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At the hospital, Bridget tells Steffy and Ridge she’s pleased with the progress she’s making. Steffy croaks out that she wants to go home. Bridget cautions it’s too soon. Ridge tries asking Steffy again whether she remembers what happened that night. “Who did this to you?”

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In a corner of the hospital, Deacon had no idea Sheila was depressed enough to jump off the roof. Sheila cries that she would have done it — she just wants the pain to go away. Sheila recounts how Taylor showed up and slipped off the roof. “She saved my life and I saved hers.”
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In the waiting area, Liam and Hope talk to Taylor about the difficult conversation they’ll have to have with the kids. Brooke arrives, happy to hear that Steffy’s awake. She asks, “Where’s Ridge?” Taylor explains he’s in with Steffy. Brooke figures she probably shouldn’t interrupt. Taylor nods. “Probably.” Brooke questions if Steffy’s said anything yet about who did this.

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In the design office at Forrester, Quinn tells Carter she thought it was time to give him back the keys to his loft. She dangles them as she muses that she figured there might be someone new, and then yanks them away. “But I never thought about you and Paris.” She realizes that’s why Paris and Zende aren’t engaged and asks, “Carter, what have you got yourself into?” Carter explains it was a mistake an attraction they have to fight. Quinn knows a little something about fighting an attraction to him. They share a smile.

In a corner of the hospital, Sheila laments to Deacon that her son is dead. Deacon reminds her she needs to stay in this world for Hayes, especially if Steffy doesn’t pull through. Sheila relays that she’s awake and Deacon is encouraged. She wishes she could go back in time to before they were shot and stop it. Deacon is so sorry. Sheila is too; she just wishes she could tell Finn that. She would like to see him one more time and tell him that. He’s gone and she’ll never get to see him again. Deacon takes the sobbing Sheila in his arms.
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In Steffy’s room, Ridge and Bridget question the patient as to why she and Finn were in the alley behind Il Giardino — did they go for a drink? Steffy, frustrated, wants to help. Ridge wonders if she can recall a face — a man or a woman? “Who shot you, baby?” Steffy wants to remember but she can’t. Ridge reassures her and urges her to rest. Stepping away, Bridget assures Ridge, “It will happen.” He agrees. “It will happen. I promise you.”

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After Steffy falls back to sleep, Ridge tells his daughter he knows more heartache is coming her way, but he’s right there.

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In the waiting area, Taylor tells Hope, Liam and Brooke that Steffy doesn’t remember anything about the shooting, but she’s made a lot of progress. Hopefully, she’ll be able to connect the dots and recall who did this.
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Bridget comes out to update Taylor that Steffy’s memory hasn’t returned. She urges the brunette to hang in there and reminds her it may not be such a bad thing that Steffy doesn’t recall everythijng right now. Sheila creeps up and eavesdrops as Taylor frets that she can’t imagine what it will be like for Steffy to remember and relive that night, but she knows it’s important to put the perpetrator behind bars. Bridget urges to give her time. Taylor frets, “But when is she going to remember? When is she going to be able to tell us what happened?” She laments that whoever did this is just walking around free. Bridget again asks Taylor to have patience. Taylor asks if she believes Steffy will remember. “You think it’s possible Steffy may not remember what happened that night?”
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Liam tells Hope, as Brooke watches, that he’s going to go in and see if he can have a conversation with Steffy. Brooke thinks it must be difficult for her daughter watching Liam hold vigil at Steffy’s beside. Hope narrows her eyes and reminds her mother that Liam has a child with her and is right where he should be. Brooke thinks she should have gone in there with him. “Liam is your husband.” Hope assures her she doesn’t have to worry — nothing is going to change that.
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In the design office, Quinn teases Carter that she’s going to go have a conversation with Paris. Carter assures Quinn it’s over with the young woman, but admits the truth is, he hasn’t been alright since she went back to Eric. It may be why he hooked up with a woman who wasn’t available. It was a relationship he knew would go nowhere. He couldn’t risk starting something real, not when a part of him is still wanting, wishing… “I miss you, Quinn.” Quinn hands him back his key and they clasp hands. She husks, “I miss you too.” They stand looking into each other’s eyes, holding hands.
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In her hospital room, Steffy awakens from her sleep and asks, “Where am I?” After getting her bearings, Ridge assures her everything is alright and to rest. Liam comes in and Steffy gasps, “Liam?! Oh, Liam!” Liam caresses her face and tells her how worried he was that she’d leave him. Steffy cries, “I would never leave you! I needed you! I needed my sweet husband!” Ridge and Liam exchange a look of dread as Steffy agonizes and strokes Liam’s face.

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Next on The Bold and the Beautiful: Liam steps up for Steffy, Carter gets Quinn to make an admission.

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