Carter makes Quinn repeat herself. She says, “Fine… I miss you too.” He beams. “I’ll try not to let it go to my head.” He reiterates that he misses her too. Talk turns to him doing what he had to do by ending things with Paris. Quinn is so glad to hear that it’s over between Carter and Paris. He raises a questioning eyebrow when she says this. Quinn insists it’s for the obvious reasons — his friendship with Zende, not to mention that young woman tried to ruin her life. She mocks Carter and Paris not being able to fight their attraction and wonders why it sounds so familiar. He asks, “Are you talking about you and me?” Quinn asserts that that’s in the past, but she does miss their talks. She doesn’t have a lot of friends (surprise, surprise) and there’s been a void in her life since they stopped spending time together.
Carter, Quinn talk B&B

Bridget enters Steffy’s room and is shocked to realize that Steffy thinks Liam is her husband. Bridget thinks the patient needs some rest, but Steffy starts to panic. She doesn’t want her husband to leave her. Liam assures her he’ll be right outside the doors. Steffy tells him, “Thank you. I love you. I love you so much.” Liam nods uncomfortably, “Yeah…”

In the hallway, Hope muses to Brooke that Steffy’s life will never be the same. No one could blame her for not wanting to remember that awful night, and if she does, how will she process that. How do you handle learning your husband is dead and is never coming back?

Nearby, Taylor updates Thomas by phone and then disconnects. Sheila asks about Steffy’s memory. Taylor says she still can’t recall. She’s sorry; she knows Sheila’s as anxious as they are to find out what happened. She assures her that they’ll find who did this and put them behind bars. Sheila lets Taylor hug her.
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In the design office, Quinn tells Carter than no one understands her like he does. She’s glad to be back with her husband, but he’s been sleeping in the guesthouse. Carter asks, “Is there still a problem?” Quinn loves Eric, he’s her husband and she’s committed to him. Carter gets that, but is there still a problem in her marriage?

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Quinn reminds Carter she could always talk to him about anything and she could be herself with him. Carter feels Eric doesn’t want to change her either. Quinn didn’t come here to get into all that. Carter wonders if returning the key was an excuse. Quinn misses her friend. Carter feels there’s not a woman in this world like her. She’s an original among originals. Quinn purrs, “And don’t you forget it.” Carter never will.

In the hospital waiting area, Hope and Brooke spot Taylor and Sheila. Brooke’s surprised to see Carter, who guesses she doesn’t belong there. Taylor insists she does. Sheila confirms she’s concerned about Steffy. Ridge and Liam appear with Bridget. They explain there’s been a change. Sheila wants to know if she’ll ever regain her memory. Bridget says this has more to do with Liam. Ridge explains that Liam came into the room and Steffy was very grateful to see him. Hope laughs, “Well of course she would be.” Liam stammers as he breaks the news that Steffy thinks she and him are still married. Hope’s eyebrows go up, Brooke exhales, and Sheila tries to hide her relief.
Sheila, Liam, Hope, Brooke, Bridget B&B

In her hospital room, Steffy asks the nurse to get her husband Liam to come back.

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In the hallway, Brooke marvels that Steffy has no memory of Finn. Taylor doesn’t think it’s a good idea to tell her right now. Brooke gasps. They can’t let her go on believing Liam is her husband when he’s married to Hope. She asks Bridget if she thinks Steffy should be told about Finn. Bridget tells her mother that Steffy is fragile. She has to agree with Taylor; they can’t dredge up Steffy’s trauma yet. Hope sighs. Liam thinks maybe the best thing right now is just to let her keep believing what she’s believing. He goes back in.
Liam, Hope, Brooke, Bridget hospital B&B

In the room, Steffy is relieved to see Liam. She’s been so scared. “I was shot?” Liam assures her she’ll be 100% in no time. She believes him. “As long as I have you, my husband, by my side. Just please tell me you won’t leave me alone.” Liam strokes her face. “I’m not going to leave you and you’re not going to be alone.” Hope watches from the hallway and looks concerned.
Liam, Steffy husband B&B

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Next on The Bold and the Beautiful: Brooke argues with Ridge and Taylor, Hope tries to ease Steffy back into reality.

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